Representing Pakistan and it’s flamboyant startups at STEP Conference 2020

The team meeting with Mr. Faisal Hammoud, Director Business Development Dubai Internet City.

Mr. Zain Moosa (left) and Mr. Umair Nizam (right) meeting with Mr. Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director Dubai Media City.

The Floating Pitch competition in progress.

The release talks about the talent Pakistan has as far as the startup ecosystem is concerned. Showcasing talent on a global platform.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 16, 2020 / — With an overall 8000+ attendees and 400+ startups, Team Magnus Technologies attended one of Middle East's largest entrepreneurship events, STEP 2020 in partnership with Dubai Internet City. The event was a great opportunity for startups and young entrepreneurs to connect with investors and mentors from across the globe.

Zain Moosa, co-founder, Magnus Technologies at the conclusion of the two-day conference stated, “We were absolutely delighted to be attending and taking part in this year’s STEP Conference representing Pakistan and showcasing the talent we have.”

Ashraf Kalim, co-founder, Magnus Technologies added, “We have always tried to do our part in assisting, mentoring and promoting Pakistan’s local talent and we’ve done exactly that this STEP Conference.”

The highlight of the event was in5’s “Floating Pitch” competition. Participants were taken on a 7-10mins boat ride along the Dubai Internet City lake where they were to pitch their startup idea. The event featured startups AzaadHealth and Queno which represented Pakistan at this mega gathering; both of which participated at the pitching competition. With over 100 startups pitching, the competition was won by AzaadHealth. Jehan Ara, founder of the Nest IO and President of P@SHA were also amongst the present including Serial Entrepreneur, Roger Dawood Bayat and Umair Nizam, Vice President of Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan.

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BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, February 16, 2020 / — Catering landscape in Bengaluru is as heterogeneous as the city. Customers have different tastes, preferences and budgets. Collecting and going through menus from the sundry caterers can be a overwhelming task for the customers and menu personalization is often not available. Customers prefer to design their own menu and do not wish to get confined to the predefined menu given by caterers.

OHIEO aims to address the lacuna and launches personalised menu creation. It provides customers a single place to peruse wide variety of menu options, select as per their own requirements and order the food catering online in few mouse clicks. Customers can choose among a selection of 300+ menu options including soup, appetizer, main course, sides, desserts, snacks and even exotic continental delicacies to be delivered and catered in corporate offices or individual parties. OHIEO has focus on overall catering experience in contrast to the capricious services provided by plethora of caterers in the food delivery market.

Refined Customer Experience at scale

“We track all our orders for on-time delivery, food quality and customer satisfaction and we have 98% customer satisfaction ratings. We have planned out, how to scale food preparation for thousands of orders while maintaining quality and keeping costs at 20% below caterer prices” Says Prasad NT, Co-Founder, OHIEO

Corporate clients can attest to the refined online catering experience with OHIEO. One client speaks of their relationship with them. "It's a breeze to personalize the menu and place order with OHIEO. They provide a variety of delicacies at a single place. We could design our own menu and instantly get the estimate online"

OHIEO offers fresh and healthy food produced in their partner cloud kitchens by the proficient chefs. OHIEO associated cloud kitchens are spread across Bengaluru that allows it to serve customers located in different parts of the Bengaluru more efficiently and faster than myriad catering services providers in Bangalore. Kitchens are required to adhere to strict food guidelines and licenses, which ensures delicious food is prepared in hygienic environment by the professional chefs.

“We have developed the supply chain Eco-system that drastically reduces the traditionally high operating costs of food catering. Our technology allows us to deliver better quality food at more affordable prices compared to traditional caterers while maintaining better service quality” says Amit Vyas, Co-Founder, OHIEO.

Potential customers can also peruse predefined menus for personal and corporate catering requirements, with group sizes going from as low as 25 to as many as 6000, in a range of Indian and international cuisines. A single point of contact assigned to each order ensures the human touch to this service. This executive looks after all the minute details, from table settings to delivery to set-up, serving of the food and anything the client may need.

