Flotation Therapy available for the first time in the Issaquah area

Issaquah Family Chiropractic in Washington State brings flotation therapy to the area, a first of its kind

ISSAQUAH, WA, USA, August 12, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Issaquah Family Chiropractic clinic, WA, has recently announced a new addition to their already robust service offering. The new flotation therapy treatment practice, a first of its kind in the area has been met with great enthusiasm, as locals and frequent patients are ready to experience the wellness benefits flotation therapy offers them in the clinic’s updated and expanded location.

Although the clinic has relocated and expanded its offering and services, moving into a larger facility in February earlier this year, personnel are now ready to offer flotation therapy for future patients. The new treatment has already seen many interested patients quickly fill available spaces, as the company is eager to meet the increasing patient demand. “We moved into our new location earlier this year, unfortunately, a lot of our planning had to be put on hold, but now we’re back with a bigger and even better facility, offering the first-ever flotation therapy treatment in the Issaquah area,” shared a spokesperson for the company.

The Issaquah Family Chiropractic team ensures patients and clients who make use of flotation therapy will experience a reduction of anxiety, as it promotes relaxation in the body and mind. Although it has some great benefits, many have still been left with a question mark on their face, wondering what flotation therapy is?

“Imagine floating on a cloud, even more realistic, floating on water. Flotation therapy involves the use of approximately 1000 pounds of dissolved pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, which we dilute in water kept at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, around the same temperature as your skin. The high salt content promotes buoyancy, and the Epsom salt relaxes muscles and eases inflammation,” tells the spokesperson.

The new facility, which is over three times the size of their previous location, has meant that the business can expand its wellness services. With this, they managed to bring in better and more improved wellness services, the two most important being flotation therapy and functional training.

The clinic has reviewed patient satisfaction and experience, ensuring they meet above industry standards. Although very new and somewhat foreign to locals and regular patients, many have already shared the great benefits flotation therapy can hold. Flotation therapy has proven to be crucial for those suffering from increased stress levels and those who tend to be more anxious than average. Clinical professionals and recent research have shown that flotation therapy may carry the same, and in some cases better benefits than that of prescribed anxiety medication. Flotation therapy helps to completely relax the whole body, strained and stiff muscles, and most importantly an overactive and stressed brain.

While wellness treatments are available at many day spas, or perhaps in bigger wellness clinics, Issaquah Family Chiropractic has managed to bring a better and more hygienic experience to its patients. The current surge of coronavirus cases has placed a great deal of stress on businesses, especially those involving human-to-human interaction. Flotation therapy is a perfect “contactless” service in the current environment.

“All our doctors are aware of the benefits flotation therapy can have. We’ve seen patients enjoy an improvement in their daily active lifestyles, but also, it’s good to mention that recent studies show that the treatment works extremely well for those suffering from PTSD,” she concluded.

Issaquah Family Chiropractic has been servicing the community since 1992, but with this, it is quite noticeable that their updated and expanded facility will mean an increase of services with wellness professionals ready to help and assist new patients.

As a first of its kind in the Issaquah area, clinic employees have mentioned that those interested in experiencing flotation therapy or functional training should schedule an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. Their new clinic comes fully equipped with expanded wellness services to help previous and future patients, Put More JOY in Your ENJOY™.

Interested persons, can find more information about the Issaquah Family Chiropractic wellness clinic online, or book an appointment on their website at https://www.healthyissaquah.com/flotation-therapy or visit https://www.healthyissaquah.com/functional-training-1

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