Book Review by Literary Titan of "The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the Willing" by Ramzi Najjar

A book that will change your perception of Life

Ramzi Najjar – Multi Award-winning Author “The YOU beyond you”

A book that will change your perception of life

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 / — In The You Beyond You, Ramzi Najjar offers advice that can help one change their perception about life, boost their self-esteem and improve their personal habits. The author is engaging and his words are thought-provoking. The author talks about life experiences, and the lessons one should take when they fail. This book has rare truths, some of which are painful and agonizing to read about. The author however uses a friendly tone and captivating words that enable the reader to keep going. The You Beyond You is not just a self-help book but a personal guide for anyone who would appreciate reading encouraging words before they start their day.

I enjoyed reading the chapter ‘Letting the Right Memory Run our Life,’ because of how great the author expounded about the mind. I learned about pure memory, being positive, and how prepared we should be psychologically. Some of the things we do subconsciously are a result of the energy around us. Other chapters that I immensely enjoyed reading about were those that spoke about body pollution, mind pollution, and getting imprinted with the correct memory.

In this book, you will learn that there are solutions to most problems if you are committed to look for solutions. The author advises that as an individual, focus on being a better person before trying to be helpful to the next person. The energy you carry in you will be reflected in your actions. Every human being has feelings and the author writes that there is nothing wrong with expressing one’s feelings.

Ramzi Najjar is a great motivational writer. His book has wisdom that can be helpful to teenagers, young adults, senior citizens, and anyone going through personal struggles. Being in the right state of mind will enable you to make better financial, career, and even romantic decisions and that is why this book is a must read for every reader. One good thing about Ramzi Najjar’s writing style is that he is easy to understand. The phrases he used are easy to comprehend and the examples given in the book are relatable. I would recommend The You Beyond You to anyone who is looking for an inspirational book for personal growth.

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Fort Worth's Group Health Insurance Benefits Leads Spring ACA Enrollment For 2021

Fort Worth Small Group Health Insurance

Fort Worth Small Group Health Insurance

Fort Worth Small Business Group Health Insurance

Fort Worth Small Business Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Fort Worth

Group Health Insurance Fort Worth

Health insurance agent group health insurance in Fort Worth

Health insurance agent group health insurance in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Group Health Insurance

Fort Worth Group Health Insurance

A Fort Worth's group health insurance agent says the Biden’s decision to reopen enrollment for the ACA is a good sign for those who desperately need healthcare.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, US, March 7, 2021 / — Fort Worth small group health insurance should see a spike in enrollment now that the President has reopened enrollment for the Affordable Care Act on the Federal Marketplace through May 15 of 2021. The decision is being applauded by practically everyone while at the same time being viewed as a clear message that the ACA isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The timeline for the enrollment does vary per state — including Texas, which has Fort Worth small business group health insurance. But many politicians and pundits are applauding the move as an encouraging sign of good things to come for a nation that has seen its fair share of strife over the past year. The Coronavirus, in-particular, has claimed more than 520,000 American lives and left others searching for affordable healthcare.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly nine million uninsured Americans are estimated to obtain free or subsidized health insurance during the special enrollment period. “Now we have a chance to provide health insurance for more people. We applaud the Biden-Harris administration for taking decisive action to make health insurance coverage more accessible by reopening enrollment for three months. Doing so surely will save lives and help protect people against financial insecurity,” Marcela Howell, president and CEO of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, was quoted as saying in The Seattle Medium.

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent who sells group health insurance in Fort Worth, agrees with the move, as well. The ACA was originally signed into law in 2010 but has been under fire since Donald Trump came to office and his allies worked to repeal the bill in its entirety. The number of Americans without small group health insurance in Fort Worth began had risen since he took office in 2016 and has gotten worse. With enrollment now open and a more positive light being placed on the ACA, Thornton feels that this will benefit the insured, uninsured, and nationwide insurers everywhere.

Insurance4Dallas, (I4D), helps insure all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. Insurance4Dallas provides consumers with detailed information on health insurance with the ability to purchase health insurance online. Insurance4Dallas provides a full spectrum of health, dental, vision, life and ancillary insurance products, providing a diverse selection of price and benefit options complemented by personal customer service. Available via phone, email or fax, Insurance4Dallas answers consumer questions throughout the purchasing process and during the utilization of its health insurance policies.