Their services can be used by a cross-section of people for a wide range of requirements, going from corporate looking for daily meals, snacks as well as boxed meals to corporate events and parties. OHIEO's services are dynamic and are geared towards handling personal events like weddings, house warming functions, birthday parties and other social events.

For more details log on to:

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CyberGuard 360 introduces proprietary “Deep Diver,” a Dark Web Monitoring and Prospecting Engine

This tool developed by CyberGuard 360 enables IT companies to monitor the dark web and learn of breaches days and even weeks ahead others.

This new product offers arguably the best dark web data information in this market.”

— Al Alper, CEO, CyberGuard 360

WILTON, CT, US, February 14, 2020 / — The term “Dark Web” is enough to cause anxiety among every business owner, not to mention the Information Technology (IT) companies whose mission it is to protect data.

One company is about to quell some of the angst around this situation with the release of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, solution designed to detect and identify data breaches days, even weeks ahead of the competition.

CyberGuard 360 (, a leading cybersecurity firm which develops and markets a solution set of products to detect and mitigate threats from cyber attacks, today announced the launch of their Deep Diver, a Dark Web Monitoring and Prospecting Engine.

Al Alper, Chief Executive Officer of CyberGuard 360, said that the release of this new product follows eight months of research and development, and that it offers “arguably the best dark web data information in this market.” He said that their comparisons of Deep Diver with other products shows that Deep Diver consistently sees more data breaches and other potentially damaging information than their competition, and when the competition does have the same breach they see it first.

Alper said that the Deep Diver engine will be marketed primarily to IT companies who monitor and protect the data of their clients. “For the IT firm entrusted with the protection of its clients data, this is a valuable tool,” said Alper, noting that PIIGuard360 partners who will be licensed to use the Deep Diver can continuously monitor their clients’ domains and email address, and conduct 50 real time, “live” dark web searches each month; terrific for on-boarding or prospecting for new clients.
He added, “Since this tool reveals data breaches far ahead of other products on the market, and more of them, it also has value to the IT provider as a prospecting tool – a way to let organizations (and potential clients) realize that their information has been compromised, and be the company to provide the remedy.”
The dark web is accessible only through certain networks. Identities and locations of dark web users cannot be tracked because of a layered encryption system and use of avatars. The dark web is a place where illegal and illicit activities occur; traditional businesses and email users are constantly warned about the dangers of their information being breached and ending up on the dark web.

“Our program offers the most advanced Dark Web monitoring for MSPs, MSSPs and IT Solution Providers,” said Alper, who noted that the data shows in real time the personal identifiable information and credentials of individuals whose information is on the dark web and who most likely do not realize it. Additional information about Deep Diver is available by visiting

About CyberGuard360
CyberGuard360 is a cybersecurity company that designs and builds cybersecurity products and services to enable enterprise IT departments and channel partners who are charged with protecting the companies they serve from the cyber threat landscape. Founder/CEO Al Alper launched this company to address a need he has seen in the market – for a strong cyber security protection suite of technology and services that can be managed within a single-pane-of-glass; obviating the need to use 5 or more systems to protect an enterprise. The company was also designated as a Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2017 and has expansive experience with and knowledge of cyber regulations such as New York State’s Department of Financial Services’ new cyber security regulations (23 NYCRR 500). Al Alper is also the founder/CEO of an IT company, Absolute Logic (http:/absolutelogiccom). CyberGuard360 maintains offices in Wilton, CT and Larchmont, NY, as well as other satellite locations throughout the region. For additional information, call 844-315-9882 or contact via the web at

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Association of Ghana Industry & Accra Metropolitan Assembly to partner the 4th Ghana Int'l Conference on Trade & Finance


GITFIC in partnership with AGI & AMA


GITFIC in partnership with AGI & AMA


GITFIC in partnership with AGI & AMA

The 4th Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference

Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference (AfCFTA-Edition)”

— unanimous

ACCRA, GHANA, February 14, 2020 / — The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) are collaborating with organisers for the fourth edition of 2020 Ghana International Conference on Trade and Finance.
They are also collaborating to ensure that organisers deliver a tailor-made form of this year’s edition on; “African Continental Free Trade Area” (AfCFTA)-edition for the full benefit of the expected business persons on the continent.
The conference on the theme: “Optimizing AfCFTA for Africans; the role of logistics infrastructure,” will see the unveiling of a special tag “Accra-Commercial Capital of Africa,” by the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer.

