Brooklyn Equipment Launches With The Intent To Help Their Customers

PPE Products

PPE Products

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant Spray



Brooklyn Equipment ships all orders within one to two business days. On the website, clear information is outlined, promising transparent business ethics.

Brooklyn Equipment is working on producing and selling the PPE that they would personally use their kids. Brooklyn Equipment promised to offer a transparent information to all clients.”

— George Popescu, CEO of Brooklyn Equipment

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic everyone is hoarding disinfecting products and personal protective equipment. Consequently, the PPE industry witnessed a surge in demand. Given the increased demand many companies diversified their supply chains and set foot in the PPE manufacturing world.

In the same vein, various PPE companies made fake claims, showing the products in stock while the inventories were empty. Product shipping often took more than one month, destroying the customer trust. To address this issue Brooklyn Equipment was launched with a simple plan to keep stock for all products available for sale.

Brooklyn Equipment ships all orders within one to two business days. On the website, clear and concise information about the products is outlined, promising transparent business ethics. The information not only sheds light on the packaging but the manufacturing origin, process and material as well.

Huge companies are unable to optimize the quality control department for PPE products, such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Also, they tend to sell products in bulk quantities, which makes it tedious for them to check the quality or optimize the quality standards. Smaller and medium companies therefore also stood in to address this issue.

Brooklyn Equipment is working on producing and selling the PPE that they would personally use their kids.

Brooklyn Equipment promised to offer transparent information to all clients. The products manufactured in house are made in the New York area. All customer support is provided through people who are physically in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn Equipment stands with its customers as the American company that understands the need for superior customer service.

While the company claims to be “perfect only 99% of the time” it will make things right when things don’t go according to plan .

Currently, they are located at 983 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Customers can order via their official website, Customers can see the stock level in real time. And the order confirmation and shipping traceability are updated in real time via email or sms.

Brooklyn Equipment continues to find and list new products. While the offer and demand of certain branded products have made the products scarce or extremely expensive they have made a promise to always keep those products in stock as much as possible and to reduce the price as much as possible as well.

George Popescu
Brooklyn Textiles and Equipment
+1 617-784-0472
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TheInnovativeWorks partners with Postbox Consultancy Services to develop the crowdfunding newsletter

Crowdfunding audience

Do you need audience for your new project?

TheInnovativeWorks crowdfunding newsletter

TheInnovativeWorks can help new projects with required audience

TheInnovativeWorks aims to provide required audience to the project creators. It has around 100 thousand active subscribers as of today.

Before you even start building your crowdfunding page, Start building a crowd first.”

— Roy Morejon of Command Partners

BHOPAL, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA, September 28, 2020 / — Crowdfunding is the practice of raising funds for a new project or venture by raising arguably small amounts of money from a diverse crowd or selected group of individuals. Usually, crowdfunding projects pool people into a cohesive community based on shared interests like – values, financial gain, support for an idea or cause, passion for a specific field, object, or service.

A crowdfunding project is comprised of three elements, partaking in a dynamic process: the project initiator who proposes the idea or project to be funded(project creator), individuals or groups who support the idea(the crowd or the backers), and a moderating organisation (the “platform”) that brings the parties together to launch the idea. For example, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the two most popular rewards-based crowdfunding platforms.

TheInnovativeWorks ( has come up with a crowdfunding newsletter which provides information of a few crowdfunding projects daily to the crowd/backers. The aim is to bring some of the best crowdfunding projects to backers every morning without the need of going through many websites.

For any project creator an audience is of utmost importance. As Khierstyn Ross, the founder of Crowdfunding Uncut, says, ‘If you launch your campaign with zero audience, you are launching to crickets’.

TheInnovativeWorks aims to provide required audience to the project creators. It has around 100 thousand active subscribers as of today and subscribers really love to get their crowdfunding newsletter every morning which has 3 to 4 different projects. The newsletter is really helping new projects and backers alike.

TheInnovativeWorks has partnered with Postbox Consultancy Services to develop this crowdfunding newsletter and the later is helping with building required emailing infrastructure and email deliverability to reach out to 100 thousand subscribers every morning in no time.