3000 S. Hulen, Suite 124-912
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Rick Thornton
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Fort Worth health insurance covered if Affordable Care Act is repealed

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Medicare Advantage Plan Pros and Cons

Medicare Advantage

Medicare has many parts like a puzzle

Part D included

Part D costs

Medicare Made Simple

Paul Barrett Insurance Services

Is Medicare Advantage right for you?

Medicare coverage is very personal and not every plan is for everybody, it is important understand your options and needs.”

— Paul Barrett

HUNTINGTON STATION, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 / — When it comes to Medicare Advantage Part C Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans, you may not always get what you want. Most people who have this plan are still unsure of what they'll get or their coverages. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan and you're planning to take advantage of its benefits, make sure to understand its pros and cons first.

Pro: Plan Benefits Change Every Year According To Your Needs
As your needs change every year, your medical coverage should also. This is why you can change your plan anytime during the Initial Enrollment Period. This period starts three months before you turn 65 if you qualify for this plan by age.

Cons: The Free Plans Are Not Free
Some Medicare Advantage Part C plans have zero premiums, but this does not mean that it's free. Medicare Part C has low premiums compared to Medigap. Medicare pays a specific monthly payment to the insurance company to provide care.

Pro: Private Medicare Plans Are Pay-As-You-Go
MA Plans are provided by companies that are partnered with Medicare. You will only pay for extra coverage if you need it. This includes vision, dental, hearing, and other types of health and wellness extras.

Cons: You Can’t Count On These Plans When You Travel
Some types of Medical Advantage Plans can be accessed when you travel out of state. However, if you plan to take a trip out of the country, you can't take advantage of your coverage. You may instead use travel medical insurance plans to cover you when you're on a vacation or trip outside the U.S.

Pro: The Plans Limit Annual Out-Of-Pocket Cost
In 2021, Medicare Part C plan holders will have a $7,550 maximum out-of-pocket limit for services that Part A and Part B covers. This is if you select an in-network provider. Meanwhile, the limit is $11,300 annually for combination in and out-network costs.

Cons: You May Get a Referral
Most of the time, you need a referral to consult with a specialist under an HMO plan. Meanwhile, you don't need a referral to consult with a specialist in a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plan. Therefore, you must make sure that you're seeing a doctor who participates in the Medicare plan program before scheduling an appointment.

Medicare Advantage C Plans offer many advantages than the Original Medicare, such as long-term savings and convenient coverage. Consider the advantages like provider limitations, lack of travel coverage, and additional costs before you sign up.

At Paul Barrett Insurance Services, we aim to provide comprehensive insurance policies that make your life easier. We want to help you get the insurance that fits your needs. You can get more information about our products and services by calling our agency at (631) 358-5793 . Get your free quote today by CLICKING HERE.

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PAYSTRAX partners with Handpoint to offer outstanding payment solutions across Europe

PAYSTRAX has partnered with the payments solution provider, Handpoint, offering international merchants and PSPs scalable and frictionless checkout solutions.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, March 6, 2021 / — PAYSTRAX has partnered with the innovative payments solution provider, Handpoint, offering international merchants and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) scalable and frictionless checkout solutions, from mPOS and smartPOS to a future without terminals (softPOS). These certified payment solutions offer a unified user experience with great flexibility, so PAYSTRAX’s European customers in all verticals can be swiftly up and running with a complete payment solution that supports the growth of their business.

The partnership with Handpoint brings even more value to PAYSTRAX’s customers who now have a greater choice of payment solutions, including the incredibly versatile PAX A920 Android card reader, as part of Handpoint’s smartPOS solutions, which can be used throughout Europe and in any currency. Since all certifications are handled on PAYSTRAX’s central payment system, the payment solutions do not require any local certifications, ensuring customers experience an easy and fast onboarding journey.

PAYSTRAX, which holds a Principal Membership license with Mastercard and VISA, provides complete payment processing for both in-person and e-Commerce, using Handpoint’s tokenisation to close the gap between in-store and online transactions. PAYSTRAX can also deliver Handpoint’s software development kits (SDKs) for all platforms, including Handpoint Cloud Payments for cloud-based point of sale (POS) solutions to support growing merchants with greater features and functionalities.

