An $8.5 Million Entry in to a Trillion-Dollar Industry?


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Offers now invited for the domain

LONDON, UK, January 28, 2021 / — With E-Commerce experiencing monumental growth over the years, the chance to buy the domain may be a once in an Internet lifetime opportunity.

Ecommerce has emerged from a $1.3 trillion industry in 2014 to a $3.5 trillion industry in 2019, with an estimated 1.92 billion people purchasing goods or services online. is a Top-Level Domain, with the dot com extension accounting for 51.6% of the worldwide market. This is a rare chance to capitalize on such a lucrative opportunity.

AN EASILY REMEMBERED DOMAIN KNOWN BY 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE is a unique two-word generic domain. It denotes a physical retail store selling a wide range of consumer goods. A place where you can touch, feel, and talk about your purchases and where you can meet a friend for a drink or a meal.

The name DepartmentStore is deep-rooted and easily remembered. It has soul. Around 1.5 billion people in the world know and use department stores and are familiar with the retail experience of finding almost everything under one roof with personal advice available and the window-shopping experience especially at Christmas.

Whether used with content from an established shopping portal or an internet startup, this domain has huge potential as the results of all searches for products showing<product> provides tremendous authority and credibility.

With a global retail portfolio, the user creates a home page by selecting the national, regional, and local stores and sites from which results are to be returned. These results can then be viewed by new, used, swap, free, locality, distance, price, availability, delivery, discounts, rewards, and service. Every user’s home page will be different and return localized, personalized results.

A POTENTIAL GLOBAL RETAIL PORTAL could potentially be a web and mobile retail portal and app for users to search items and view multiple offers from online, physical stores, and specialty stores together with used, swap items and sites offering rewards or cashback. With a single search of the global portal, a user could view results from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Pinterest, Etsy, Gumtree, and specialty shops like ASOS, Boohoo, NastyGal, Etsy, Shein, Fashionova, and Pretty Little Things, to name just a few. Shops could be user-defined according to geographical location and buying preferences. Results have pre-set and user-defined searches. Alerts for sales and special offers can be set for all stores.

The extension .com has endured the ages and is the undoubted domain king, the most dominant of all Top-Level Domains (TLD) accounting for just over half of all top-level domains used throughout the world.

The following list of multi-million-dollar domain sales has one common denominator – the absolute dominance of the .com extension.

1. – $345 Million
2. – $90 Million
3. – $49.7 Million
4. – $35.6 Million
5. – $35 Million
6. – $30.1 Million
7. – $30 Million
8. – $18 Million
9. – $17 Million
10. – $16 Million

One of the first department stores may have been Bennett's in Derby, England first established as a hardware shop in 1734. It still stands to this day, trading in the same building. However, the first reliably dated department store to be established was Harding, Howell & Co, which opened in 1796 on Pall Mall, London. Harding Howell and Company's Grand Fashionable Magazine was an 18th-century department store open from 1796 to 1820. The shop was divided into four departments, selling fur and fans, fabric for dresses, haberdashery, jewelry and clocks, perfume, and millinery

Well-known Department Stores worldwide include Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, and Macy’s in the USA, In England, Harrods, Selfridges, and John Lewis. France has Carrefour and Galleries Lafayette. Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof in Germany. El Corte Ingles in Spain and Mitsukoshi in Japan.

Harrod’s, perhaps being the most famous of them all, was first founded in 1849 as a small shop in London with just 2 employees. It simply sold fruit, vegetables, perfume, and medicine. The massive luxury retailer is now home to over 5,000 brands, shop designer fashion and accessories, luxury beauty, fine jewelry and watches, food, furniture, and more. All available in-store and online. It was also named the world’s best performing retail store, raking in sales of £2.1 billion in the year ended February 2018, a 6.8 percent increase on the prior year.

The term “department store” in the US is synonymous with the retail giant, Macy’s. The American chain was founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. As of 2015, Macy’s was the largest U.S department retail store company by retail sales. As of January 2020, Macy’s had sales of roughly $25 billion. There are 546 Macy’s stores, including 11 flagships, and the most famous of them all being in New York City, a mecca of luxury department store shopping. The historic New York City flagship store takes up almost an entire block in Herald Square in midtown Manhattan.

