MEDSiS announces STO with partner WTIA to fuel global rollout and formally launch long-awaited KFinancial


The STO Launch in Singapore


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MEDSiS International announced today the formal establishment of KFinancial and the plans for a STO (Security Token Offering) in Singapore with partner WTIA.

KFIN WTIA will bring our partnership to the world. With the STO, we can add a new level of confidence as we focus on our strategies and job creation in Argentina, Brazil, and more”

— Chairman Keun-Young Kim

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, January 20, 2020 / — MEDSiS International announced today the formal establishment of KFinancial and the plans for a STO (Security Token Offering) in Singapore on May 1, 2020 with partner WTIA. This announcement comes after previous press releases of a partnership between both entities focussed on providing solutions for MEDSiS’ contracts in Brazil, Argentina, and around the world. The establishment of KFinancial is the culmination of a strategy that was announced by MEDSiS in December 2018 as the vehicle to encompass all of the MEDSiS payments programs.

“KFinancial has been part of our plans for years now, and this final step with WTIA allows us to bring our global payments opportunities to the masses through the initial STO, further strengthening our partnership with WTIA.”
– Joshua Dax Cabrera, CEO of MEDSiS

The two companies established the joint venture company, KFIN WTIA PTE, in Singapore to finalize the vehicle not only for their partnership, but also for the STO. While expectations were previously set by some on the STO revolving around “Maxwell Stablecoin”, both companies made headlines by announcing that the STO would provide existing investors and token holders the direct rights to more than $3 billion in projected revenue over the contract lengths, allowing the existing payments programs and partnerships with companies like the Vision Group and Payments 2.0 to be foundational in the existing payments programs held by MEDSiS around the world.

“KFIN WTIA will become the entity that brings our partnership to the world. With the STO, we can add a new level of confidence as we focus on our strategies and job creation in Argentina, Brazil, and beyond.”
– Chairman Keun Kim, WTIA

“When we announced Maxwell it was always with an STO strategy in mind, but our entire business model was built on traditional payments programs, not on cryptocurrency. KFinancial and the STO with WTIA allow us to finally bring our entire payments ecosystem and revenue stream to investors everywhere in an open and regulated way,” says Joshua Cabrera.

As the partners build toward the release of the new joint White Paper associated with the STO, the focus turns to the programs in Argentina and Brazil as foundational pieces to the MEDSiS global strategy. With KFinancial becoming the stand-alone payments and fintech division for MEDSiS and assigning revenue and not equity toward the STO, shareholders are now able to realize direct access to revenues without previously anticipated equity dilution. With WTIA already making first funding steps into the KFIN WTIA entity, the Korean blockchain and token specialists demonstrate their commitment to the success of the global programs.

The partnership with MEDSiS and WTIA continues to take shape as contracts, financials, strategies, pilot program results, funding, and strategic partnerships become publicly available through the upcoming KFinancial White Paper. As of now, both companies vow that providing direct rights to the more than $3 billion USD in projected contracted revenue is just the beginning of things to come as they build toward the May 1 STO.


About MEDSiS:
MEDSiS is a payments company that's built on financial inclusion, payments, identity, and security systems to millions of customers around the world.
For more info, email

About WTIA:

World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) is the advisory and capital market solution of some of the biggest real-world blockchain projects in the world.

About Vision Group:

VisionGroup is focused on driving adoption of Blockchain, AI, and Cybersecurity to governments, enterprises, and the masses.

About Payments 2.0:

Payments2.0 is a leading payments processing company creating prepaid payments network across Africa, APAC, and the Middle East.

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Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) joined by former UN Ambassador

Luis Galvis reports for PeaceEverTV

Luis_Galvis reporting at NASDAQ joins BCR

Luis Galvis, former UN Ambassador joins Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) and the company is now listed on the HOMIEX Exchange.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 19, 2020 / — Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is a digital asset attached to eight (8) Blockchain patents listed at WIPO. BCR is currently listed on CCX Canada, BTCEXA in S.E. Asia and BITKING Thailand. Plans going forward will see BCR listed on several additional exchanges.