Postbox Consultancy Services ( is an email delivery technology and deliverability consultancy services provider based in Bhopal, India. The two companies are coordinating closely to make this crowdfunding newsletter a success and aim to increase the subscriber base to a million in 2021.

Bernard D
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Hyperion launched its mainnet

NEW YORK, USA, September 27, 2020 / — Hyperion, the blockchain map ecosystem that provides ONE MAP service to the globe, launched its mainnet on 27th Sep. Once the mainnet goes live, the real-time block production will be available on HYN explorer for users to check.

Hyperion mainnet aims to enable the dApp running, transactions and block production based on an independent blockchain. In the next phase, Hyperion will upgrade the decentralized map app Titan for everyone to access mainnet functions, which includs HYN swap, Map3 staking contract migration, exchange function migration, and consensus node staking on Atlas layer.

Hyperion ecosystem creates an open-participation platform for map community. It offers a variety of tools for all to contribute map data and service to the decentralized network, which disrupts the highly-centralized map industry in control of data production and service distribution. For instance, everyone can take on-site photos using a mobile phone, and upload it to the consumer-end product Titan to share with other network users. In addition, a crypto-asset holder can become a service node to distribute map service by staking a small amount of HYN to the staking contract. Node staking has been proven effective in preventing malicious behavior in a trustless environment.

Meanwhile, as participant increases, the system will need a governance mechanism to maintain sustainable and high-quality of contributors within the network. To figure out the best suitble model, Hyperion team has been researching throughout the precious two years, and introduced HYN economic model, and PoH (proof of Hybrid) consensus mechanism since this June.

With V1 mainnet launch, the community-autonomous governance will finally realize. Open-source map enthusiasts and developers that have been contributing enormous map data and services, either via POI contribution or Map3 node staking, will be rewarded after the mainnet launch.

As explained in PoH consensus protocol, on Map3 service layer, users are encouraged to contribute decentralized map service with PoW incentives; while on Atlas consensus layer, PoS algorithm will select a small validation committee to verify transactions and ensure network security. As the mainnet launch approaches, genesis block has specified the transaction details and prototype, for 88 consensus nodes to produce blocks on Atlas layer.

Atlas layer adopts a PBFT (Practical Byzantine fault tolerance) variant consensus algorithm for block validation — FBFT (Fast Byzantine fault tolerance). It allows all Atlas nodes on consensus layer to compete for a seat in 88 validation committee, based on their ranking in Atlas stake. Each validation node will have access to block rewards during each epoch (approx. one day), which is 2 HYNs every 6 seconds. Committee membership is fluid. Validation nodes will be re-selected after each epoch, according to the next round of stake ranking and block production performance in previous epoch.

Compared to PBFT, FBFT creates a leader role out of the committee members to coordinate the consensus process, so as to reduce the communication complexity and to better improve the blockchain efficiency, especially as the network expands.

Mainnet means a lot for both the project and its community. Beyond more serivce rewards for map contributors and lower token transaction fee, don’t forget, the scalability of location-based dApps that will be built based on mainnet will burst, with little issuance fee and much more simplified listing process.

About Hyperion
Hyperion, a decentralized map ecosystem, aims to achieve the “One Map” vision – to provide a unified view of global map data and service, and to make it universally accessible just like a public utility for all. Built on the Spatial Consensus Protocol which encloses not just spatial information but also value transfer, Hyperion fundamentally redefines the way we create and consume map services, conforming to our first principles to make maps aggressively open and decentralized.

Learn More:

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Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT):More than 60% of Respondents Plan to Travel during National Day Holiday

Survey on Public Intention for Travel in National Day Holiday

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, 中国, September 27, 2020 / — In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day Holiday come together once again as the last statutory holiday this year. In 2020H1, the domestic tourism market was struggling under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic was basically contained in China in H2, the market began to recover and may witness a surging demand during the National Day Holiday.

According to the survey of Rong360 Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT), respondents who have planned to travel during the National Day Holiday account for more than 60% of the total, increasing significantly over H1; more than half of the respondents would like to scale up their budget for the National Day Holiday, presenting good prospects for the tourism market.

