The Virtual Underground Railroad is a One Stop Shop for all things Crypto and will be the safest, largest Crypto Educational Platform in history



The Virtual Underground Railroad is a One Stop Shop for all things Crypto and will be the safest, largest Crypto Educational Platform in history

Najah Roberts, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug (CBP) ( the first African-American, woman-owned cryptocurrency (and one of the only brick-and mortar) lounge in the U.S. has launched the largest crypto education platform in history, the “The Virtual Underground Railroad.” This new platform aims to educate Black and Brown communities across the U.S. by sharing a wealth of information beginning with the foundation behind Bitcoin to how money is evolving. Najah will utilize her cryptocurrency expertise to educate and close the wealth gap that exists in our country.

The Virtual Underground Railroad platform will include education of NFT's, Mining cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Exchanges, Wallets, Kids in Crypto, Crypto Taxes, Trading, Tokenization, Crypto Scam Awareness, The Metaverse, Jobs in the Crypto & Blockchain Space, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Traditional retirement accounts, Stocks & Bonds, Business Opportunities, The Buy Black Movement, Health & Wellness, and last, but not least, a community where everyone is learning and gaining financial freedom.

Najah founded CBP located at 614 E. Manchester Avenue, Inglewood, CA in 2018 and has been steadfastly teaching communities about cryptocurrency for many years. A staunch advocate for improving the financial welfare of black and brown communities, she is referred to as the "Harriet Tubman of Financial Services" because of her vow to lead her people out of Financial Slavery. Najah’s mission mirrors Harriet Tubman’s mission, but with a twist — "I have freed hundreds of financial slaves and I could have freed thousands more if only they knew they were financial slaves." -Najah Roberts

The Virtual Underground Railroad Community platform was created after Najah and her staff’s realization that the cryptocurrency education she was disseminating to the community was being pushed down in the algorithm and silenced on both her Instagram, Facebook accounts. She and her team determined to develop a method to control the education and own their own content by creating a “one stop shop” platform for communities.

Najah has dedicated her life to the Crypto Space and CPB. She is also Founder and Executive Director of Crypto Kids Camp, Co-Founder of The Black Wall Street Wallet alongside Actor Hill Harper, Co-Founder of C.E.N.T. TV (Crypto Entertainment News Television), Co-Founder of My Name Image & Likeness (NFT Project), Founder of Tha Bag™ (NFT Marketplace) and just inked a deal with Exposure TV for her own channel The Blk DeFi Network.

Without charging a single cent, Najah educates individuals and communities daily on “The Crypto Virgin Hour” with the Black Bitcoin Billionaires, the largest Bitcoin group on ClubHouse with over 125K listeners. Additionally, she engages communities through her podcast “Building SiliconHoods™” and facilitates monthly events: “Wine, Women & Crypto,” “Bitcoin Business Basics,” “Coin-O-Nomics,” “On the Block” and “Freedom Friday” on

The Virtual Underground Railroad is a ONE STOP SHOP for all things Crypto and promises to be the safest and largest crypto educational platform in history.


CBP is the first African American, woman-owned Cryptocurrency over-the-counter brick-and-mortar lounge in the country, and one of the only brick-and-mortar Cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. CBP has positioned itself to effect change and foster mass adoption in every area of the Crypto Space. They offer a 3,000 square ft Crypto/Blockchain shared workspace where courses are taught and events are hosted such as Wine, Women & Crypto, Crypto Trivia Night Game Show, Coin-O-Nomics, Bitcoin Business Basics, On the Block, Freedom Fridays, and a physical store called Bitcoin BuysRUS. Q1 or 2022 CBP is poised to open 33 new brick and mortar stores in Inner City locations across the United States.

CEO Najah Roberts is passionate about mass adoption and understands that it can only be done through education. She is an ambassador for the community, providing her guidance and expertise in person and virtually.
For additional information, visit For interviews with Najah Roberts, contact Queen Publicity at (310) 849-3820 or email

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Ecoflow Brings the Solar Revolution Home to Individual Consumers

Ecoflow Solar Revolution for Individual Consumers

Ecoflow Solar Revolution for Individual Consumers

In line with the UAE's vision and commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, EcoFlow has developed solutions that share this vision.

DUBAI, UAE, October 31, 2021 / — The solar energy boom has funnelled billions of dollars into the solar energy sector, with investments going towards the cheapest energy source in the world: solar panels. The increase in the use of solar energy has been an enormous step forward in the fight against reducing fossil fuel emissions, but some challenges remain.

In line with the UAE's vision and commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, EcoFlow has developed solutions that share this vision. EcoFlow leverages the knowledge and experience from developing drone batteries to build thoughtful design, innovative, and robust energy storage solutions with solar charging an integral part of each product.