PAYSTRAX’s collaboration with Handpoint not only brings merchants more payment choices, but also creates a variety of opportunities for local Payment Service Providers across Europe. By partnering with PAYSTRAX, which offers full acquiring services, PSPs can now offer their customers state-of-the-art checkout solutions for card and contactless transactions in addition to increasing their profit through PAYSTRAX’s unique profit-sharing acquiring model.

Do you want to know more about what PAYSTRAX can do to help you increase your revenue? Contact PAYSTRAX for more information at

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Zeptagram tar klivet mot tokenisering och finansiering av startups via joint venture

Zeptagram blir delägarare i det nya bolaget som får tillgång till den tekniska plattformen via en white label licens.

Detta avtal ger oss en möjlighet att realisera potentialen i bolagets plattform inom affärsområden utanför bolagets kärnverksamhet.”

— Christina Löwenström

GöTEBORG, SWEDEN, March 6, 2021 / — Zeptagram har skrivit avtal med Clean Projects International och en aktör från riskkapitalbranschen om en joint venture inom crowdfunding och finansiering. Därmed tar Zeptagram ett första kliv in till nya affärsområden med sin plattform och teknologi. Målsättningen är att hjälpa entreprenörer och investerare i utvecklingsländerna att mötas.

Ett marknadsmässigt och socialt behov
Många entreprenörer i utvecklingsländerna har svårt att få tillgång till riskkapital. Kapitalmarknaden är sämre utvecklad och entreprenörer har ofta inte tillräcklig kännedom om möjligheterna. Samtidigt är den finansiella- och kapitalmarknaden dåligt fungerande med stora inslag av korruption. Parterna har för avsikt att skapa en verksamhet som hjälper entreprenörer och investerare att göra affärer på ett enkelt och transparent sätt.

Zeptagram har skapat en handelsplattform för musik- och IP-rättigheter. Plattformen är utvecklad på blockkedjetekniken som är öppen, transparent och verifierbar. Bolaget genomför just nu en marknadslansering av plattformen där artister kan lista sin musik och få finansiering för sitt skapande av fans och investerare som köper rättigheter att ta del av framtida royalties. Plattformen är både en handelsplats och en crowdfunding plattform.

– Med våra partners kan vi bidra till fler bärkraftiga företag och arbetstillfällen i utvecklingsländerna. Zeptagram har utvecklat en avancerad plattform för finansiering och handel av tillgångar och kontrakt. Detta avtal ger oss en möjlighet att realisera potentialen i bolagets plattform inom affärsområden utanför bolagets kärnverksamhet, säger Christina Löwenström, VD på Zeptagram.

White label
Zeptagram blir delägarare i det nya bolaget som får tillgång till den tekniska plattformen. Zeptagram blir en teknikleverantör och plattformen anpassas under en white label licens för crowdfunding och riskkapitalsfinansiering för affärsverksamheter i utvecklingsländer.

Fokus på utvecklingsländer
Verksamheten i det gemensamma bolaget koncentreras initialt till utvecklingsländer med fokus på Afrika. Parterna har ett stort nätverk i Afrika. Marknadsbehovet är dessutom oerhört stort med stora inslag av entreprenörskap där 22 procent av personerna i arbetsför ålder startar egna verksamheter. Kvinnor representerar en stor andel av entreprenörerna men endast 2 procent av kvinnliga entreprenörer får tillgång till riskkapital.

– När vi först såg Zeptagrams platform blev det uppenbart att det är något liknande som behövs för att ge entreprenörer i utvecklingsländer möjlighet att få kontakt med seriösa investerare på en global nivå. Det är med stora förväntningar som vi initierar vårt samarbete med Zeptagram och andra samarbetspartners. CPIs team har en lång samlad erfarenhet av entreprenörskap, utvecklingsländer och finansiering av SMEs. Zeptagrams teknologi är väl lämpad att utveckla för att nå vår vision att ge entreprenörer access till seriösa investerare, säger Erik Josephsson, ordförande på Clean Projects International.

Mer än aktier och andelar
Plattformen kommer att erbjuda olika finansieringsalternativ till entreprenörer. Från andelar i bolag till vinstdelning via smarta kontrakt. Den tekniska plattformen möjliggör tokenisering av tillgångar, skapande av smarta kontrakt, NFTs och dNFTs med vilka man kan erbjuda attraktiva finansieringsalternativ till både entreprenörer och finansiärer.