In an interview on preparations towards the conference, Mr Selasi Koffi Ackom, Chief Executive Officer GIFIC, main organisers of the AfCFTA conference told the Ghana News Agency that the three entities would jointly address a News conference on February, 24, 2020 to engage the media on the need for the conference and why every business executive,industries and companies must attend.
Mr Ackom said some Steering Committee Members of GITFIC and Mr Roland Affail Monney, President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and other special invited guests would be at the News conference.
He noted that the 4th Ghana International Conference on Trade & Finance would be thought provoking, insightful, educative and would expose the entire business committee in Ghana and Africa to benefit from the over 1.3 trillion Dollar the AfCFTA would bring.
He added that the conference, which would be held in April would see the sharing of experience from chief trade negotiators from various countries on the African continent on negotiation challenges during the session one of day one.
He said on the opening day of the conference, selected ambassadors from the continent resident in Ghana would share with delegates how their countries received the news on the AfCFTA and what they were doing to enhance and ensure the successful implantation and achievement of the Continental Free Trade Area.
It would also provide the opportunity to experience academicians to answer the question on “Africa – Can Salvation be found in AfCFTA?
He added that other topics to be discussed include; senior officers from the Ports, Customs and Immigration sharing with delegates their readiness to foster and harness the successful implementation of the AfCFTA, role of regional and development finance institutions, telecommunications, digital solutions and state actors.
He said delegates would also be exposed to the role of Central Banks in harmonising the payment systems within AfCFTA, while others would assemble heads of Chamber of Commerce from the continent to look at “Industries’ readiness for AfCFTA; Leveraging on the Opportunities for Businesses.
Talk on the harmonisation of trade unions on the continent in the context of AfCFTA, would also be done during the conference, while heads of Journalists from three African Countries would join the president of the GJA to look at the role of the media in the implementation of AfCTA.

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UK Expat or Foreign National It’s A Great Time To Be A First Time Buyer.

First Time UK Expat & Foreign National Property Buyers On The Up!

First Time UK Expat & Foreign National Property Buyers On The Up!

First Time UK Expat & Foreign National Property Buyers On The Up!

If you dig a little deeper you’ll see how Expats and foreign nationals are able to benefit from current UK market conditions and their how living “outside” the UK works in their favour”

— Stuart Marshall

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, February 14, 2020 / — So much is reported in the press about the difficulty of being a first-time buyer. However, despite the many doom and gloom prophecies about the imminent property market collapse, the facts are very different in certain sectors of the market. One area of particular interest is the First-time buyer market is currently soaring. In fact, first time buyers have been one of the few market constants over recent years and this market segment shows no real signs of stopping. In August 2019, there were 35,010 new first-time buyer mortgages completed – the highest monthly total since August 2007. Stuart Marshall of Liquid Expat Mortgages feels that “Conditions for many first-time buyers are better than they’ve been in a long time as there is the perfect combination of the lowest mortgage rates in many years, lower competition from landlords and high-employment rates. Sitting alongside these factors we need to take into account the fact that many major cities outside London – which has been cost prohibitive for many looking to purchase – are booming in their own right.” Whilst Brexit has created a fair amount of uncertainty over the years, Expats and foreign nationals have been quick to jump onto the opportunities to take advantage of the current market conditions and some of the benefits of being a first time buyer with reduced stamp duty costs.

“If you dig a little deeper you’ll see how Expats and foreign nationals are able to benefit from current UK market conditions and their how living “outside” the UK works in their favour when it comes to buying a property in the UK for the first time.”

Expat & Foreign National First Time Buyers.