As a growing number of consumers and businesses strive to promote environmentally sustainable actions, energy consumption being at the top, EcoFlow's innovative solutions enable people to power their lives and businesses with clean and sustainable technology.

Commenting on EcoFlow's commitment to developing products that promote the use of renewable energy, Thomas Chen, R&D Director at EcoFlow, said, "Our goal is to challenge the status quo and provide robust solutions, so our consumer enjoy uninterrupted power through sustainable solutions. We share the vision of leaders in the UAE in tackling the climate crisis and are excited about the innovations we are making in developing power stations that contribute to sustainable living."

EcoFlow strives to reinvent the way people everywhere access to power; this has led them to develop solutions that create a positive disruption in how people consume power. Their patented X-Stream Technology empowers their solutions to recharge at ten times the speed of most portable power stations. EcoFlow's solutions enable consumers to live, dream, and explore without limits with fast charging and technology promoting clean energy usage.

In a day and age where lighting, heat, food, and even water depend on electricity, EcoFlow's solutions support individuals storing solar energy and providing power for essential home and outdoor devices anytime. EcoFlow is committed to helping communities weather the storm, whatever that may be.
EcoFlow's 'Power A New World’ initiative has helped alleviate conditions in disaster-stricken areas by distributing portable power stations and services through a worldwide community network. EcoFlow's vision and mission are to power a new world using the most innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable power solutions to untether individuals, families, and society.


About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a pioneering portable power company that is reinventing the way the world accesses energy. As makers of industry-first, smart and powerful portable power products, EcoFlow designs, creates and sells energy storage products to consumers across the world. EcoFlow’s mission is to harness new technologies to foster inclusion and help raise standards of living in areas of the world where power shortages stunt economic growth and development. A privately-held multinational company, EcoFlow has offices in San Francisco, CA and Shenzhen, China.
For business cooperation, visit:

For more information and individual purchases, visit:

United Arab Emirates
– Lebanon
– Israel

For more information, please contact:

EcoFlow Middle East:
Andrea DSouza

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While helping communities in poverty, the Ghetto SharkHood NFT project steps deeper into the metaverse

This unique NFT project aims to connect reality with the digital world & brings a collection of 10,000 Ghetto SharkHood NFTs swimming in the Ethereum Blockchain

UNITED STATES, October 31, 2021 / — With millions of dollars going into NFTs every week, these digital assets have become a hot topic among traders and investors. Even though many people believe that NFT is not traditional art, a valuation of over 69 million dollars on a Beeple’s First 5000 days NFT has shifted the mindset of many investors.

The team behind “Ghetto SharkHood” believes NFTs to be the natural progression of art and brings a new value to the digitized world. They have focused extensively on transforming the market by providing fair distribution and associating real-world projects with the NFT. It costs around 0.08 ETH for every member and offers exclusive lifetime membership to a digital clubhouse, SharkHood. From headwear to expressions, each Ghetto SharkHood brings a unique programmatically generated trait to the owners.

By planning for the long term, this NFT project aims to bring an opportunity to aspiring artists worldwide. Through this project, Ghetto SharkHood goes the extra mile to do its part for the NFT Community.

What Makes Ghetto SharkHood Unique?
So far, the vast majority of NFT projects and utilities are only limited to the digital world. All the communities are oriented towards exceptional art and focus entirely upon the digital aspects. Among this cluster of NFT projects, Ghetto SharkHood brings a vision to blur the divide between the natural world and the digital world. This concept underscores that everything done in the digital world will be followed by a real-world representation.

To provide an example, a representative from Ghetto SharkHood had this to say, “For instance, if we have a game for planting potatoes, then in the real world, we will help communities in poverty build potato farms. Our project will include real-world utilities for our members through partnering with major vendors and brands. The projects will consist of Travel & Hospitality, Gaming and Esports (facilities & team development, and streamers), Data Center (mining & staking).”

Ultimately, this organization plans to expand the scope of projects and direct the funds back towards the community. It is undoubtedly an admirable attempt by Ghetto SharkHood to help the needy while also raising the bar in the digital market.

Social & Environmental Impact
Being from humble backgrounds, the team behind this NFT project believes in sharing success with the community and the supporters. It plans on being a movement that fulfills its social duty by promoting education and scholarships while also providing medical funds and facilities to children and families. There are complete projects lined up to build sustainable farms for communities in poverty. It further aims to establish Esport talent incubators, ocean conversation, and wildlife protection.

Along with all these projects, Ghetto SharkHood promises to do everything in its power to make this world a better place for the next generation. This organization believes that the responsibility to take the initiative lies in their hand as they have to set an example for emerging entrepreneurs in the digital space.

Why Sharks?
Sharks have been around for over 400 million years and have survived five extinctions. These creatures symbolize progress and tenacity by never sleeping and always moving forward. Like the Sharks, this organization aims to stick around for a long time.