Macy's use the domain

Shinsegae in Busan, South Korea, officially took that title in 2009. Spanning two buildings and 5,487,595 square feet. It is now a part of a massive complex that has two epic food courts, an ice-skating rink, an indoor golf range, a giant spa, and a rooftop garden.

Online only department stores and e-commerce stores include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, Jingdon, Rakuten, Flipkart, and Zalando with a vast number of other platforms and specialty retailers.
Walmart, the largest retail business, is also number two behind amazon is online sales and most department stores have a significant online presence.


1. China
2. United States
3. United Kingdom
4. Japan
5. Germany

With a volume of $1.94 in 2019, which is a 27% year over year increase and a quarter of China's total retail sales volume. As such, China's e-commerce sector is more than three times the size of the US market. E-commerce is currently booming in Asia with China being at the forefront of digital commerce and the market dominated by the Alibaba Group and its online subsidiaries, which represent a big part of Alibaba Group’s revenue.

The US is projected to reach close to $476 billion by 2024. The USA was initially leading the global market until China entered the game. Today, the USA comes in mostly due to giant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Apparel and accessories retail e-commerce in the U.S. is projected to generate $153 billion by 2024.

This makes up 14.5% of the market and considering this is a smaller nation, this is an impressive number. dominates this number, followed by Argos and (part of Rakuten).

The country is leading the M-Commerce (mobile shopping) market in the world with the popularity of Rakuten. Japan has continuously ranked among the top five of the world's largest e-commerce markets. Not only that, but its e-commerce market is among the fastest-growing globally, boosted by a very developed economy, highly urbanized population, high internet penetration, and single-language culture.

This represents 8.4% of the total retail sales. Not surprisingly, Amazon recommends a big part of the market, followed by eBay and Otto which has 9 million active customers and 1.9 million visits to the site each day.

During the same year, e-retail sales surpassed $3.5 billion worldwide, and according to the latest calculations, e-commerce growth will accelerate even further in the future.

According to, revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach $2,437,768 million in 2020 and is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.4%, resulting in a projected market volume of $3,477,296 million by 2025. The market's largest segment is Fashion with a projected market volume of $665,629 million in 2020. User penetration will be 46.6% in 2020 and is expected to hit 63.1% by 2025 and the average revenue per user is expected to amount to around $700.

According to, in 2018, the percentage of consumers who made at least one purchase online in the previous 12 months grew to 93% of internet users in the U.S., 97% in the UK, and 92% in China. The market of developed countries is in its maturity phase, and the competition among eCommerce players is extremely high and cost-intensive. Marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress are flourishing, while many stand-alone retailers struggle to find their USP as brand and store loyalty are decreasing and the cart abandonment rate in the industry is at 75%. Increasing brand engagement can be achieved through community building (e.g., ASOS Marketplace), loyalty programs, and a seamless mobile and desktop user experience.

China is going at an amazingly fast pace and is sure to become the world’s top retail market, surpassing the US by more than $100 billion, according to eMarketer’s latest worldwide retail and e-commerce forecast. E-commerce exceeds 35% of China’s retail sales—the highest in the world (

On 4th September 2018, Amazon reached the $1 trillion market cap to become the most valuable retailer, a position that was previously held by Walmart. In 2020 partially due to the global Coronavirus pandemic the market cap of Amazon grew by 73% to $1.6 trillion making Amazon the fourth largest company in the world. Amazon is the largest online retail company in the world with estimated monthly site traffic of 2.476 billion visits. Amazon’s sales in 2019 were worth $280.5 billion, up from 2018’s $232.9 billion (+20.43%).

China’s (JingDong) could be considered China’s Amazon and with its rapid growth over the last few years, it rivals China’s other e-commerce giant, Alibaba. JD has a market cap of $123.26 billion as of Dec 2020 and generated $82.80 billion in revenue in 2019.

