Hood2Height’s Tanisha Janison Shares Her Top Tips for Financial Freedom to Empower Women Across the United States

Hood2Heights helps people achieve financial freedom by teaching them that the more they learn, the more they earn.

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, February 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After overcoming challenges and adversities and taking meaningful steps along her journey to financial freedom, Tanisha Janison, a CEO, Author, and Mindshift Coach is proud to share the innovative platform she created to offer inspiration, hope, and motivation to people, teaching them to never settle and to always strive to make a positive change in their lives.

To this end, Tanisha created Hood2Heights, a program that teaches women how to generate passive income, multiply their income pool, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom. Tanisha recognizes that financial education and empowerment go hand in hand and that when women are equipped with the right tools and resources, they can change their lives forever. The Hood2Heights program puts these resources right into people’s hands. Tanisha’s coaching expertise makes every program feel perfectly tailored to the individual user, an essential part of staying focused and to staying motivated to implement the changes learned through completing the program.

“If I can change the life of even just one person, I will know everything I have done was worth it,” says Tanisha Jamison, CEO, Author, and Mindshift Coach of Hood 2 Heights. “In these ever-changing times, now more than ever, women have to think beyond the scope of just today and make diligent plans for the future.”

Tanisha went from being a nanny at 19 years old to being a multiple business owner earning enough in passive income to support her whole household. This success did not come overnight and instead was the result of hard work, trial and error, and pure grit and perseverance. Participants of the Hood2Heights program have a leg up because they have the opportunity to learn from Tanisha’s victories and mistakes.

Hood2Height’s programs were designed and curated based on the idea that women can depend on themselves and no one else. For this reason, Hood2Heights programs teach women to think like millionaires, speak positivity into the universe, and step into their power and potential to say goodbye to their 9-5 and hello to a new future. For just $20 per month, users can participate in the program and take advantage of a wealth of online resources. “Over the years, I paid inordinate sums to access information like this,” says Tanisha. “My goal in creating this program is to make these resources more affordable and accessible so the widest array of people can take advantage of these lessons.”

Tanisha has published several books and guidebooks detailing her best tips for success including 10 Passive Income Streams, The Millionaire Mind Shift, and an entire series based around generating passive income in various ways. Tanisha is available to speak at self-help seminars worldwide. For more information, visit Tanisha’s website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

About Hood2Heights
Hood2Heights has a mission of empowering women to depend on themselves through the right education, conversations, and services to become financially successful. Tanisha Jamison founded Hood2Heights to provide the marketplace with education and information regarding the accumulation of wealth. Having lived in an impoverished neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, Jamison became an entrepreneur at 24. By the time she was 28, she had three successful businesses. As a wife and the mother of four, she continued to overcome doubt, struggle, and fear to grow her ventures and become her household’s breadwinner.

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