While creating a resilient community, Ghetto SharkHood hopes to evolve with the market trends to secure its palace in the metaverse. The Shark NFT entails their long-term vision and determination to succeed in the digital space no matter the cost.

Before launching this project on significant platforms, interested individuals can get their hands on this NFT through the presale period by accessing the Ghetto SharkHood official website. It is available at 0.08 ETH per token and provides instant access to the SharkHood. Use this link to get the NFT today,

Ghetto SharkHood
Harvest Laboratory Co., LTD
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ICE Hub Glasgow Gathers Sustainability Leaders to Collaborate on Innovation for the Circular Economy during COP26

ICE Hub Glasgow COP26 exterior

ICE Hub Glasgow COP26 exterior

ICE Hub Logo

ICE Hub Logo

Unique space showcases circular innovation and hosts climate discussions alongside COP26 Summit in Glasgow from October 31-November 12, 2021

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, October 31, 2021 / — Hub Culture, McDonough Innovation and Beauty Kitchen have teamed up to present ICE Hub Glasgow COP26, a collaborative space to connect COP26 delegates, business leaders, policy leaders and the public around climate solutions alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

From October 31 through November 12, 2021, the ICE Hub Glasgow will showcase innovation in circular economy thinking and practices and gather global sustainability leaders for important discussions on tackling climate issues at large.

With the support of over a dozen partners, ICE Hub Glasgow will host an exciting two-week program of debates and networking events around COP26 themes, including climate finance, energy, agricultural innovation, net zero mobility, blockchain solutions, circular consumption, and regenerative cities. A major theme of the ICE Hub will be reuse, with McDonough Innovation and Beauty Kitchen launching their system for packaged goods to be repeatedly refilled and reused through locally-based approaches in packaging and fulfilment.

Program Highlights:

General Atlantic and its new Beyond Net Zero fund will focus on climate finance. The Government of Bermuda and Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) will lead conversations on country approaches to climate finance and co-host an open climate data workshop planning session with Hub Culture.

The FAIRR Initiative (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) and the Coller Foundation will focus on agricultural innovation, climate action and the ESG risks and opportunities surrounding intensive animal agriculture and global food supply chains.

Arctic Green Energy Corporation will highlight the move toward 100% renewable energy through geothermal development and CalEPA, the California Environmental Protection Agency will explore the move toward net zero mobility in California and beyond.

Mattereum will present blockchain solutions for climate in a series of livestreamed panel discussions, including a discussion on the role of blockchain in the circular economy with McDonough Innovation, a panel on the intersection of diplomacy, politics and technology with Diplomatic World, and a panel on carbon neutral blockchain with Ava Labs.

November 8: SDG Exchange will launch its SDGX blockchain-based global exchange platform, driving forward a vision for value transfer and monetization to help drive the Sustainable Development Goals to a successful 2030 outcome.

Chia will showcase their scaled tech efficiencies and prototype carbon markets and blockchain solutions related to energy, which could benefit partners like the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

Natura-Tec and and Beauty Kitchen will co-host a Beauty Day featuring Elemis and other brands, diving into circular consumption and sustainable design.

Future of Cities will host the Florida delegation to examine the emergence of regenerative cities while other partners dive into electric mobility and web3 technology.

November 7: the Grounded climate solutions network and ICE Hub will host original nation leaders and youth from around the world for House of Original Nations, a sacred day of learning and engagement, supported by Vivo Barefoot and other partners.

November 10: Hub Culture will host a full day on oxygen, 'the other side of carbon', diving in with the Oxygen Project on a series of conversations about how oxygen and its role on the earth is being affected by the anthropocene. November 10 is also the first day of payouts for Vo2, (Ven Oxygen) a new oxygen-based payment system for nature. This system enables participants to stake natural places and earn digital capital for protecting them.

B-Corp will host member CEOs for small gatherings discussing the latest in the world of sustainable business.

Leaders on Purpose will gather their CEO members for a roundtable and book discussion featuring Arcelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu's Ascent of Everest and his views on the environment.

UP Game and Civana will co-host a visioning cocktail party celebrating future success from the point of view of 2030 on November 11, as part of a day-long city mayors exercise to help envision the next 10 years of work in the urban design space.

For the full program and to register to attend events which are open to the public in person or via livestream, please visit the ICE Hub online.