In the first half of 2018, Meituan Dianping—a Chinese tech platform that expedites the booking and delivery of services such as food, hotel stays, and movie tickets—facilitated $33.8 billion worth of transactions for more than 350 million people in 2,800 cities. In food delivery alone, it handled 2.77 billion transactions: That’s 178 Meituan-enabled services every second of every day. The average customer used Meituan 38% more often than the prior year.

SUNING – 1,600 STORES THROUGHOUT CHINA is one of the largest retailers in China with over 1,600 stores scattered across China as well as its an e-commerce platform. had a market cap of $13.47 billion and total revenue of $38.06 billion in 2019.

Known as the Amazon of Japan with 40% of users in the country Rakuten’s revenue in 2019 was $11.6 billion, which was a 14.7% increase from 2018’s revenue.

With the fiscal year 2020 revenue of $524 billion, Walmart employs over 2.2 million associates worldwide. The online share of Walmart is relatively small with about 2.8%. This is largely due to the gigantic physical retail footprint the company has in the US. Even though Walmart, is the biggest company in the world by revenue and employees they struggle with converting their success in the online retail field.

eBay, an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. Its market capitalization was over $35.87 billion in October 2020.

Offers are now being sought for this domain in excess of $8.5 million (together with VAT if applicable). The asking price may be tiny compared to the potential value this easily remembered domain can bring to the right purchaser. Similar offers are invited for the plural domain,

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Investors Look to Song fi as Next Technology Revolution for the "Arts" and the "People"

Song fi members enjoy unlimited multi-media customization, re-invented social media, video and music hosting & editing, secure online video conferencing with learning and teaching aids and much more for the “Arts” and The “People”.

Song fi’s mobile MOS-21 Operating System integrates seamlessly with Android and IOS operating systems.

Song fi will release the “Respect and Love Manifesto” album by the Rasta Rock Opera exclusively on Song fi that Includes 53 world class musicians, with 16 Tracks and 27 musical movements when the Song fi platform debuts on March 21, 2021.

Stevie Wonder and Stevie Marco at Blues Alley in Washington D.C. discussing the Song fi Independent Arts Revolution committed to meaningful artist compensation on the Song fi Platform.

Technology for the Arts and the People

After six years of passionate and innovative development is launching its revolutionary “Multimedia Operating System MOS-21 and business model to the world on March 21st 2021”

— Stevie Marco

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — After six years of passionate and innovative development is launching its revolutionary “Multimedia Operating System MOS-21” and business model to the world on March 21st 2021 with prelaunch beta-testing beginning February 21st 2021. Song fi is a private company seeking qualified investors to assist in funding its worldwide marketing launch that offers a ground floor equity position with the technology ready to go to market.

Song fi technology delivers a vastly improved online experience for the “Arts and the People” that does not use artificial intelligence algorithms to direct ads that follow you all over the internet, hi-jack your data and covertly influence your behavior and spending habits. “Song fi’s Multimedia Operating System known as MOS-21 poses a serious challenge to the tech monopolies through re-invented social media combined with music and video hosting, secure video conferencing and amazing new creational tools like Viddys and Musi-grams that were developed by Artists and not Silicon Valley insiders” said Song fi founder Stevie Marco.

“People think Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube are free to use, far from it” claims Marco, “There is a harmful price we all pay for these companies collecting all of our data and documenting every move we make and then repackaging “us” in the form of ads that follow us everywhere”. Song fi changes all that with a revolutionary platform that does not collect member data for advertising schemes because Song fi is an “ad free” platform supported by a member subscription model for individuals and businesses easily affordable for everyone.

The recent Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” opened everyone’s eyes to the harm the tech monopolies are forcing upon society, especially our youth, who have become addicted to likes, views, thumbs up and other ego driven human responses. Congress is now moving to break-up the big tech monopolies.

Beyond the qualified investor offering, the first 100,000 members who join Song fi will become “Profit Partners” and collectively receive 10 % of the “gross profits” of the company for life while enjoying the benefits of the platforms use. Also, Artists who publish their vetted original works on the Song fi Broadcast Network “SBN” will collectively receive 12% of the “gross revenue" generated by the company for life. Song fi members are therefore supporting a technology revolution for the Arts and the People thru modest subscription fees from vast numbers of individuals and businesses.