On the matter of new personnel… Nathanael Marler, BCR's Global Business Expert is expanding his outreach efforts by inviting Luis Galvis to join him at BCR. Galvis has a wealth of experience in global business and last year served as UN Ambassador of the indigenous people of Mexico.

Galvis worked in global business for decades in projects based in Asia, Mexico, Central and South America and Europe and says he is extremely grateful to have been honored to serve as Ambassador to the indigenous people but that he welcomes returning to the corporate world where he received his international training.

On the matter of listing BCR on additional exchanges… Bloomberg Technology news recently reported that HomiEX and Xanpool have partnered to explore the creation of a Fiat Gateway system in South East Asia that will enable HomiEX users to utilize Xanpool's infrastructure to convert "from cash to crypto" in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The partnership is beneficial for both companies since Xanpool can access a large target user group, expand its user pool quickly, and further improve its crypto-fiat liquidity.

The project is financed by NGC Ventures, GENESIS Capital, LD Capital, Vector Capital, Honglian Capital, Reorganization Capital, JD Ventures, Star Capital and BA Capital.

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is now listed for trade on Singapore based HomiEX. BCR has its own native Blockchain. Wallets can be downloaded at

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NobelBiz, Contact Center World Class Carrier and Hosted Contact Center Systems announces innovative fresh Podcast Series

‘First Contact: Stories of The Contact Center' The series features unsung heroes of a world often ridiculed while remaining a critical pillar of world commerce.

People that work in contact centers are often committed to excellence. Seldom is it noticed. The presence of mind required in constant conversation makes contact center agents and management unique.”

— Steve Bederman

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2020 / — Because no one pictures themselves working at a contact center, First Contact: Stories of the Call Center is a new monthly podcast interviewing how leaders and entrepreneurs found their way into the call center industry. And it’s never linear. Host Christian Montes poses questions about their life, their path, their struggles and successes, and most importantly- how and why did they end up with a headset on.

Christian Montes, as Global Director of Sales for NobelBiz, offers a candid account of his interest in this series, “I have been in contact centers of all size and types. In every visit, I see some of the hardest working and courageous people. They work longer and harder than almost any other industry. They work with an intensity, and often face particularly uncomfortable moments in their conversation.” He went on to explain how the pay can be low, the hours long, and the compliments few.

"People that work in contact centers are often committed to excellence. Seldom is it noticed. The presence of mind that’s required to be in constant conversation makes contact center agents and management unique.I’ve been in the industry for much of my life, starting as an agent in the 1970’s. The success that I have had in business is a byproduct of the intensity and focus that I learned through the rapid paced environment,” said Steve Bederman, NobelBiz President.

Bederman will be the first of a monthly continuation of interviews telling the stories of this dynamic industry. He went on to say, “At NobelBiz, we want to raise the level of pride amongst all within our trade. We’re honored to present stories of lives and careers within. We see this as our NobelBiz investment and payback to an industry that has afforded us great success. Let’s start recognizing the courage and interests that come from our activities.”

To listen to the first and future podcasts, click here:

Feel like you got something to say? Are you an industry insider set on moving the whole contact center ecosystem forward? Want to be a guest on a future episode? If YES is the answer or you know someone who'd fit right in, email us at:

About NobelBiz
NobelBiz is the contact center’s recognized leader of purpose built telecom. Known as ‘the carrier’s carrier’ it has combined state of the art Omni Channel Cloud technology with its most cost effective Telcom capabilities. With over 20 years in business and billions of connections for contact centers, it has perfected the art of achieving for their clients the highest contact rates. Everything that NobelBiz offers is focused on enabling call centers to have the best opportunity to have important conversations all day every day. NobelBiz becomes an extension of your business instead of just a vendor.
World-class voice services and Cloud Contact Center technology bring together management, business, and productivity solutions to keep the contact center on top of their game and competition!
The NobelBiz mission: Empowering the contact center to make more meaningful connections that last.