About Hub Culture:
Hub Culture is the collaboration network behind the Ven global digital currency, the HubID identity authentication system, Ultra exchange for digital assets, and Pavilions — unique places to connect and collaborate worldwide. Hub Culture also recently announced the launch of Ven Oxygen (Vo2), a new global open source credit gifting system tied to the production of oxygen on Earth. Website :

About McDonough Innovation:
McDonough Innovation, led by William McDonough, has led the circular economy conversation for three decades starting with the Cradle to Cradle Design framework. In 1999 he presented these ideas in China as the Design for the Circular Economy and, most recently, expanded his framework to include the Circular Carbon Economy, and articulated during the opening of the G20 workshops on both Climate and Energy in 2020. Website:

About Beauty Kitchen:
Beauty Kitchen, based in Glasgow, is a leading sustainable natural skincare and cosmetics company? The company is a B-Corp and features Cradle to Cradle Certified® products. The company also developed a state-of-the-art refill station for a new model of FMCG packaging called Return Refill RepeatTM (RRR). Major brands and their consumers are benefitting from RRR’s new cost-effective local distribution model and dramatically reducing waste and carbon emissions in the process. Website:

Follow ICE Hub on social @hubculture #ICEHub:
Facebook :
Instagram :
Twitter :
You Tube:
TikTok :

Grace Wong-Folliet
Hub Culture

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الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات تطلق "بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة" لتسهيل حصول الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة على التمويل

(From left to right) Hashim Al Hussaini, Crediti CEO & MoniMove Co-Founder, Shireesh Bhide, Head of Corporate, Commercial and International Banking at FAB and Massimo Falcioni, CEO of ECI

DUBAI, UAE, October 31, 2021 / —

في إطار جهودها المتواصلة لدعم نمو اقتصاد دولة الإمارات، وقعت الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات، وهي شركة حماية الائتمان التابعة للحكومة الاتحادية بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، مذكرة تفاهم مع بنك أبوظبي الأول وشركة "كريديتي فنتك" لإطلاق "بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة".

وفقًا لتقرير منظمة التجارة العالمية "تمويل التجارة والشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة" فإن حصول الشركات على التمويل أمر ضروري لضمان تجارة مستدامة، ولاسيما أن ما يصل إلى 80 في المئة من التجارة العالمية يتم دعمها بالتمويل أو حماية الائتمان. ومع ذلك، هناك فجوات كبيرة في توفير التمويل وبالتالي يصعب على العديد من الشركات الوصول إلى الموارد المالية التي تحتاجها. وذكرت منظمة التجارة العالمية أنه دون تمويل تجاري مناسب، تضيع فرص النمو، وهو ما يؤدي إلى افتقار الشركات إلى الأدوات اللازمة لنمو تجارتها والتوسع حيث إن كبرى التحديات التي تواجهها الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة تتمثل في حصولها على التمويل بشروط ميسورة. ويؤكد تقرير منظمة التجارة العالمية أن صعوبة الحصول على التمويل تشكل مصدر قلق خاصة أن الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة هي المحرك الرئيسي للتجارة والتوظيف والتنمية الاقتصادية.

تهدف "بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة" إلى تسهيل وصول الشركات الإماراتية العاملة في قطاع التصدير وإعادة التصدير إلى التمويل وحلول حماية الائتمان، فضلاً عن دعم نمو الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة، وبالتالي تعزيز مساهمتها في الاستراتيجية الصناعية لدولة الإمارات "مشروع 300 مليار".

وبدعم من وزارة الاقتصاد في دولة الإمارات، يسعى المشروع الذي يقدم مثالاً حياً للشراكة بين القطاعين العام والخاص، إلى ترسيخ مكانة شركة الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات، بدعم من بنك أبوظبي الأول، كبوابة رئيسية للمصدرين للحصول على منتجات الائتمان التجاري والحلول المالية التي تقدمها البنوك التجارية والمؤسسات المالية، بالتعاون مع منصة «مونيموف فنتك». ويعد بنك أبوظبي الأول أول بنك تجاري ينضم إلى هذه المبادرة. ومن المتوقع انضمام البنوك التجارية الأخرى، وهو ما يؤكد على قوة النظام المصرفي في دولة الإمارات وقدرته على تلبية الاحتياجات المالية الرئيسية للشركات.

وتعليقًا على هذا الموضوع، قال ماسيمو فالسيوني، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة الاتحاد الائتمان الصادرات: "يعكس إطلاق بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة، التي تتماشى مع "مشاريع الخمسين"، رؤية صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم، نائب رئيس الدولة، رئيس مجلس الوزراء، حاكم دبي، حيث قال سموه: "إن حجم التجارة غير النفطية لدولة الإمارات يتجاوز 1.5 تريليون درهم سنويًا، وأن شبكتنا اللوجستية تنتشر في 400 مدينة عالمية، وأن الاقتصاد غير النفطي لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة يمثل أكثر من 70 في المئة من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي. هدفنا هو زيادة صادراتنا الوطنية بنسبة 50 في المئة في السنوات القادمة. نحن ملتزمون بفخر بالعمل كفريق واحد، اتحاديًا ومحليًا، للارتقاء باقتصادنا الوطني إلى آفاق جديدة."