Song fi will be offering virtual presentations to potential investors beginning the first week of February to preview the Song fi platform and MOS-21 Multimedia Operating System. Not since Steve Jobs has such game changing multi-media and graphic interface technology been realized for worldwide use by the masses. Interested investors can respond through the information below and questions can be answered by calling the phone number to speck directly to a Song fi representative. Qualified investors can request the complete Song f business plan and financial pro forma.

Welcome to Song fi.

Stevie Marco
Song fi LLC
+1 240-432-3265

The Social Dilemma

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NiKang Therapeutics Appoints Gary Yeung, CFA, to Board of Directors

WILMINGTON, DE, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — NiKang Therapeutics, Inc. (“NiKang”), a biotech company focused on discovering and developing innovative small molecule therapeutics to help patients with unmet medical needs, today announced that Gary Yeung, CFA, MBA, has joined its Board of Directors. Mr. Yeung brings extensive leadership experience in raising capital and building biotech organizations to develop novel therapeutics.

"NiKang is at a pivotal growth moment as it advances several compounds into clinical development following our recent $50M Series B raise. Gary's strong track record of building multiple successful biotech companies make him an ideal board member," said Dr. Zhenhai Gao, Co-founder, President & CEO. "Gary's expertise and leadership experience in finance, drug development, strategy, portfolio management, and operations will help NiKang ramp up its business infrastructure and clinical development capability."

"I was fortunate to have worked closely with Dr. Gao on licensing NiKang’s SHP2 inhibitor drug candidate to Erasca and partnering with his team to rapidly advance it into the clinic. I am keenly aware of NiKang’s excellent capability in discovering and developing innovative and impactful therapeutics.” said Mr. Yeung. "I look forward to working with the executive team and other accomplished board members to contribute to the company’s success in bringing transformative treatments to patients.”

Mr. Yeung currently serves as the CFO & COO for Ambrx, Inc. Prior to Ambrx, he was the CBO then promoted to CFO & COO at Erasca. In that role, he helped finance the company, brought in key partners and advanced several compounds into clinical trials. Prior to Erasca, Mr. Yeung contributed to the building of two other biotech companies, Guardant Health and Annexon Biosciences. At Guardant, he was vice president of the early cancer detection business and a member of the leadership team. At Annexon, Mr. Yeung served as vice president of business and development operations. He also devoted 12 years at Genentech, building organizations to develop and launch innovative therapies. He oversaw the portfolio and project management functions that produced 42 INDs and developed numerous FDA-approved treatments, including Tecentriq and Venclexta. He also held leadership roles in finance and commercial operations to support the launch and expansion of the Immunology and BioOncology franchises. Earlier in his career, Mr. Yeung was a consultant with McKinsey and an operational leader at GE. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from UCLA. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

About NiKang
NiKang Therapeutics, headquartered in Wilmington, DE, USA, is an early stage biotech company focused on discovering and developing innovative small molecule oncology medicines to help patients with unmet medical needs. NiKang’s target selection is driven by deep insights into disease biology and molecular pathways. NiKang’s discovery approach is informed by target structure biology and capitalizes on structure-based drug design. The successful implementation of this strategy enables NiKang to rapidly and efficiently discover and advance proprietary drug candidates with the most desirable pharmacological features into clinical studies. NiKang strives to bring transformative medicines to patients in need. For more information, please visit


Jessica Liu
NiKang Therapeutics Inc.
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Anblicks Hosting a Webinar with Snowflake to help Customers Migrate from Hadoop to The Snowflake Data Cloud

Reduce Cost with Hadoop to Snowflake Migration

Reduce Cost with Hadoop to Snowflake Migration

Learn how Hadoop to Snowflake Migration utility helps you with migrating legacy On-premise or Cloud Hadoop Hive/Impala Databases to The Snowflake Data Cloud.

