The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast from Freedom Founders ® Now Available on iTunes, Android, and Spotify

One of the nation's best in dental retirement investing now has a podcast available on today's popular podcast platforms.

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Representatives with Freedom Founders today announced that its podcast called The Dentist Freedom Blueprint is now available on iTunes, Android, and Spotify.

"We're very excited about this," said Dr. David Phelps, Founder, and CEO, and spokesperson for Freedom Founders. "It’s a podcast for dentists – practice transformation and passive cash flow generation.”

Dentists can subscribe to The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast for free today and listen to episodes.

Dr. Phelps explained that part of his life’s story is that he was a broke 24-year-old dental student when he convinced his dad to become his real estate partner. Dr. Phelps and his father scraped together the money to buy an old, two-story brick house at an estate sale.

“We followed a simple real estate rule: “Buy the worst house in a good neighborhood,” Dr. Phelps recalled. “I worked my fingers to the bone fixing that old house. I’ll never forget how good it felt listening to those keys jingle in my pocket. Three years later, we split $50,000.00 in capital gain profit.”

Dr. Phelps noted that he has owned dozens of rental properties since that day.

“They’ve outperformed anything I’ve invested on Wall Street ten-fold,” Dr. Phelps stressed before adding, “That’s why I believe that a deed on physical property is worth far more than a piece of paper from Wall Street.”

Dr. Phelps went on to reveal that alternative investing has been his Plan B ever since that first house he purchased back in dental school.

“It’s what kept me afloat during my daughter’s fight with cancer,” Dr. Phelps noted. “After many years of building a successful dental practice, I’ve realized that many professionals don’t have a Plan B like mine. Most of them trade time for dollars, which means they are ‘dollar rich’ but ‘time poor.’ Their careers are like running on a treadmill – they’re wearing themselves out just to stay in place. I started teaching what I’d learned. It was fun to see lives changed by freedom reborn. I sold my practice so that I could focus fully on helping people create their own personal wealth-building blueprints. That’s what I do today. I help dentists ‘get off the treadmill.’”

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