Trovio Forges Partnership With BlockHead Technologies To Eliminate the Carbon Impact of Gold

Connecting the TrovioBRIDGE with BlockHead's STAMP enables us to trace the entire life cycle of a commodity.”

— Jon Deane, CEO of Trovio

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, June 17, 2021 / — Trovio, a digital commodities registry service provider, technology partner to leading precious metal participants globally and member of the SBMA, has forged a partnership with intelligent supply chain solutions company, BlockHead Technologies, to develop an end-to-end solution tracking the provenance of physical assets for their entire lifecycle.

Leveraging the ESG data made available from the BlockHead solution, Trovio — alongside providing the digital registry solution — will be enabling carbon offsetting for physical assets through its proprietary solution. The partnership will offer investors, consumers and traders immutability around the physical assets, effectively de-commoditizing commodities.

The joint venture will enable the tracking of commodities from mine to market with the purpose of understanding the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact of every single ounce of mined gold, including its carbon footprint. Once registered to the blockchain, the newly digitised assets can be bound to carbon credits which are then retired to demonstrate an amount of CO2 emissions have been compensated for. The process works to de-commoditise and digitise real commodities — moulding it into a unique, stable, and sustainable asset.

BlockHead's blockchain agnostic supply chain management system, STAMP, is used to ascertain the carbon footprint and provide a public blockchain record of the assets ESG score — detailing where it was sourced, as well as the type of labour and practices used when sourcing. From there, the TrovioBRIDGE solution, a digital on-ramp for the physical commodities industry, records the remaining journey through to market and offsets emissions via carbon credits.

With environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors becoming a prominent component of investment decisions, the landscape for carbon net-neutral offerings in commodities is looking increasingly promising. Trovio recently announced plans for a new ESG-inclusive gold ETF, Gold Zero, which will harness the new partnership with Blockhead Technologies to enable investors the world’s first carbon neutral Gold ETF.

Jon Deane, CEO of Trovio, said: "Connecting the TrovioBRIDGE with BlockHead's STAMP enables us to trace the entire life cycle of a commodity. This ensures against sourcing via irresponsible origins — for example, where child labour has been used — and allows us to understand its carbon impact via a bespoke ESG score. After that, we're able to digitize the metal and offset carbon emissions in perpetuity, allowing clean metal to change hands throughout the world, creating an entirely new and environmentally friendly asset class.”

Greg Leach, Blockhead Technologies’ CEO, said: “Working alongside Trovio using our STAMP Vision technology has enabled us to trace Gold’s full journey from mine to market. We're proud to be helping deliver an ESG-friendly gold product that will give investors peace of mind that their gold purchases are responsibly sourced and carbon neutral.”


About Trovio
Trovio is a commodities-digitisation company that has developed a platform for infinite fractionalization and digitization of physical commodities. A spinout from Rozetta Ventures and part of the RoZetta Group (formerly Capital Markets CRC), the technology underpinning Trovio’s digital-commodities certificates is co-developed with other Rozetta Institute companies. It is also used to issue electronic cash and for the trading, clearing, and settlement of unlisted securities. The core Trovio team previously developed SMARTS, the leading market-surveillance business that was acquired by NASDAQ in 2010. Trovio is a member of the Universal Protocol Alliance. For more information, please visit:

About Blockhead Technologies
Blockhead Technologies is a software company delivering highly customized and interface-agnostic SaaS products to clients. BHT, which was established in 2017, is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and Perth, Western Australia. Blockhead’s flagship platform STAMP aims to bring secure tracking and source certification across value chains.
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