Zeptagram AB, Christina Löwenström, VD, +46 73 962 89 71 och

Clean Projects International AB, Erik Josephsson Co-founder/Ordförande. +46 706 91 33 33 och

Christina Löwenström
Zeptagram AB
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B.O.S.S. Class LLC CEO & Founder to Guide 1 Million Entrepreneurs to Lucrative Amazon Online Business Careers

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

E-commerce Amazon guru and self-made millionaire, Yassin Hall, launches an online university course that will propel entrepreneurs into lucrative success!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — Yassin Hall, often referred to as an “Amazon Guru BOSS Lady,” acquired millions of dollars in sales via Amazon, what is referred to as “of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.” Hall began teaching middle and high schoolers at Genesis Preparatory Academy in Fayetteville, Georgia through a course entitled, “How to Profit from Amazon and eBay.” In just 90 days, the students made $6,000 while managing their store during class time, an hour once a week.

In January 2021, two of the students opened Ebay stores. Another student, who lives with autism, started a t-shirt line. Hall’s autistic teen daughter, Yamisha, purchased her first home at the age of 17 with earnings from her own Amazon store.

“I am so proud of the young BOSSES! They were ecstatic to learn real-world entrepreneurial skills, and their success demonstrates the need for both B.O.S.S. Amazon and eBay Classes in more schools.” –Yassin Hall, CEO & Founder, B.O.S.S Class LLC

Watch the students celebrate listing their first item!

Hall touts the success of her own Amazon stores — She purchased two homes and three vehicles during the pandemic. Her philanthropic efforts include supporting hurricane relief efforts — supplying students in the U.S. Virgin Islands and in Georgia with laptops and tablets needed to access the Internet for online learning.

To learn more about the courses, visit To learn more about Yassin Hall, visit or follow her on Instagram @YassinHall.

About B.O.S.S. CLASS LLC – Built on Self-Motivated Success

B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC is an online university that empowers individuals to own their own business as a seller on Amazon, the world’s #1 online retail store. B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC educates others how to build a profitable Amazon business online that creates unlimited freedom and allows them to relax and enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of your dreams. Our unique proven online system teaches entrepreneurs how to invest in selling on Amazon, sell products in high demand and purchase low-cost inventory. Our goal is to guide 1 million entrepreneurs towards financial freedom and leave a legacy!


Yassin Hall
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Brady collection of high-condition antique mechanical banks commands $2M at Morphy’s Feb. 27 auction

J. & E. Stevens Shoot the Chute bank. Top lot of the sale at $156,000

Kyser & Rex Mikado bank, rare blue-base version. Sold for $81,000

Saalheimer & Strauss (Germany) Mickey Mouse Type 4 tin mechanical bank made for English-language markets. Sold for $31,200

Kyser & Rex Chimpanzee bank. Sold for $63,000

J. & E. Stevens Boy Robbing Bird’s Nest bank. Sold for $33,600

Extraordinarily rare ‘Shoot the Chute’ bank soars to $156,000; European tin banks unexpectedly power their way into the top 10

The Brady name carries great weight amongst bank collectors, and bidders responded exactly as we had hoped they would.”

— Dan Morphy, Founder and President of Morphy Auctions

DENVER, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, March 5, 2021 / — The revered Bob and Judy Brady collection of antique mechanical banks attracted worldwide bidding and strong prices at Morphy’s live gallery auction held February 27 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The premier collection built over a 40-year period featured some of the most elusive, beautifully preserved banks known to exist. In total, the 184 banks realized $2 million, inclusive of 20% buyer’s premium.

The top seller, a J & E Stevens “Shoot the Chute” bank featuring beloved early comic strip characters Buster Brown and his dog Tige, swept past its $80,000-$120,000 estimate to land at $156,000. “That bank offered everything a mechanical bank collector could possibly want,” said Dan Morphy, president of Morphy Auctions and a bank authority in his own right. “It’s in near-mint-plus condition, has its very rare original wood factory box, and came with provenance from the late Donal Markey, who was one of the most condition-focused collectors the hobby has ever known.” The bank is also the very example depicted in Morphy’s landmark 2007 reference book The Official Price Guide to Mechanical Banks.

A classic mechanical bank, Kyser & Rex’s “Mikado” has the type of complex action bank enthusiasts find irresistible. An illusionist stands behind an ornately decorated table and makes a coin appear then disappear under a hat, only to reappear under a second hat, like a shell game. The Bradys’ rare blue-base version in near-mint condition attracted 13 bids before settling within estimate at $81,000.