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Alberta Economist Sees $25 Billion APP Benefit, Relatively Little Risk

CALGARY, AB, CANADA, January 17, 2020 / — Dr. J. Richard Bird, an Alberta economist and retired senior executive has submitted a review of the Alberta Pension Plan concept to the Alberta Fair Deal Panel. The review is titled, “A More Balanced View of the Benefits and Risks of the Alberta Pension Plan Concept”. Dr. Bird concludes that the direct benefit to Alberta of an APP would be substantial with a discounted present value of $25 billion, possibly considerably more or somewhat less, and with risks, issues and costs which appear very small in comparison. He finds that rather than being “fraught with risks” the risks and other cons of an APP identified in a recent paper by Keith Ambachtsheer of KPA Advisory Services are all relatively inconsequential in severity and certainly not a basis to forgo the substantial benefit which an APP would provide.

Dr. Bird calculates the potential present value of the increased annual cash flow that an APP would provide to Albertans under three different scenarios ranging from optimistic to very pessimistic, with a resulting range of $46 billion down to $18 billion, and with a benefit of $25 billion corresponding to a moderate case. He also reviews the risks and other cons identified in the Ambachtsheer paper one by one and explains why they are not significant in comparison to the benefit.

Commenting on the submission to the Fair Deal Panel, Dr. Bird said, “Since the original study by the Fraser Institute the APP concept has been characterized as everything from “a slam dunk”, which it is not, to “fraught with risks”, which it isn’t either. As I watched the media reporting on this matter I have felt increasingly that there is a need for a balanced, thorough and “made in Alberta” weighing of the benefits and risks of this concept rather than a one sided focus on just the benefits or just the risks. That is why I have undertaken my review and submitted it to the Fair Deal Panel.”

_ _ _

Dr. Bird’s education and experience has focused for 50 years on economic analysis of the benefits and risks of major financial decisions. He received his Ph.D in Managerial Economics from the University of Toronto in 1975. He taught business economics and management science at Queen’s University for six years before embarking on a 38 year career in the energy industry. At retirement he was Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Chief Financial Officer of Enbridge, one of Canada’s largest public corporations, with responsibilities which included establishing Enbridge’s position as the largest Canadian renewable energy producer, as well as chairing the corporation’s pension committee. In 2009 Dr. Bird served on the federal Minister of Finance’s Advisory Committee on Financing. In 2010 he was named Canada’s Chief Financial Officer of the Year.

Dr. Bird currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors of the Alberta Investment Management Company which manages the investment of $120 billion of Alberta public sector pension and endowment funds. He is the president of the Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation and manages the investment of the family foundation’s capital and the allocation of its investment income among local, national and international priorities including education, physical fitness and sports opportunities for First Nations youth. He has lived in Calgary for 28 years.

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Press Breakfast Concentrates on Utility Future

The Future of Consulting Lives Here

Decarbonization, resiliency, and spreading electrification in new areas are all priorities for 2020”

— Jan Vrins, Managing Director and Global Energy Practice Leader, Guidehouse

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, January 17, 2020 / — "White House Chronicle," the weekly news and public affairs program on PBS and SiriusXM Radio, is reviving a series of press breakfasts in Washington, dating back to 1974 when they were held for energy reporters.

The first press breakfast in the series — called "White House Chronicle Presents," will be held at the National Press Club on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9 a.m. It will feature three Guidehouse (formerly Navigant) experts who will outline the year ahead — this year of change — and beyond for the electric utility industry.

Llewellyn King, executive producer and host of the program, explains, "During the energy crisis, I launched a series of breakfasts and media events which ran until I sold my newsletter publishing company in 2006. They were held by my publications which included The Energy Daily, Defense Week and New Technology Week.

"I've been asked to revive these, and I'm doing so now under the umbrella of 'White House Chronicle'. They are open to all media, including new media. All the breakfasts will be held at the National Press Club."

The experts at the press briefing will include Jan Vrins, Managing Director and Global Energy Practice Leader for Guidehouse. Vrins is a widely known and respected consultant in the electric utility industry. He will be joined by consultants Mackinnon Lawrence and Aida Hakirevic. All three are devoted to helping utilities move ahead in a time of green energy, microgrids, smart meters, smart cities and existential threats.