However, public willingness to travel during this National Day Holiday has declined significantly compared with the previous years. The pandemic remains the biggest challenge faced by the tourism market. In such a context, it still takes time for the tourism market to fully recover, and the trend of the pandemic at home and abroad will influence the development of the tourism industry in the long run.

From another perspective, “cloud tourism”, an emerging form of tourism rising amid the pandemic, is still a popular choice for tourists, as more than 80% of the respondents expressed their interest in it and may have a try in the National Day Holiday and almost a quarter of them believed “cloud tourism” will replace the conventional forms of tourism in the future.

More and more people are planning to travel and almost half of them are willing to spend more

“The pandemic filled me with boring days this year. I really need to go out for some fresh air,” said Jia Zile, working in Beijing, who has been mulling over the destinations of his National Day Holiday trip since August. 64.74% of the respondents, like Jia Zile, have planned their holiday trips.
Compared with the previous years, the public intention for travel during the National Day Holiday has not been completely recovered. According to the survey, 89.74% of the respondents traveled during last National Day Holiday. In 2020, this figure has dropped by 25%.

Despite this significant decline, the tourism market has been recovering after 2020H1. According to the statistics published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of domestic tourists in 2020 Labor Day Holiday totaled 115 million, amounting to 59% of that in the previous year (195 million tourists). Comparatively, the public intention to travel during the National Day Holiday this year has been well recovered, which is likely to drive further recovery of the tourism market.

Di Wang
Jianpu Technology
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Irina Hill, Realtor, MBA, CPA, PLMC Awarded Prestigious Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation

Irina Hill, Realtor, MBA, CPA, PLMC, SFR, SRES, Beverly Hills Realtor

Irina Hill, Realtor, MBA, CPA, PLMC, SFR, SRES

Two people are dreaming about homes

Dream Home Finder Program

Irina Hill completed training and was designated as a SRES by NAR equipping her with tools, resources, strategies to working with clients of 50+ years of age.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, September 26, 2020 / — National Association of Realtors announces that Irina Hill has recently been certified as a SRES® designated agent in the state of California. This designation is only awarded to a small and select group of Real Estate Agents around the country who complete an intense training program learning how to satisfy the real estate needs of the population older than 50 years of age making it one of the most sought after criteria to look for in a real estate agent representing you.
As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Irina possesses the knowledge and expertise to guide homebuyers and sellers over the age of 50 through major financial and lifestyle transitions. SRES® designees have unparalleled training and experience in seniors’ real estate, including:

• Helping you manage the financial and emotional challenges of selling a long-held family home
• Creating a customized plan to market and sell your property
• Understanding your unique needs and creating a customized plan to ensure your home meets those needs now and in the future
• Utilizing specialized knowledge in reverse mortgages, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs for your real estate transaction
• Connecting you with their vast network of movers, attorneys, home inspectors, and other experts to help you through the process

Irina works with empty nester looking to downsize or newly retired and searching for the dream home. As SRES® designee, Irina has developed robust resources to help her clients for their next move:

• Financial assistance and reverse mortgage programs
• Home modifications that will allow people to age in place
• Legal considerations surrounding issues her clients might face
• Other specific needs

“We never focused on just selling the property based on the standard assets (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, locations, etc.) our goal has always been helping the client to improve their lives. It is very important to target the specific needs and complexities that might arise We really not just helping with real estate, we are setting our clients up for their next stage in life. We are like a community of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of mature consumers. Coupled with our resources in Luxury Real Estate provided by Rodeo Realty SRES® resources definitely bring our services to the next level” Said Irina

Irina Hill
Irina Hill
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Smart Lock 2020 Global Market Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Key Players Analysis Report

Global Smart Lock Market Analysis 2020

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On-“Smart Lock Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 26, 2020 / —

Smart Lock Market 2020

A smart lock is an electromagnetic security device that can be locked and unlocked wirelessly through the user authorization process. This Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled smart home device can be operated remotely using an app on the smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers better security of homes and commercial establishments and also detects and records activities at the door. Smart locks also allow two-way audio communication with the visitor. Some locks come with a built-in camera that captures photos of those accessing the door. Many smart homes use smart locks that allow homeowners to unlock the door without a traditional key. They can use their smartphone or a key fob to verify the lock wirelessly and open the door.