ويهدف المشروع الى توفير الحلول المناسبة لعدد من التحديات التي يواجهها المصدرون في الحصول على الموارد المالية لتمويل متطلبات شركاتهم، مثل محدودية توافر التمويل للمؤسسات الصغيرة؛ صعوبة إجراءات الحصول على التمويل؛ عدم توفر منتجات وحلول ملائمة للشركات؛ عدم وجود منصة لتنفيذ التوثيق الرقمي؛ بالإضافة إلى بطء وتعقيد الإجراءات.

كما تسعى البوابة إلى توفير حلول مالية مبتكرة تساهم في بناء اقتصاد مرن وتعزيز قطاع الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة. ومن خلال هذه الشراكة، ستتمتع الشركات المصدرة بسرعة الوصول إلى حلول التمويل وحماية الائتمان التي تجمع بين شركة التأمين والبنوك والمصدرين في منصة واحدة، حيث ستعمل الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات على مساعدة الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في الحصول على قروض من بنك أبوظبي الأول بالاستفادة من التكنولوجيا المتقدمة لمنصة مونيموف. ومن شأن هذه المنصة أن توفر حلاً رقمياً يضمن التعاون السلس بين جميع الجهات المعنية ويساهم في تسريع حصول الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة على التمويل.

وقال شيريش بهيد، رئيس مجموعة الخدمات المصرفية للشركات والأعمال التجارية والدولية في بنك أبوظبي الأول: "لطالما حرص بنك أبوظبي الأول على أن يكون جسراً للتدفقات التجارية بين دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة والأسواق العالمية، عبر توفير التمويل التجاري لعدد من أكبر المصدّرين في الدولة. وتتيح لنا هذه الشراكة المبتكرة مع كل من الاتحاد لائتمان الصادرات وكريديتي فنتك فرصة تقديم خبراتنا الواسعة في هذا المجال إلى مجموعة متنامية من شركات التصدير، من مختلف الأحجام، في الإمارات. وستوظف بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة أحدث حلول التكنولوجيا والبيانات، وعلاقات العملاء، لتسريع النمو المتواصل للشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة والمشاريع الناشئة ورواد الأعمال، بالتزامن مع دورها في دعم الاستراتيجيات الوطنية الهادفة إلى وضع أسس قوية لاقتصاد مستقبلي يتسم بالاستدامة والتنوع".

من جانبه، قال هاشم الحسيني، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة كريديتي والشريك المؤسس لشركة مونيموف: "ستوفر هذه المبادرة المبتكرة طريقة للمضي قدمًا لمواجهة تحديات تمويل الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة. ونحن فخورون بأن نسير على نفس المسار مع اثنين من المؤسسات الرائدة في الدولة، حيث توضح مذكرة التفاهم هذه التزامنا بتقديم الجيل الحديث من استخدام أنظمة الائتمان، وحوكمة سلسلة التوريد والتمويل التجاري."

وقال السيد علي الملا، رئيس مجلس إدارة جي إل إتش وعضو مجلس إدارة كريديتي: "نحن متحمسون لأن نكون جزءًا من هذه المبادرة الاستراتيجية، ونحن على ثقة من أننا سنساهم معًا في تحقيق رؤية دولة الإمارات العربة المتحدة وتعزيز نمو الاقتصاد الوطني".

وستعزز بوابة التمويل التجاري الموحدة قدرة المصدرين على ممارسة الأعمال التجارية على الصعيد العالمي وستقدم الدعم في جوانب مختلفة، مثل الوصول إلى أسواق دولية جديدة، وحماية المستحقات التجارية، ودعم التدفق النقدي، والحد من مخاطر التركز الائتماني، وكذلك تسهيل الوصول إلى التمويل المصرفي محلياً ودولياً ومراقبة أداء الأعمال.

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Umbra Companies, Inc. Starts Working on House Development in California to Fight Veteran Homelessness

Umbra Companies, Inc. Logo

Umbra Companies, Inc. Logo



UMBRA Condos

UMBRA Condos

Veteran homelessness is a serious issue all across the country.

Umbra Companies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UCIX)

CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2021 / — California has the highest number of homeless veterans among all the states of the US. According to the January 2020 report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), California has 11,401 homeless veterans; that is four times higher than Florida, the state with the second-highest number, i.e., 2,463.

The total population of homeless individuals in California was estimated to be 161,548 in 2020. That means more than 7% of the total homeless population comprises military veterans.

These statistics get considerably more alarming when we consider the effects of the pandemic. As of now, HUD hasn’t published the unemployment statistics for 2021. But we expect to see a rise in veteran homelessness due to the surge in unemployment caused by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Veteran homelessness is a serious concern for the government and public alike; it’s sad to see our heroes facing problems finding shelter.