"Decarbonization, resiliency, and spreading electrification in new areas are all priorities for 2020," Vrins says. "We expect to see many initiatives in our industry and at all levels of government as the focus on a cleaner and more customer-centric energy ecosystem evolves."

King says, "As in the past, we hope to get reporters in and out of these events with a story for that day. No speeches, just news."

Place: National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Date: Jan. 23, 2020
Time: 9 a.m.

Llewellyn King
White House Chronicle
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3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a POS System According to Harbortouch

ALLENTOWN , PA , UNITED STATES, January 17, 2020 / — Point of sale (POS) systems are crucial for any brick-and-mortar business, from bars and restaurants to retail shops. A manager’s right-hand man (or machine), POS systems can help streamline various aspects of an operation, from customer service to inventory management and marketing to business analytics. However, not all POS systems are created equal. There are several models to choose from, each with software and hardware designed to perform specific functions and suit particular businesses. For instance, a restaurant POS system is different than its retail counterparts. To determine the best kind for you, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

Types of POS Systems

POS systems are divided into four main categories: restaurant, quick-service, retail, and salon & spa. Each has its unique functionalities to suit that particular business type. For instance, restaurant POS systems may include tableside ordering, table layout, online reservations, and tracking raw goods. Quick-service POS systems have some of the same features as restaurant systems, but with the addition of items like delivery and self-ordering kiosks. Retail POS systems have features such as product matrixes for managing stock that comes in an assortment of sizes or colors. Like restaurant and quick-service systems, they can also include online ordering and mobile checkout. Salon and spa systems may include appointment scheduling and booth rental as well as online booking.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a POS System

1) How will it impact the customer experience? The POS system shouldn’t just make your job easier; it should also make the customer experience better. Consider how the system will capture customer data, manage, and store it. You’ll also want to take into account the system’s customer loyalty program (or lack thereof) and whether or not you can easily accept coupons and set up special promotions. For those in the hospitality industry, also consider if the system offers tableside ordering, online ordering, or mobile checkout.
2) Can the POS system manage day-to-day operations? The POS system should also help you manage behind-the-scenes action. This includes inventory management, employee management, and vendor management.
3) How will the POS system support my business now and in the future? Whether you aspire to expand your small business into an empire or are content with being a mom-and-pop corner store, think of how the POS system can support your goals now and in the future. Consider aspects such as reporting and analytics, multi-store functionality for managing multiple locations, e-commerce integration, customer service, and usability and interface (is it easy to set up and train employees?).

More About Harbortouch

In over 20 years of business, Harbortouch* has served more than 300,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and state-of-the-art POS hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers*. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free equipment program was featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue. The program offers merchants custom programming, quality expert installation, and unparalleled customer support.

Harbortouch* –
Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers* –

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James Lukezic Explains the Retirement Income Security Act

James Lukezic of Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2020 / — James Lukezic has over twenty years of experience as a retirement consultant for large corporations. In his role as Executive Managing Director of Old Slip Capital Partners, James Lukezic keeps his team in compliance with ERISA. “My firm is a leading ERISA Fiduciary Advisor to large corporate retirement plans of all kinds,” James explains. Staying in compliance with ERISA is an essential part of his job, which is why James Lukezic explains ERISA and what the responsibilities are for fiduciaries.

What is the Purpose of ERISA?

According to James Lukezic, the main goal of ERISA is to identify roles and regulate fiduciary responsibilities. For the purposes of ERISA, a fiduciary is a person who controls, manages, or holds authority over a plan or assets. As a penalty for violators, all fiduciaries who break the rules will have to return any losses to the plan.

What is the Employee Income Retirement Income Security Act?