Market by Top Smart Lock Companies, this report covers
DormaKaba Group
Assa Abloy AB
Salto Systems
Spectrum Brands, Inc.
Master Lock Company
Honeywell International
Anviz Global
Sentrilock, LLC

Request Free Sample Report @

The use of smart locks has been on a rise in recent years and its global market is expected to grow at a fast rate during the forecast period. As an important part of a smart and connected home, a smart lock allows the residents to come and go as they please and also keep a check on those who are entering and leaving the house all day. Some locks are quite simple to operate and can be opened and closed using the phone. Certain models also allow owners to assign special lock operating privileges to family members, friends, and maintenance staff. The latest smart locks have the voice activation feature that allows homeowners to lock and unlock doors by giving the right command to the phone.

Smart Lock Market Segmentation:
The global market for smart locks is bifurcated into types, connectivity, and applications.
By types, the market for smart locks is divided into padlocks, lever handles, deadbolts, knob locks, cam locks, and more. Deadbolts are commonly used in homes and commercial settings as they are durable, ensure good security and are easy to install.
By connectivity, the market is divided into Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Homeowners can select a suitable option and easily operate smart locks from a distance.
By applications, the market is divided into residential, commercial, industrial, and others.

Regional Analysis:
While analyzing the global market for smart locks, the main regions taken into consideration are North America (The United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Italy, UK, Germany, France, Spain and rest of the region), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, Singapore and rest of the region), and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa).

An increase in demand and sales of security systems in North America makes the region a leader in the smart locks market. The market for these locks is also expected to grow at a rapid pace in Europe. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, especially countries such as China, India and Japan, is an emerging market for smart locks. APAC region is estimated to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period.

Industry News:
The smart lock market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% over the forecast period and reach up to US$ 2 billion by 2023.

Complete Report Details @

Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Smart Lock Sales, Revenue, Market Share and Competition by Manufacturer (2017-2018)
4 Global Smart Lock Market Analysis by Regions
5 North America Smart Lock by Country
6 Europe Smart Lock by Country
7 Asia-Pacific Smart Lock by Country
8 South America Smart Lock by Country
9 Middle East and Africa Smart Lock by Countries
10 Global Smart Lock Market Segment by Type
11 Global Smart Lock Market Segment by Application
12 Smart Lock Market Forecast (2019-2025)
13 Sales Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers
14 Research Findings and Conclusion
15 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

Wise Guy Reports
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Emil Malak Pens an Op-ed: Could Continuous Rapid Testing Eliminate the Need for Lockdowns?

Emil Malak, CEO Voip-Pal, well versed in global politics, culture and health


CEOCFO Magazine logo

Emil Malak presents his Testing Plan that Would Allow all Businesses to Reopen Inc. (OTCQB:VPLM)

We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

— Emil Malak

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 25, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced it has published an op-ed ( by Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak. Inc., Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company is an inventor and pioneer of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls. Mr. Malak has other business ventures and is well versed in global politics and culture.

In this most recent article Mr. Malak urges businesses to think “outside the box” and come up with solutions to keep the economy open. Malak wrote, “Businesses can provide their own solutions, by thinking outside the box and leaving cumbersome government bureaucracy behind. Business owners need to take matters into their own hands while abiding by the law. I have proposed a way to accomplish widespread rapid testing by placing converted ambulances as mobile testing centers on every corner.

Since the start of the pandemic, Emil Malak has advocated for widespread rapid testing as the way to keep the economy open and allow people to freely go about their business. Adding to his previous proposal of converting ambulances into mobile testing units, Mr. Malak has a new proposal for rapid result COVID-19 testing booths. Malak suggests, “Rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.” He continues, “Additionally, rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.”