Webinar attendees will be able to learn how migration from Hadoop to Snowflake can eradicate complexities, and enable both scalability and flexibility at only a fraction of the cost”

— Geoff Soon, Snowflake’s Managing Director for South Asia

SINGAPORE, January 28, 2021 / — Anblicks, a leader in cloud data engineering, enabling enterprises with data-driven decision making, announced that it will host a webinar with Snowflake titled “Reduce Cost with Hadoop to Snowflake Migration”. This complimentary webinar will take place on Tuesday, February 09 2021 at 9:30 AM (IST), 12:00 PM (SGT), 3:00 PM (ACT) and 11:00 AM (WIB), and will feature Abishek Kunduru, Chief Data Architect at Anblicks, Geoff Soon, Managing Director, South Asia at Snowflake.

Hadoop started with the goal of becoming the platform of choice for big data processing but It presents several key challenges ranging from scalability, data reliability, and inflexible clusters to low productivity. The complexity of the tool made it inconvenient for organizations to do reporting and extraction from Hadoop faster.

The Snowflake Data Cloud eradicates all of these complexities with an easy to use, self-healing cloud-native data platform solution.

“Our Hadoop to Snowflake (H2S) is a push-button accelerator that can help organizations migrate Hadoop Hive/ Impala databases to Snowflake and provide comprehensive metrics to get better control over the data migration and reduce cost” said Madhu Nalamothu, APAC, Head of Sales at Anblicks.

“Webinar attendees will be able to learn how migration from Hadoop to Snowflake can eradicate complexities, and enable both scalability and flexibility at only a fraction of the cost”, said Geoff Soon, Snowflake’s Managing Director for South Asia. “Together with Anblicks, we can accelerate your migration to the cloud and deliver real-time insights across your organization.”

Click Here to Register for this Webinar

The event will also be recorded and shared with the registered users for on-demand viewing.

About Snowflake (

Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud — a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Inside the Data Cloud, organizations unite siloed data, easily discover and securely share governed data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds. Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers and provides access to the Data Cloud, creating a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and data sharing. Join Snowflake customers, partners, and data providers already taking their businesses to new frontiers in the Data Cloud.

About Anblicks (

Anblicks is a Cloud Data Engineering Company – Enabling Enterprises with Data-Driven Decision Making. Since 2004, Anblicks has been enabling customers across the globe, with their digital transformation journey. Anblicks is headquartered in Addison, Texas, and employs more than 500 technology professionals, data analysts, and data science experts in the USA, India, and Australia.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps. Global customers benefited from our Anblicks Ignite Enterprise Data Platform and Accelerators.

Dilip Rajpurohit
Anblicks Inc.

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Acronis issues warning of critical privacy risks in 2021 ahead of Data Privacy Day

Acronis issues warning of critical privacy risks in 2021  ahead of Data Privacy Day

Acronis issues warning ahead of Data Privacy Day 2021

As incidents of brute force attacks skyrocket and 80% of companies operate without password policies, experts warn that breaches in 2021 to expose more data

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 28, 2021 / — Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today issued a warning that, based on their research of recent cyberattack trends and existing business practices, organizations around the world currently face a global threat to data privacy and security. The company announced its findings on international Data Privacy Day to alert organizations that immediate action is needed to avoid costly attacks.

The latest research by the cybersecurity experts at the global network of Acronis Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs) revealed that 80% of companies do not have an established password policy. Between 15-20% of the passwords used in a business environment include the name of the company, making them easier to compromise. Two recent high-profile breaches illustrate this problem: Before its Orion compromise, SolarWinds was warned that one of its update servers had a publicly known password of “solarwinds123”, while former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked because the password was allegedly “maga2020!”.

Of the organizations that do have a password policy in place, the researchers found many rely on default passwords – and up to 50% of those are categorized as weak.

Attackers know these weak password practices are widespread and, with so many employees working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have targeted the less secure systems of these remote workers. Acronis analysts observed a dramatic increase in the number of brute force attacks during 2020 and found that password stuffing was the second most used cyberattack last year, just behind phishing.