UMBRA Companies, Inc. (UCIX) has taken the initiative to minimize veteran homelessness in the US by investing in real estate and housing projects all across the country. As of now, UCIX is working on several projects in many states including Nevada, California, Texas, Washington, Florida, and others.

Furthermore, even though UCIX’s projects are primarily focused on providing shelter to homeless veterans, they are also aimed towards giving better living environments to different veterans.

In a quest to make society a better place for everyone, UCIX has also announced that a portion of its earnings will go to non-profit organizations.

The starting projects are comparatively smaller, but UCIX aims to target much bigger projects in the future. The team encourages more capable investors to invest in this movement.

If you would like to be a part of UCIX’s movement to fight veteran homelessness, feel to get in touch with us here.

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The ‘UAE Trade Finance Gateway’ to ease credit access to SMEs

(From left to right) Hashim Al Hussaini, Crediti CEO & MoniMove Co-Founder, Shireesh Bhide, Head of Corporate, Commercial and International Banking at FAB and Massimo Falcioni, CEO of ECI

DUBAI, UAE, October 31, 2021 / —

• Etihad Credit Insurance signs tripartite Cooperation agreement with First Abu Dhabi Bank & Crediti Fintech to launch ‘UAE Trade Finance Gateway’
• Empowered by the UAE Ministry of Economy, the project seeks to position ECI and FAB as the main gateway of exporters and re-exporters to trade credit and financial solutions
• UAE Trade Finance Gateway aims to ease the access of UAE exporters and re-exporters to trade and export financing, as well as support the growth of SMEs, thus enabling them to contribute to the UAE’s industrial strategy ‘Operation 300bn’
• This project will address the challenges facing SMEs and the shortage of trade finance solutions through financial and technological solutions to build a strong SME sector and a resilient economy

As a significant impetus to the UAE economic development, Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the UAE Federal export credit company, signed an MoU with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Crediti Fintech for the implementation of the ‘UAE Trade Finance Gateway’.

The availability of finance is essential for a healthy trading system. According the World Trade Organization (WTO) report “Trade finance and SMEs”, up to 80 per cent of global trade is supported by some sort of financing or credit insurance. However, according the report, there are significant gaps in provision and therefore many companies cannot access the financial tools that they need. Without adequate trade finance, opportunities for growth and development are missed, is stated by the WTO. Businesses are deprived of the fuel they need to trade and expand. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face the greatest hurdles in accessing financing on affordable terms. This is of particular concern, the WTO report continues, as SMEs are a leading driver of trade, employment and economic development.

The ’Trade Finance Gateway’ platform aims at easing the access of UAE exporters and re-exporters to financing, as well as support the growth of SMEs, thus enabling them to contributee to the UAE’s industrial strategy ‘Operation 300bn’.

Supported by the UAE Ministry of Economy, as an example of Public Private Partnership approach, the project seeks to position ECI as the main gateway of exporters and re-exporters to trade credit and financial solutions that will be provided by commercial banks and financial institutions, whereby Monimove fintech platform is the technology backbone. FAB is the first commercial bank to join this initiative and other commercial banks are expected to follow, confirming the strength of the UAE banking system in the UAE, capable to address the key financial needs of the businesses.

Commenting on this, Mr. Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance, said: The ‘UAE Trade Finance Gateway’, which comes in line with the UAE’s 50 projects to boost the economy, reflects the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. His Highness stated that the UAE’s non-oil trade annually exceeds Dh1.5 trillion and our logistics network is in 400 international cities. UAE non-oil economy represents more than 70 per cent of our GDP. His Highness also clearly highlighted that our goal is to increase our national exports by 50 per cent in the coming years. We are proudly committed to work as one team, federally and locally, to bring our national economy to new heights.

The project will tackle a number of challenges faced by exporters and re-exporters in obtaining finance to fund their working capital requirements, such as restricted availability of finance to smaller enterprises, cumbersome and confusing process to obtain finance, the inability of customers to understand best-fit product or solution, lack of infrastructure to execute digitalized documentation, and time-consuming and lengthy process.

It will also address the challenges facing SMEs and the shortage of trade finance solutions through financial and technological solutions to build a strong SME sector and a resilient economy. Through this partnership, exporters and re-exporters will benefit from seamless and fast access to financing solutions bringing together the insurer, banks and exporters in one unified platform. ECI insurance cover will enable exporting SMEs to obtain collateralised loans from FAB leveraging the advanced technology of MoniMove platform. SMEs will benefit from an end-to-end digitised process encouraging smooth collaboration between all parties and accelerating access to financing products.