Under ERISA, fiduciaries, who manage the assets, must follow the rules to avoid misusing the assets outlined in the plan. The Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA) came into existence in 1974 to help protect the retirement assets of all the people who entered a plan, as James Lukezic mentions. James Lukezic also points out the ERISA has minimum participation standards set, which dictate the vesting, benefit accrual, participation, and funding. Plan sponsors also have to adhere to the rules and provide adequate funding to remain in compliance with ERISA.

ERISA also dictates all fiduciaries must provide participants with all of the relevant information about the plans’ benefits and features. Under ERISA, some rules dictate how long a person should work for before they’re able to participate in a pension plan.

What Is a Non-Qualified Plan?

James Lukezic has also pointed out the importance of considering a non-qualified plan. A Non-Qualifed plan is a type of tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement plan that falls outside of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines. According to James, Non-qualified plans are designed to meet specialized retirement needs for key executives and other select employees and can act as recruitment or employee retention tools. These plans are also exempt from the discriminatory and top-heavy testing that qualified plans are subject to.


1) Non-qualified plans are retirement savings plans.
2) They are called non-qualified because they do not adhere to Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines as with a qualified plan.
3) Non-qualified plans are generally used to supply high-paid executives with an additional retirement savings option.

In his long and successful career, James Lukezic has worked for the large financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Citigroup Global Markets, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. James Lukezic graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in banking, corporate finance and securities law. James Lukezic is also a member of the United States Polo Association, New York City's Fencers Club, and the American Helicopter Society. Not to mention, he is also a sommelier, and his favorite wines include Napa Cabernet Sauvignons and Pinot noirs from Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

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Media Invited to Electric Utility Briefing at USEA

Bringing the transformative power of 900 MHz private broadband to utilities.

Anterix is revolutionizing the modern grid with private 900 MHz spectrum.”

— Robert Schwartz, COO, Anterix

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, January 17, 2020 / — In the event of a major blackout, whether from natural phenomena or cyber attack, communications become vital.

But many utilities are tied to communications systems that are integrated into their grid operations, and as such would fail along with the rest of the system. Resilience in communications is paramount.

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 10 a.m. at the United States Energy Association's headquarters in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., Robert Schwartz, chief operating officer of Anterix, will explain how the company, using its exclusive broadcast spectrum and proven broadband LTE technology, can provide safe, resilient communications for electric utilities that can survive natural disasters and cyber attack.

"Anterix is revolutionizing the modern grid with private 900 MHz spectrum," says Schwartz. "We partner with critical infrastructure industries and enterprises through the power of broadband connectivity."

Schwartz says Anterix is serving a new, resilient infrastructure that is taking shape as threats and pressures are mounting for the electrical grid.

Media welcome:

Place: United States Energy Association
Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC
Date: January 22, 2020
Time: 10 a.m.

Sean O'Neill
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Why Minimalist Living Spaces Are Perfect for University Students According to ICON Students Waterloo

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 17, 2020 / — When you go on vacation, do you pack light, or bring enough stuff to last for an entire month of traveling? Do you consider yourself a packrat? Is cleaning house your idea of hell, or does it relax you? These are questions you should ponder as a young uni student moving out of Mom and Dad’s house; the answers could help determine what kind of dwelling you’ll call home for the next few years.

We’d like to make the case for minimalism. The apartments at ICON Students Waterloo are well-suited to this design choice, and we think you’ll fancy it too.

1. Your Time is at a Premium

Between the classes, labs, and time spent studying and researching, attending university is equivalent to a full-time job. Plenty of students also hold down a part-time position while they are earning their degree. And then there’s the socializing that’s so necessary for letting off steam.

Add it all up, and it’s easy to see that for a college student, free time is a very precious commodity — so why would you want to spend yours picking up and putting away clutter and dusting shelves full of tchotchkes? A minimalist living space means minimal cleaning. Swiffer the floors as necessary, wipe down surfaces with a rag and some all-purpose cleaner, and as for that clutter? Stash it in cute baskets, fabric cubes, or sleek metal bins and tuck those away on a shelving unit. Voila — a tidy, clean space and plenty of time to catch a movie in ICON Students Waterloo’s on-site theater.