Mr. Malak also discusses the recent rise in Coronavirus cases throughout Europe, saying, “On September 17th, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning about the recent spike in coronavirus cases across Europe, calling the new surge in cases “alarming.” They labeled it as a "very serious situation" unfolding across the continent. In recent days, Europe has experienced the biggest rise in daily coronavirus cases since the virus began. France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Belgium are seeing record numbers of new cases. Even Israel is now imposing a second lockdown after seeing 4000 new cases in a single day last week. French President Macron has also raised the possibilities of forcing another nationwide lockdown. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the coronavirus pandemic is likely to worsen in coming months. Enforcing a draconian style lockdown is not as easy to do in western democracy as it is in autocratic China. We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

Malak also pointed out how lockdowns have failed and have society. “Lockdowns have proven to be mostly futile as evidenced by what is taking place in Europe right now. They are going back to the same numbers they had at the beginning of the pandemic. People’s lives cannot be put on hold any longer, especially knowing the virus will be back. The economy must keep moving.”

Bud Wayne
CEOCFO Magazine
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FinDec Receives National Recognition from NAPA As a Top Defined Contribution (DC) Advisor Team

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — The National Association of Plan Advisors has published its list of the nation’s top defined contribution (DC) Advisor Teams and national financial advisory firm Financial Decisions, Inc., (FinDec), with offices in Stockton, California and Phoenix, has been named one of the top advisor teams in the nation.
Unlike other lists, this focuses on individual firms, or in a wirehouse environment a team, or office, and the assets under advisement (AUA) related to their defined contribution (DC) practice specifically.

“Since their inception, NAPA’s various industry lists have been a valuable Who’s Who of who matters in the world of retirement plans and retirement plan advisors,” said Nevin Adams, Chief Content Officer of the American Retirement Association, and Editor-in-Chief of NAPA-Net, the nation’s leading online resource for retirement plan advisors. “This latest chapter – the NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams, ranked by self-reported DC assets under advisement – presents a compelling case for the positive impact on the nation’s private retirement system."

The list, which focuses on teams with at least $100 million in AUA, represents more than $1 trillion in DC assets under advisement. Significantly, those teams include more than 1500 advisors – and many more support personnel – working to help Americans prepare for a financially satisfying retirement in 40 states and Puerto Rico. “As the nation’s leading voice for retirement plan advisors, we are pleased to highlight these contributions,” noted Adams.

“This recognition underscores the value our firm puts on creating what we believe to be the best possible retirement solutions for our trusted clients around the nation,” said Michael Lee, CEO of FinDec. “In the more than 30 years our company has been operating, we’ve put our clients and their future first. It’s helped us grow and expand to provide services for even more people. We’re grateful to be with them during every step of life — in the good and challenging times, we’re committed to their retirement goals.”

The list of NAPA’s Top DC Advisor Teams, published in a recent issue of NAPA Net, the Magazine, is available online at The list of NAPA’s Top DC Multi-Office Firms is available online at


About the National Association of Plan Advisors

The National Association of Plan Advisors was created by and for retirement plan advisors. Membership is also open to other retirement industry professionals who support the interests of plan advisors. NAPA is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on the issues that matter to retirement plan advisors. NAPA is part of the American Retirement Association, based in the Washington, D.C. area. More information about NAPA is available at

About FinDec

In 1987, FinDec earned the trust of their first client. It was that trust that built the foundation the company stands on today. Serving a client network of over 10,000 participants and servicing more than $750 million in assets under advisement (AUA), FinDec continues to operate under its core values of family, integrity, new ideas, determination, excellent service, and putting the client first. These values act as the compass guiding FinDec as it strives to create financial freedom for all clients it serves.

Learn more at


Financial Decisions, Inc., is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by the Commission nor does it indicate that the adviser has attained a particular level of skill or ability.

Financial Decisions, Inc and Fred Lee Corp d/b/a FinDec are related entities. Fred Lee Corp d/b/a FinDec is not a registered investment adviser and does not provide investment advice.

All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Third-party rankings and recognition from organizations or publications are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly-rated adviser does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance. A more thorough disclosure of the criteria used in making these rankings is available by contacting Financial Decision, Inc.

Bob Spoerl
Bear Icebox Communications, for FinDec
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AARDY Insurance Compares Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage Programs

AARDY Insurance Surfing

AARDY Insurance Surfing

AARDY Insurance Dancing

AARDY Insurance Dancing

AARDY Insurance Running

AARDY Insurance Running

AARDY Insurance Head

AARDY Insurance Head Logo Logo

AARDY, the nation’s fastest Medicare Insurance Marketplace has launched its Medicare Original & Medicare Advantage comparison program.