Mr. Shireesh Bhide, Head of Corporate, Commercial and International Banking at FAB, said: “FAB has long served as a bridge for trade and investment flows between the UAE and international markets, by providing trade finance for some of the nation’s largest exporters. Through this innovative partnership with ECI and Crediti Fintech, we will be able to extend our expertise to an expanding range of UAE businesses, offering vital support to exporters of all sizes. The Unified Trade Finance Gateway will leverage technology, data, and customer relationships to accelerate the growth potential of the nation’s SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and support the UAE’s strategy for a sustainable and diversified future economy.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Hashim Al Hussaini, Crediti CEO & MoniMove Co-Founder, stated: “This path-breaking initiative will provide a way forward to address SMEs financing challenges. We are proud to be paddling the same path with two leading giants in the country, this MoU demonstrates our commitment toward offering the next generation of credit utilization, supply chain and trade finance solutions.”

“We are very excited to be part of this unique initiative, we are confident that together we will contribute to the country’s vision and the national economy’s growth” said Mr. Ali Al Mulla, GLH Chairman and Crediti board member.

Moreover, the UAE Trade Finance Gateway will strengthen exporters’ capability to do business globally and help them in various aspects, such as accessing new cross border markets, counterparty liquidation protection, support in cash flow, reduction in concentration risk, as well as facilitating local and global bank financing and portfolio monitoring.

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Aceh Exhibits Potential Tourism Areas and Leading Products to Capture Legitimate Foreign Investments at Expo 2020 Dubai

Aceh’s government representative held an one-on-one meeting

Cultural Performance in Indonesia Pavilion

DUBAI, UAE, October 31, 2021 / — The Aceh Provincial Government will soon participate during the fifth week of Expo 2020 in Dubai, exhibiting Aceh's greatest potential in the fields of tourism, trade, and investment by opening various compelling Business Forum sessions at the Indonesia Pavilion from 30 October to 2 November 2021.

One of the agendas offered by the Provincial Government of Aceh is the chance to invest and trade globally in some of the greatest potential found within the region, given the strategic geographical location of Aceh in the westernmost part of Indonesia with easy access to several ASEAN and Middle Eastern countries.

In the occasion to improve the investment climate, Aceh has simplified investment regulations to attract more investors. Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah. ST, MT mentions the simplification of rules through Qanun No. 5 of 2018 concerning investment as a form of innovation from the government to attract investors to Aceh.

"Aceh is currently focusing on four potential sectors, ranging from the agro-industry, tourism, energy, and infrastructure, to business development zones," said Nova Iriansyah, MT.

According to the Governor of Aceh, the Government has made various improvements ranging from infrastructure, quality commodities, talented human resources, to a supportive business climate, in building the peoples' economy and welcoming Indonesia Golden 2045 through the development of both the tourism and trade sectors. The Government of Aceh will mainly present ten topics around tourism potential, which became a trend in the investment industry, as well as various commodities that are known to have a great chance to compete in the global trade market in the Business Forum session. The event will be filled with innovative leading speakers featuring the Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah; Head of the Aceh One-Stop Integrated Service and Investment Service, Marthunis; and the Head of the Sabang Area Concession Agency, Iskandar Zulkarnain.

Primarily in the tourism sector, shown through a massive number of promotional videos and digital brochures in the Indonesia Pavilion, the Aceh Provincial Government is clearly focusing on developing various tourism areas such as Sabang, Gayo Highlands, and Pulau Banyak as potential tourism destinations for local and foreign tourists. As it’s known, Banyak Island, which is located in Aceh Singkil Regency, is targeted by many investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which will soon be developed into a high-class tourism area. Other than Banyak Island, the Arun Lhokseumawe Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Ladong Industrial Park, Sabang Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Resort, and the Golf Course in Lhoknga, Aceh Besar will also be showcased as huge investment opportunities with high profit guaranteed.

Alternately in the trade sector, the Provincial Government of Aceh will also enliven the highly speak Rolling Exhibition by displaying Aceh's superior products that were export-oriented. Following the carefully picked choice of products by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Aceh's top export products are categorized as follows: home decor, accessories, Aceh handbags (Aceh motif bags), fashion, food, and beverages (Gayo Arabica Coffee and Aceh Robusta), essential oils, as well as herbs and spices (pepper, cloves, nutmeg, chocolate, etc.) the followings are 14 of Aceh's most prominent SMEs.

The Aceh Provincial Government considers that the Expo 2020 Dubai event is a chance to open the export market for Aceh's superior products to the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and the rest of the world, considering Dubai is one of the many main trade hubs connecting to the Middle East, Africa and European countries.

The realization of Aceh's exports to the United Arab Emirates back in 2020 was at a whopping total of 215,198 USD, and Aceh's exports target to the Middle Eastern countries was 15,355,611 USD. This limit is bound to increase following the Expo 2020 Dubai event, giving Aceh a chance to access its global market for Aceh products.