2. Make Moves Easier

Of course, moving into an ICON Students Waterloo unit is already incredibly quick and simple. That’s because we provide all the furniture and plenty of other perks, too — like stainless steel kitchen appliances and a flat-screen television. So you needn’t worry about bringing a bed, nightstand, desk, couch, or coffee table.

Embracing minimalism makes packing and hauling even easier since your possessions have already been pared down. All you really need are the essentials: clothes, personal care items, textbooks, and laptop, maybe a few framed photos of your family and friends back home.

3. Can the Clutter for a Clearer Head

Have you ever heard the expression “tidy desk, tidy mind”? Our environments have a greater impact on our state of mind and overall well-being than you might imagine. When your space is chock-a-block with useless items, or when useful objects are not in their proper place, it saps a certain amount of mental energy.

You might not be consciously troubled by frills and frou-frou in your decor or flotsam and jetsam scattered across the countertops, but on some level we are influenced by the stuff of life. Hence the popularity of storage systems like California Closets, retail establishments like Solutions Store, and professional organizers — to say nothing of the Marie Kondo effect!

The units at ICON Students Waterloo offer loads of space, including streamlined storage options. Along with the open-concept design, the decor’s clean lines, and the comfortable but uncomplicated furniture, this lends itself perfectly to a minimalist lifestyle.

ICON Students Waterloo is now leasing for May and September move-ins. Schedule a tour to see for yourself how sleek and sophisticated this living space truly is.

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Technology Professional Raises Alarm on Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Lessons

Mindcote IT services

number: 973-664-9500

Local Technology professional at Mindcore shares the 3 things he wishes every business leader would start doing.

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to do the right thing for yourself, your employees and your customers. This means getting a trusted advisor who can show you how to protect your company.”

— Matt Rosenthal, CEO of Mindcore

FAIRFIELD,, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2020 / — This December, local technology professional and CEO of Mindcore, Matt Rosenthal, received a call from a small business while they were in the midst of a cybersecurity attack.

The company lost tens of thousands of dollars when hackers stole their banking information and transferred money from their account in addition to stealing nearly seven million rewards points attached to their credit card account.

Immediately after, they noticed that their information was being used to attempt to take out several lines of credit on new home purchases.

“No matter how big or how small your firm is, cybersecurity is massively important” said Rosenthal. “You cannot underestimate threats online. You cannot think you’re too big or too small. Nobody is safe.”

Rosenthal and his team responded in real-time by identifying the breach and closing gaps in the company’s security, quickly ending an attack that nearly crippled the company.

Cybersecurity Threats

Cyberthreats continue to evolve each year but statistics show that the majority of successful attacks happen when scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information. These are known as Phishing Emails and while their methods are common, most companies still do not give their staff the training they need to be able to recognize these kind of threats.

“If your business generates revenue and you have employees then that means you have a responsibility to do the right thing–for yourself, your employees and your customers. This means getting an advisor you can trust who can show you how to protect your company,” said Matt Rosenthal.

3 Ways to Protect Your Company

1. Alert Your Staff: Most cybersecurity battles are fought in the inbox. The problem is that most staff today don’t even know what to be on the lookout for and when to raise the alarm.

2. Train Your Staff: One click on a fraudulent email can cripple a company and cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and time. By teaching their staff how to recognize fake websites or incorrect URLs, they can stop attacks before they happen.

3. Empower Your Staff: When a company alerts and trains its staff, they are empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to be proactive and security savvy. When an attack happens, your staff should be your first line of defense.

Each year, cyberthreats put thousands of companies out of business. By educating their staff, they can open up a powerful new front on the war against cyberthreats and by doing so they can ensure that their company not only survives, but thrives in the digital world.

About Mindcore

Most companies struggle to keep up with their IT. Mindcore develops customized IT solutions to help you take back control of your technology, streamline your business and outperform your competition. Mindcore is located in Fairfield New Jersey and serves all industries including banking, financing and investment, building and construction, business, insurance, and nonprofit sectors.

Matt Rosenthal
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Cyber Attack Disaster Plus 3 Cybersecurity Tips

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