“The sudden rush to remote work during the pandemic accelerated the adoption of cloud-based solutions,” explains Candid Wüest, VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis. “In making that transition, however, many companies didn’t keep their cybersecurity and data protection requirements properly in focus. Now, those companies are realizing that ensuring data privacy is a crucial part of a holistic cyber protection strategy – one that incorporates cybersecurity and data protection – and they need to enact stronger safeguards for remote workers.”

Financial and reputational risks
While the business community is recognizing that better cyber protection is needed to ensure the privacy of their data and their customers’ data, awareness among digital users continues to lag. One report found that 48% of employees admit they are less likely to follow safe data practices when working from home.

Poor password hygiene and lax cybersecurity habits of remote workers are among the reasons Acronis CPOC analysts expect the financial impact of data exfiltration will soar in 2021, as bad actors can more easily access and steal valuable company data. The trend is similar to one now seen among ransomware attackers, who are stealing proprietary or embarrassing data and then threatening to publish it if the victim doesn’t pay. Last year, Acronis identified more than 1,000 companies around the world that experienced a data leak following a ransomware attack.

Implementing tighter authentication requirements
To avoid the costly downtime, significant reputational damage in the marketplace, and steep regulatory fines that can be caused by a data breach, organizations must strengthen the authentication requirements needed to access company data.

Acronis and other cybersecurity experts recommend the following best practices:
• Multifactor authentication (MFA), which requires users to complete two or more verification methods to access a company network, system, or VPN, should be the standard for all organizations. By combining passwords with an additional verification method, such as a fingerprint scan or randomized PIN from a mobile app, the organization is still protected if an attacker guesses or breaks a user’s password.
• Zero trust model should be adopted to ensure data security and privacy. All users, whether they are working remotely or operating inside the corporate network, are required to authenticate themselves, prove their authorization, and continuously validate their security to access and use company data and systems.
• User and entity behavior analytics, or UEBA, helps automate an organization’s protection. By monitoring the normal activity of users with AI and statistical analysis, the system can recognize behavior that deviates from normal patterns – particularly those that indicate a breach has occurred and data theft is underway.

While Data Privacy Day 2021 is an ideal opportunity to bring attention to the risks to data privacy, the researchers at the Acronis CPOCs have identified additional cyberthreat trends that will challenge sysadmins, managed service providers (MSPs), and cybersecurity professionals during the coming year.

The full analysis is currently available in the recently released Acronis Cyberthreats Report.

Melwyn Abrahams
Matrix Consulting
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Rhotex Inc.’s Algorithm Solutions Integrate World-Class Hardware and Software Technologies

Rhotex Inc. combines its world-class hardware and software technologies to create crypto currency miners perfect for edge and cloud-to-edge enterprise solution

BETHANIA, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 28, 2021 / — Rhotex Inc., a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions, announces its latest product line, developed through the integration of its world-class hardware and software technologies. Rhotex offers the first factory design cooling case that keeps mining operations working perfectly, while consuming less power versus output performance.

The design of Rhotex Inc. miners allows for cooling systems to be built within the case. Keeping temperatures down ensures that the machine runs smoothly, consistently, and at peak efficiency.

The Rhotex Inc. product line includes:

RHO Lite – $3,150

Hash rate: 1000 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 5GH/s – Ethereum
RHO Pro – $5,800

Hash rate: 1800 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 10 GH/s – Ethereum
RHO Rack – $12,999

Hash rate: 4100 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 20 GH/s – Ethereum
For more information, visit

About Rhotex Inc.

Our inbuilt cooling system cases provide an environmentally responsible solution to today’s challenges with the traditional miners. Rhotex inbuilt cooling systems are engineered to cool the machine as the chips generate heat. These systems are safe for computer chips and keep the chips cool as they run and generate heat. The cooling systems work automatically. This simply means you only need to turn on the cooling system, then the system automatically regulates the temperature within the case while the machine works efficiently.