Another outstanding Kyser & Rex production, a “Chimpanzee” bank depicts a stern-faced chimp “banker” seated before an open ledger. When a coin is deposited, the figure lowers his arm and head as though entering the deposit into the book, while a bell rings to acknowledge receipt. Formerly in the Stephen and Marilyn Steckbeck collection and one of the finest examples known, it sold above estimate for $63,000.

Other cast-iron mechanicals finishing in the top 10 included three J & E Stevens banks: an extremely rare white-uniform version of J & E Stevens’ “Darktown Battery,” $38,400; an exquisite “Boy Robbing Bird’s Nest,” $33,600; and a near-mint-plus “Panorama,” $27,600. They were joined by one of Bob Brady’s personal favorites, a “Mason” bank manufactured by Shepard Hardware Co., of Buffalo, New York. In near-mint-plus condition with its original printed wood box and provenance from the Donal Markey collection, it sold within estimate for $32,400.

Saalheimer & Strauss (Germany) tin banks made in the 1920s/’30s for English-language markets finished in surprisingly rich territory, perhaps signaling a new trend to watch. An example of the company’s amusing Mickey Mouse Type 4 “Smile Please!” bank, which depicts the famous cartoon rodent playing a concertina on its front and assuming the role of a photographer on its reverse, rose to $31,200 against an estimate of $15,000-$20,000. The manufacturer’s unmistakable artistry could also be seen on the Bradys’ colorful tin Tiger bank, which operates similarly to the Mickey bank, with a lever-activated tongue jutting out to accept a coin. Estimated at $6,000-$10,000, the “whiskered” feline with a piercing gaze leaped to a winning bid of $18,600.

A private preview event was held on the Friday evening before the February 27 auction, allowing Bob and Judy Brady and approximately 15 invited bank collectors to admire and inspect the bank collection one last time before its sale. Auction participation was enthusiastic, with bids coming in over the phones, across multiple Internet platforms and in person at the gallery, with adherence to COVID guidelines.

“Each bank opened at half its low estimate, with no reserve. Some might have viewed this as a courageous move, but the banks were of very high quality and in superior condition from many years of careful upgrading. The Brady name carries great weight amongst bank collectors, and bidders responded exactly as we had hoped they would,” Dan Morphy said.

To discuss consigning to a future Morphy Auctions sale, call 877-968-8880 or email All enquiries will be kept in strictest confidence. Visit Morphy Auctions online at

# # #

Sarah Stoltzfus
Morphy Auctions
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Ark Global Announces New Brand Name and Ticker Change to Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: KURIU, KURIW)

New brand name aims to better align technology SPAC with broader sponsor investment funds and strategy

Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ:KIRIU)

Alkuri means ‘to run toward,’ which reflects our belief that high-growth startups and technology companies need faster, more flexible and efficient paths to fundraising and the public capital markets”

— Rich Williams, CEO Alkuri

NASHVILLE, TENN, USA, March 5, 2021 / — Ark Global Acquisition Corp. today announced that it has changed its name to Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. and its ticker symbol from ‘ARKIU’ to ‘KURIU’ following customary regulatory approvals. The change is expected to take effect on March 8, 2021 when units will begin trading on NASDAQ under the new name Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. and ticker symbol ‘KURIU’. Upon separation of units into shares and warrants, shares will trade under the ticker symbol ‘KURI’ and warrants will trade under the ticker symbol and ‘KURIW’.

Based on the sponsor team’s planned formation of a SPAC and PIPE investment fund under the Alkuri Global brand, the company believes that the name and ticker symbol change reflects an initiative to align the company's brand with the broader strategic opportunities and potential advantages of the sponsor group. The name change was approved by the Ark Global Acquisition Corp. Board of Directors on March 2, 2021.

“Whereas Ark was a name of convenience built on the initials of our sponsors, Alkuri means ‘to run toward,’ which reflects our belief that high-growth startups and technology companies need faster, more flexible and efficient paths to fundraising and to the public capital markets,” said Rich Williams, CEO of Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. “Our time with CEOs and founders has also reinforced our belief that quality teams and companies want to work with experienced operators and sponsors that can continue to create value after a transaction and bring strategic capital beyond a SPAC trust.”

No action is required by existing shareholders with respect to the name and ticker symbol change. Certificates representing common shares of Ark Global Acquisition Corp., will not need to be exchanged as a result of the name change.

About Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp.
Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities. While Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. may pursue a business combination in any industry, the company intends to favor next-generation technology businesses led by visionary founders and teams leveraging data and artificial intelligence in the areas of Consumer Internet and Marketplaces, Healthtech, Fintech and Mobility.

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains statements that constitute “forward-looking statements,” including with respect to the search for an initial business combination. No assurance can be given that the net proceeds of the offering will be used as indicated. Forward-looking statements are subject to numerous conditions, many of which are beyond the control of the Company, including those set forth in the Risk Factors section of the Company's registration statement and prospectus for the IPO filed with the SEC. Copies are available on the SEC's website, The Company undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release, except as required by law.

Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp.
4325 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37215

Bill Roberts
+1 872-215-1672

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OCI expands global footprint by announcing the launch of its new office in the Malaysian capital.

This expansion allows OCI to meet our client’s needs more efficiently within Asia, enabling seamless facilitation across our global trade and services.”

— Oliver Chapman, Group CEO of OCI Limited

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 5, 2021 / — The opening of this new office in Kuala Lumpur gives OCI a direct and local presence to better meet the Asian market’s high demand for sourcing, logistics and flexible financing. OCI Malaysia has collaborated with its partners across Southeast Asia, and is prepped for business worth over 5 billion USD in 2021.

Oliver Chapman, Group CEO of UK based OCI Limited said, “The decision to open the office in Asia was the next logical step in the growth strategy of our business. This expansion allows OCI to meet our client’s needs more efficiently within Asia, enabling seamless facilitation across our global trade and services.”

OCI has rapidly adapted to the ever-changing trade environment and the demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new office will support the Malaysian government’s pandemic relief programs and those of other countries, including Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Managing Director of OCI Malaysia, Ishtiaq M Khan said, “We are proud of our ability to successfully provide supplies and intelligent working capital solutions, supporting the demands of both public and private sectors.”

OCI’s flexible financing model provides the strength and capacity to handle a high volume of procurement. The organisation has a history of aiding governments and large corporations in Europe, the Middle East, USA and Asia. Providing liquidity to help them to optimise their capabilities in sourcing products and enhancing cash flow.

Executive Director of OCI Malaysia, Dato Azwanddin Hamzah said, “OCI Malaysia continues to develop the intelligent procurement strategies and flexible financial models offered to our partners – providing them with more choice and more innovative solutions within today's ever changing market.

OCI’s strategy is to continue supporting international organisations and governments in their procurement needs. The new Malaysian office will expand its global reach, including the Indonesian markets."

About OCI

OCI is a recognised global leader and innovator in the provision of end-to-end supply chain partnering services. Our strategy enables a stronger presence across several sectors including manufacturing, consumables, healthcare, agricultural and industrial sectors, and more specifically throughout the pandemic with PPE supplies.

Utilising our network of major global markets and decades of expertise in procurement, logistics and finance, OCI is able to link directly into the supply chains of its partners, enabling us to understand their requirements and alleviate any constraints.

Notes for Editors : Available for interviews and comments

OCI Malaysia
D5-5-1, Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480
Kuala Lumpur
t: +603 6413 1533

33 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7963 090 378

Charlotte Victoria
OCI Limited
email us here
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The Thinkubator launch work-based learning programs with more than 200 applications for 60 spots in four career pathways

Thinkubator Design Thinking

Youth are training to become Junior Consultants, Project Managers, Research and Analytics Assistants, and Community Advocates and Engagement Specialists.

BRONX, NY, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — The Thinkubator, a Bronx-based nonprofit organization, announces the launch of its spring programs after receiving more than 200 applications for 60 work-based learning slots. The Thinkubator’s work-based learning programs are 10-weeks long and seek to prepare underrepresented youth from the Bronx with work experiences, career exploration, and wellness support while earning a salary during the course of the program. Youth are from the Bronx and hail from more than 20 schools, colleges, and universities. Program participants will partake in four programs that prepare them for available jobs: The Thinkubator Solves (Junior Consultant), The Thinkubator Trains (Project Management), The Think Tank and Higher Education Consultancy (Research and Analytics Assistant), and The Thinkubator Leads, Youth Council (Community Advocate or Engagement Specialist).