“By displaying various potentials that Aceh currently has, ranging from tourism, trade to exhibitions of local products, this very opportunity can pave a way for Aceh towards a guaranteed investment to take place at the Expo 2020 Dubai event. Given the strategic geographical location of Aceh and its variety of natural resources to quality human resources. We, the Government of Aceh, will continue to prioritize innovation and present the greatest potential of our quality nation for Indonesia and the world for a better future,” concluded Ir. H. Nova Iriansyah, MT., Governor of Aceh.

In addition to business forums and rolling exhibitions, Aceh will also feature spectacular cultural performances from the Saman dance, Seudati, Rapa'i Geleng, Piasan Raya, Kreasi Jalur Rempah Dance, and a Special Welcoming Dance. More than 150 visitors from all over the world will come and visit the Indonesia Pavilion and observe the various products presented, including those from Aceh.

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Dominica’s Tourism Minister Invites Families in Asia and the Arab World to Seek Citizenship in Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica Citizen by Investment

Commonwealth of Dominica Citizen by Investment

‘Be a Part of Something Great and Transformative’

Now, as a nation, we are undertaking the single most transformative project in our history under the CBI Programme: the construction of an international airport”

— Minister Charles

DUBAI, UAE, October 31, 2021 / — LONDON — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is an instrumental tool transforming the socio-economic landscape of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This is according to the island’s Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Hon. Denise Charles, who attributes the nation’s thriving tourism industry to the CBI Programme and welcomes investors from Asia and the Middle East to Dominica.

As the world rapidly changes, invaluable and intangible resources like health, safety and security have become non-negotiable for business people and their families with weak passports. Dominica, nestled in the beautiful eastern Caribbean, prides itself as a nature-prioritising destination in which one can feel safe. Aside from a second home, Dominica’s CBI grants new citizens full living, studying and working rights, business expansion opportunities, and visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 destinations.

Becoming a citizen is not just advantageous for personal security and travel, Minister Charles said, it allows one to help build a more modern, dynamic Dominica for all its citizens and residents. “I want to encourage anyone who is seeking a second citizenship to consider Dominica and be a part of something great and transformative,” she added.

“Now, as a nation, we are undertaking the single most transformative project in our history under the CBI Programme: the construction of an international airport,” said Minister Charles. The airport, scheduled for completion in 2025, will “serve as a major gateway to key countries like the United Arab Emirates, the UK, China, other parts of Asia and Africa for trade and travel.”

Through the CBI Programme, Dominica has expanded its tourism product to include luxury eco-friendly accommodations like the recently opened 5-star Kempinski resort. The initiative has funded the expansion of globally recognised boutique hotels like the Secret Bay Residences, which recently celebrated its 100th ROI payment to its CBI clientele, and rebuilt the famous Jungle Bay resort, damaged by tropical storm Erica. Other projects accepting investments through CBI include the Hilton Tranquility Beach resort, the Marriott Anichi Resort and the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort & Spa.

Vetted applicants to Dominica’s CBI Programme can choose between investing in one of these trusted hotel brands for return on investment or contributing to the government fund. The second option supports youth educational advancement, climate-resilient housing projects, sustainable job certation and economic growth.


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Rare ancient coins as NFT's listed on OpenSea

Licinius I Roman Gold Coin as Non Fungible Token on OpenSea

Licinius I Aureus as NFT Art on OpenSea

A Selection of 13 Rare ancient coins has been listed on OpenSea by DFGrotjohann. The buyers don't just buy the NFT, they receive the ancient coin with the NFT.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 31, 2021 / — This is new! Ancient coins listed as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Would Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great themselves, ever had imagined, that their coins, issued under their authority, ever would be come digitalised on a crypto blockchain?! Well it is happening. Deniz Fuat Grotjohann, a 3rd generation Numismatist and Coin-dealer has now listed a selection of 13 rare greek, roman and byzantine coins as NFTs on the popular NFT trading platform OpenSea. In this case the buyers of the NFTs not only just receive the digital art work, they receive the actual physical ancient corresponding coin together with the NFT.

The hype in the recent months and years around Crypto and NFTs indicates that Crypto and NFTs are here to stay. The Facebook Company is now ‘Meta’, Elon Musk the richest human on the planet and AI generates crypto-art and god knows what else. Another indicator that we are headed in to a digital era beyond what we previously only could have imagined from science fiction movies. Art build in to the Ethereum Blockchain to last forever? Digital provenances and art certificates embedded in the NFT? Science Fiction or Back to the Future? Well it is happening.

Fact is, the market for non-fungible tokens is evolving at the speed of light and the selection of rare NFTs is growing by the minute. Where will this go? Virtual tours in the Louvre from the comfort of Your living room? Already happening! Welcome to the era of digital art and the digitalisation of the planet.

Deniz Fuat Grotjohann
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