Harry Sapra
Rhotex Inc

Rhotex Inc
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mxHero, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with CloudNative (Japan)

CloudNative (JP) and mxHero partner

CloudNative and mxHero partner

mxHero, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Tokyo-based CloudNative to extend mxHero Mail2Cloud to the Japanese market

We’re proud to now partner with CloudNative as we expand the availability of mxHero’s Mail2Cloud technology in Japan”

— Don Hammons, CCO, mxHero Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — Today, San Francisco, California-based mxHero, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Tokyo, Japan-based CloudNative. As the creator of Mail2Cloud, mxHero provides a cloud-based digital bridge technology that automates the capture of email and its attachments for filing into cloud content management platforms (like Box, Google, Egnyte, and Microsoft), fueling customer enterprise-wide digital content collaboration and cyber-security aims. The new partnership will make the mxHero Mail2Cloud technology available to Japanese government agencies, and commercial enterprises through CloudNative’s local Japan-based go to market team.

“With a post-pandemic posture, our customers are accelerating their adoption of cloud-based digital platforms to fuel content collaboration and employee/customer engagement goals. In undertaking these aims, these same agencies and enterprises need to ensure their digital content is not only collaborative and accessible at any time, from any device and from anywhere, but that it is also secure from the threat of security breaches. We’re proud to now partner with CloudNative as we expand the availability of mxHero’s Mail2Cloud technology in Japan.” Donald R. Hammons, Executive Vice President, and Chief Customer Officer at mxHero.

As a trusted government and commercial enterprise IT solutions provider, CloudNative is offering to schedule brief, complimentary demonstrations of mxHero’s Mail2Cloud solution to show how government ministries and commercial enterprises can extend their digital collaboration objectives and remove sensitive content from the threat surface applicable to legacy-use of email.

“With mxHero, our customer agencies and enterprises will be able to automate the capture of valuable digital content from legacy email systems in-flight, bi-directional, and with little to no end-user impacts. No software to install – it just works – from any device, anywhere. While the content collaboration advantages of this are profound, the content security advantages with the use of mxHero are also a powerful consideration for the customers we serve. Email was never designed to be an effective content system of record or system of engagement. With mxHero, we can automate the uplift of email-based content attachments and auto-route them to the very platforms purposely built for collaboration. In doing so, we also reduce the security threat surface our customers have today with the legacy use of email. If the content is not in the email systems, the impacts of a breach are highly minimized – if not eliminated. We are proud to partner with the team at mxHero on these goals,” said Ryunosuke Fujinomaki – CloudNative Japan.

For more information about mxHero or to schedule a complimentary demo with CloudNative in Japan, visit their page here:

MxHero Inc.
+1 415-942-8211
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Adam Ferrari Details the Importance and Functions of the Three Sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry

Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari outlines the three sectors that produce oil to be consumed and transferred into energy products – upstream, midstream, and downstream.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, USA, January 27, 2021 / — There are no signs that the oil and gas industry will be stopping anytime soon, as oil is an essential power generating resource for millions of Americans.

“Knowing the different segments of the oil industry is essential in monitoring the necessity and practicality of producing crude oil and processing it into all the valuable components used in many other products or directly as energy,” stated Adam Ferrari, CEO of Ferrari Energy.

The upstream sector of the oil industry is most commonly known as the exploration and production sector (E&P) and ensures sufficient reserves of oil and natural gas are achieved through exploration and development activities. Many oil companies will explore both onshore and offshore for potential oil reserves and design systems to ensure the oil and gas can be extracted safely and efficiently.

The midstream oil sector is responsible for gathering, transporting, and storing the oil and natural gas produced from the upstream sector. The midstream sector may also be responsible for wholesale marketing of various oil and natural gas derived products. Midstream energy workers use current technology and advanced equipment that increases transportation and storage efficiency and often use advanced automated communications and trucking fleets.

The downstream oil sector processes all the raw products gathered from the upstream phase. Crude oil will be refined in the downstream phase, and natural gas will be refined and purified. Most Americans are familiar with this part of the process, as they interact with gasoline, asphalt, natural gas, and other chemicals and gasses processed by this sector every day.

While there is an expected peak for the demand for oil in the future, there is no substantial proof that the U.S. has already surpassed its peak. COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into many oil industry’s production plans. As a vaccine has been developed, it is more likely that oil will bounce back from a trying year when more and more Americans can receive vaccines and business travel resumes as usual.