The Thinkubator Solves is a youth-led design thinking consultancy program co-designed by HERE to HERE, DreamYard, The Do School, and The Bronx PIC where Junior Consultants (students), with the support of professionals, craft solutions to real-world challenges. Over the next few months, Junior Consultants will tackle challenges that each business faces and will provide solutions to these pressing challenges the first week of May in a public presentation. Three clients have hired the Junior Consultants: Uptown & Fresh Barbershop, Krasdale Foods and Imperfect Foods. “Working with the youth in our community is extremely exciting for us at Uptown & Fresh. The Bronx is what inspired us. Knowing that The Thinkubator program can provide an opportunity for growth to kids just like us while helping expand our client base and reach for community service in the future, made the decision to get involved is an absolute no brainer. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the program, the barbershop and everyone involved" said Jesus Ramos, Owner & Founder. Krasdale Foods is a premier grocery distributor in New York and the northeast region located in the Bronx. Krasdale supports and operates supermarket chains including Bravo and CTown as well as thousands of bodegas around the city. John Borzumato, Director of New Business Development has tasked the Junior Consultants with providing a roadmap for Krasdale to own and operate a neighborhood grocery store. Imperfect Foods was founded in 2015 with a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system. Angie Crone, the Marketing and Social Impact Manager tasked the Junior Consultants to develop a grantmaking program that equitably rewards micro-grants to organizations that will aid in advancing Imperfect Foods’ mission and embody their core values.

The Thinkubator Trains Spring 2021 has launched with a diverse group of students from three universities/colleges and eight respective high schools. The Trains program is a virtual project-focused program that works with Bronx youth and area companies on team project-focused assignments offering organizations the opportunity to shape the future of our nation’s workforce and participate in the development of young people’s careers and goals. This iteration features returning employers Montefiore Medical Center and RAP4Bronx and new employers sites Mott Haven Fridge, The Thinkubator, Inc. and a global influencer whose research project will showcase the skills and talents of Bronx youth. The Thinkubator Trains previous semester’s program work partnered with RAP4Bx tackling food insecurity in the Bronx. This semester the program will start its focus around creating a community connected food sustainability model incorporating urban farming, AgriTech training, and hands-on implementation utilizing youth ingenuity to challenge the concepts of what does the future of the industry look like for boroughs, towns, and cities similar to the Bronx. The Thinkubator Trains utilize critical and design thinking skills to enact system-changing programming, along with its Mental Wellness program to support, advance, and amplify youth voice.

The Think Tank at The Thinkubator is a youth-oriented research center focused on understanding The Bronx as a contested, complex urban form, and addressing narratives of marginalized – Black, Brown, Female, and Low-Income communities. The Think Tank provides young people with opportunities to learn about research, writing, and analysis. The Think Tank will allow youth to conduct research and analysis, produce policy briefs and report, evaluate and measure The Thinkubator programs and activities, and host meetings, and public forums to elevate voices. In addition to the Think Tank, The Thinkubator has leveraged its expertise in higher education to provide research and strategic consultancy to colleges and universities under its Higher Education and Nonprofit Consultancy arm of the organization.

The Thinkubator LEADS (Youth Council) program aims to unite young people in the Bronx and beyond, foster relationships between both youth and community-based organizations, and allow participants to develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. The goal for 2021 is to increase membership from 10 to 15 and to tackle major communal issues impacting youth. The main topic addressed for 2020 was food insecurity, which resulted in a guide to be shared with the broader Bronx community in physical and digital formats. The top two ideas identified by the students for 2021 are: Pollution/Environmental Racism and LGBTQ+ Rights/Gender Equality. The Council will also lead a Town Hall with the Bronx Borough Presidential Candidates on March 31, 2021.

The Thinkubator is extremely excited for the opportunity to serve our community and support youth talent development. Youth come from more than 20 schools and represent the diversity of the Bronx in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, and economic background. Youth in our programs are training to become Junior Consultants, Project Managers, Research and Analytics Assistants, and Community Advocates and Engagement Specialists. All promising career pathways that remain relevant and critically important post-covid-19. “During a time when there is so much uncertainty about about the future of education and work, we must not miss a beat. The Thinkubator provides young people with critical skills such as critical thinking, communications, project management, presentation skills and a plethora of soft skills that are transferable to any industry and important to being successful in one’s position” said Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO, The Thinkubator. “We are training youth for positions that will place them on a pathway to earn above a family sustaining wage.”

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