New Partnership Between Advice Chaser and Compass Investors Offers Clients an Investing Edge

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Advice Chaser partners with Compass Investors. Clients of Advice Chaser save on Compass Investor’s portfolio allocation subscription.

This partnership opens possibilities for the folks who come to Advice Chaser. We love to see what Compass Investors can do for folks who need affordable help managing their own portfolios.”

— Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 / — Advice Chaser is proud to announce a new partnership with Compass Investors. With this new agreement, clients of Advice Chaser have access to exclusive savings on Compass Investor’s portfolio allocation subscription.

Advice Chaser, a financial concierge service, matches clients with financial planners. The company defines itself by its transparency in advisor reviews, allowing clients to connect with advisors who understand their unique circumstances. Through Advice Chaser, clients can match with financial advisors from a variety of different firms.

Now, clients who connect with Compass Investors get DIY financial strategy guidance at a better price. Compass Investors specializes in teaching investors how to reallocate the assets in their 401(k)s for a stronger retirement. Advice Chaser clients can get deals on Compass Investors’ valuable insight on allocation of over 50 specific employer-sponsored retirement plans, as well as 401(k) Control that can be applied to any employer-sponsored retirement plan. Compass Investors specializes in specific fund analysis, explaining exactly how much to invest in each fund choice within an individual 401(k) plan.

“This partnership opens up even more possibilities for the folks who come to Advice Chaser looking for access to great financial education,” said Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser. “We love to see what Compass Investors can do for everyday folks who work hard, save hard, and need affordable help managing their own portfolios. Whether you have $500 or $500,000 in your employer-sponsored retirement account, Compass offers the same high-level guidance for allocating your portfolio to your best advantage.”

To take advantage of the services offered by Compass Investors, visit their page here for a special discount. To find a financial advisor who can help you plan for success, book a free consultation here.

About Advice Chaser
Advice Chaser is an independent financial concierge service. Our mission is to improve your investment experience by helping you access better financial advice. We listen to your specific needs and goals in order to offer you a custom-tailored connection to a reputable, skilled, and experienced advisor. Think of us as a boutique financial dating service.

What makes us unique is this: unlike other investor-matching services, we do not sell recommendations. Advisors pay to be considered for our select list, but they can’t purchase a place there. We keep only the consistently reputable advisors. To see what we can do for your future, see our services here.

About Compass Investors
Compass Investors is an independent, privately held provider of mutual fund and ETF investment analysis. We do not sell investment vehicles (stocks, mutual funds, annuities, etc.) and do not receive compensation from any mutual fund company, brokerage firm or any other organization that sell the investments we analyze.

Compass Investors and the Compass Institute are members of the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA).

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