Based on the Short-Term Energy Outlook reported in December 2020, Market Watch claims that it expects 2021 prices to average around $45.78, which is approximately 3.5% more than the previous forecast.

About Adam Ferrari
Adam Ferrari is the founder of the mineral acquisitions company Ferrari Energy. He is a chemical engineer by degree and is an accomplished petroleum engineer by profession. He also has experience in the financial sector through his work at an investment banking firm. Under his leadership, his company has supported numerous charitable organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, Coats for Colorado, and Next Steps of Chicago.

Adam Ferrari – Founder and CEO
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The number one spot goes to: DUBAI 2020 High Rise Builds – HULT Private Capital

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 28, 2021 / — Dubai city has taken the the number one spot for high rise developments 2020

The city of Dubai is synonymous with winning international accolades and has once again won another – The most-high rise builds in 2020.

Dubai topped the list beating the main competition China according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s Review 2020 Year report. Real estate is the back bone of most economies and the UAE knows how to thrive, completing 12 buildings in 2020, all taller than 200 metres which is the minimum eligible height required to feature. A feat quite outstanding considering the difficulties the 2020 presented.

Dubai manage to beat Shenzhen’s winning streak with 12 new breath taking structures. Shenzhen had previously topped the list from 2016-2019 and this is the first time Dubai has overtaken Shenzhen for the number one position since 2010 when Dubai delivered the majestic Burj Khalifa the current tallest building in the world (Downtown Dubai District).

From the developments completed in Dubai last year, Standing at 336 metres high (the tallest) was the SLS Tower in Business Bay. The SLS building is now the 11th tallest building in the world.

Dubai, well known as an investment savvy city completed many of the 2020 high rise, five-year development plans from strong investment in the emirate’s property market in 2015 something investment company HULT Private Capital is familiar with.

For investors it is key to note the upward swing in the quantity of high rise developments completed in the emirates in 2020, negates global trends.

Globally last year there was a decrease in the number of skyscrapers built with 106 in 2020 down from 133 in 2019. The Chinese city Shenzhen saw a 50% drop in completions, from 18 in 2019 down to nine in 2020. Despite this, China has remained dominate, constructing more than half of the buildings in the review – a grand staggering total of 56. The UAE came second with country-wide builds, followed by the United States and United Kingdom, India taking the fifth position.

London entered the list of top ten cities for the first time taking eighth place, with four new builds, three of which were in the financial district of Canary Wharf. For the first time since 2014 a building outside of china, Central Park Tower in New York City, measuring 472 metres came in as the tallest building on the list.

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Church of Scientology among the many churches nationwide that paid tribute to the 400,000 who died from COVID-19

The Founding Church of Scientology lit up for COVID-19 remembrance

Side view of the Founding Church of Scientology

Church of Scientology National Affairs Office lit up for remembrance

Nationwide, church bells rang and buildings were ablaze with lights in unity with President Biden’s Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool national tribute

In remembering those we have lost, we now must look to the future and join together in unity to bring an end to this pandemic”

— Rev. Susan Taylor, Church of Scientology National Affairs Office

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 / — As 400 lights lined the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, hundreds of churches in towns and cities across the nation joined together to give tribute to the over 400,000 Americans who lost their lives so far to COVID-19.

The late afternoon national tribute on the eve of their inauguration was led by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris who stood with their spouses at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool as churches lit their buildings, rang bells and put candles in their windows.

In response to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Office of Religious Affairs’ call to all Washington, DC, churches to join in this special national event, the Church of Scientology and its National Affairs Office participated in the memorial service by turning on all their building lights.

Rev. Susan Taylor, a member of the DC Mayor’s Interfaith Council, said, “We were honored to join other churches in the DC area including the National Cathedral which ran their bells 400 times. It has been a very hard year for all families especially those who have lost loved ones. This special commemoration service, bringing all of us together in unity and healing, will help us to focus on the problems at hand.”

Rev. Taylor reflected, “In remembering those we have lost, we now must look to the future and join together in unity to bring an end to this pandemic.”

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