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HUNTINGTON STATION, NY, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2021 / — With October right around the corner the Medicare annual election period is almost upon us. For many it does not mean much but to the 63,000,000 Americans on Medicare it is the crazy time of year when Medicare clients have the opportunity to make changes to their insurance coverage.

This may sound pretty simple, but when you throw in Medicare has part part A,B,C & D. It has many different coverage options since it does not cover everything, so you can get a supplement plan or a Medicare advantage plan. Many times there are over 30 options to choose from. Each plan has different copays, premiums, provider networks plan rules and ancillary benefits. With so many Medicare recipients confused and unsure where to go for information, insurance carriers, agents and now third party marketing companies are targeting Medicare recipients with misleading messages on T.V in the mail and more all with the hopes of one thing getting a new client. The Modern Medicare Agency and it’s owner Paul Barrett are launching their Medicare Annual enrollment initiative. Paul and his ten agents will be offering several in person and online educational classes to help Medicare recipients understand what Medicare annual enrollment is, what you can do during it as well as teaching individuals about their Medicare options.

The Modern Medicare Agency is licensed in 22 states across the country and focuses on helping people with Medicare all year round. There is never any charge for any of the agencies services, and because they are independent agents they work with all the major Medicare carriers as well as many of the local ones as well so they can share information regarding plans in an unbiased way. To find out when or where Paul and his agents will be hosting the Medicare enrollment education events you can call 1-800-219-0453 or visit them online at

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