At AARDY Insurance, we hope that our new guides, comparison system, and agent support help customers gain greater insight into these two competing Medicare programs.””

— Jonathan Breeze

MIAMI, FL, USA, September 25, 2020 / — AARDY, the nation’s fastest Medicare Insurance Marketplace has launched its Medicare Original & Medicare Advantage comparison program.

AARDY Insurance CEO Jonathan Breeze commented:
“More and more Americans are considering whether Original Medicare is a good fit for them, given the alternative option of a Medicare Advantage plan.

There is a significant challenge for seniors in trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage.

Most of us are bombarded with advertising that talks about the benefits of a Medicare Supplement Plan, which is only valid for folks using Original Medicare.

More often than not, it seems, the very next advert will talk about Medicare Advantage, which is the alternative to Original Medicare.

At AARDY Insurance, we hope that our new guides, comparison system, and agent support help customers gain greater insight into these two competing programs.”

Which is Better: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

What works for one person is not necessarily appropriate for another.

Both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage provide comprehensive medical insurance with out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copays.

Medicare Advantage’s out-of-pocket maximum is $6,700, and some prefer the security knowing how much they will have to pay. Original Medicare has no maximum, so customers pay 20% coinsurance forever – an unlimited out-of-pocket cost. This can be solved with a Medicare Supplement.

Since Original Medicare has no networks, it is usually better for people who travel around the US, because they can see any provider. Medicare Advantage often has minimal coverage outside a customer’s residential area – this should always be checked.

However, Medicare Advantage is much simpler and easy-to-use than Original Medicare. Customer have one monthly premium for everything. With Original Medicare, customers must pay separate premiums for Part B, Part D, and whichever Medicare supplement they have.

AARDY Insurance donates 10% of annual profits each and every year to support AARDY Kids of Heroes™ charity partners. Through 2020, AARDY is supporting Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a truly inspirational charity.

Jonathan Breeze
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MTX Strengthens Visual Analytics Capabilities with Tableau Partnership

MTX Group

The Partnership Will Give MTX’s Wide Industries Access To Smarter, Real-Time Decision Making with Enhanced Visual Analytics

FRISCO, TX, USA, September 25, 2020 / — MTX announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Tableau, a global leader in visual analytics. This collaboration enables MTX to build state of the art data visualization capabilities for its flagship Maverick AI platform, as well as boost its growing portfolio of Emergency Response Management (ERM) solutions with Tableau’s advanced capabilities for data management, integration, cataloging and powerful analytics.

Tableau, a Salesforce company, is a powerful visual analytics platform that enables users to perform real-time data analysis and extract actionable insights. The partnership further solidifies MTX’s relationship with Salesforce and positions it with a unique competitive advantage. MTX is currently a Gold Consulting Partner with Salesforce and a MuleSoft partner.

The Maverick AI platform allows businesses to innovate and transform with minimal effort with greater accuracy and provides data-driven insights integrated with their existing systems and workflows. The partnership enables MTX to leverage Tableau to build advanced visualizations to help decision makers with key actionable insights.

MTX plays a critical role in its mission to empower individuals and companies by offering data analytics and business insights to every department at every scale. Through this collaboration, MTX and Tableau allow customers to access a robust data platform where they can analyze and take action on real-time data.

“The partnership with Tableau is a significant milestone for the MTX team for a couple of reasons. First, it further strengthens our position as a trusted partner in the Salesforce ecosystem beyond the core platform. Secondly, it opens up a world of new opportunities for visual analytics to enable smart decision making with our Maverick AI platform,” stated Gaurav Kheterpal, Chief Technology Officer at MTX.

For more information and interviews please contact:
TAG Media Group
Marilyn Lopez | | 917.209.9514
Daniel Chartock | | 212.951.0501


About MTX Group (
MTX is a global implementation partner enabling organizations to become fit enterprises. MTX provides expertise across a range of platforms and technologies, including Google Cloud, Salesforce, artificial intelligence/machine learning, data integration, analytics, and mobile technology. They have successfully completed hundreds of projects to date designed to help organizations and government agencies serve their stakeholders in today’s technologically advancing world.

Daniel Chartock
TAG Media Group
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