Because of the fall in Sterling, it is now cheaper for international buyers to purchase a house in the UK. To take one example, for a buyer purchasing in US Dollars, the average home in the UK cost £53,065 (23%) less than it would have done in 2014. Narrowing this down further, the effect of the pound’s depreciation becomes even clearer. When buying a property in London, the average property would cost £107,030 less than it did in 2014.

“What does this mean for Expats looking to invest? Well, for one, the weaker pound means that Expat investors have to save less of a deposit because they’re getting more sterling for their foreign “currency”. What’s more because the mortgage on the property will be paid in sterling, the mortgage repayments will also work out cheaper when they revert back to their earning currency. The beneficial effects for Expat and foreign national property owners can be seen in the clear rise in numbers we have experienced ourselves at Liquid Expat. We have seen a 4% rise in the percentage of homes let in the UK by overseas landlords between 2018 and 2019 and that number is increasing as 2020 has shown no signs of the momentum slowing.”

The investment opportunities become even more attractive if you’re a first-time buyer as legislation changes in November 2017 made first-time buyers in the UK exempt from Stamp Duty on properties up to £300,000. And, if purchasing a property over this amount, first-time buyers are only required to pay 5% Stamp Duty. This means that if you’re an Expat who is looking to buy their first property as part of an investment portfolio, the UK is a very attractive option.

Benefits of UK Expats & Foreign Nationals Getting a Mortgage

John Squires, Head of Mortgages at Liquid Expat Mortgages “There are primarily three reasons Expats take out a mortgage in the UK. The first is for investment purposes as a Buy-to-Let mortgage allows them to invest in the UK property market.” This group often referred to as ‘long distance landlords’ can take advantage of specific mortgage products and join the HMRC’s non-resident landlord scheme which exempts them from UK income tax. Another reason is to provide a home should they return to the UK after working and living abroad. “This is a great way of being able to maintain a UK credit rating whilst being able to pay the mortgage by way of the rental income from tenants. Lenders – along with underwriters- love to see a UK address on applications and are more likely to lend to applicants who have had an address in the UK during the last three years.

Finally, keeping a UK property can provide a base for UK family, especially if not all members are moving abroad, whilst Foreign Nationals can use the property for family and friends who might be studying or working in the UK.

Liquid Expat Mortgages is the No.1 Expat Mortgage broker. We have a team of experienced and regulated mortgage consultants, dedicated to helping Expats find the very best mortgage deal. We work with over 50 lenders to deliver the best product for your needs. For complete Expat Mortgage Support, contact Liquid Expat Mortgages and see how Liquid Expat Mortgages can help you. Just call us 24/7 on +44 (0)161 871 1216 or visit

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How To Obtain A UK Mortgage While Living & Working Overseas

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The modernization of domains in automotive is an untapped opportunity that is simple, affordable, actionable and instantly meaningful.

It’s really a no brainer when it comes to owning your brand, protecting your trademark, and optimizing marketing dollars”

— Andy Macleay, co-founder

GRAND CAYMAN, UNITED KINGDON, February 14, 2020 / — .dealer Domains is bringing modernization, creativity and marketing power to one of the automotive industry’s most overlooked yet valuable assets: the domain name. Founded by auto retail digital marketing experts, .dealer Domains gives OEMs, major dealer groups, and individual dealers the opportunity to strengthen their brands, and protect their names and territories by leveraging the digital marketing power inherent in .dealer domain names.

In recent years, the automotive industry has invested extensively in digital marketing campaigns that steer consumers into doing the bulk of their vehicle research and shopping online for a more streamlined, controllable experience. However, these campaigns are often directing traffic to complex website addresses that are difficult to remember or share, and easy to confuse with other stores. This can lead to lost traffic and missed branding opportunities that could be easily avoided with a customized, easily searchable, intuitive .dealer URL embedded into each campaign.

“The modernization of domains in automotive is an untapped opportunity that is simple, affordable, actionable and instantly meaningful. It’s really a no brainer when it comes to owning your brand, protecting your trademark, and optimizing marketing dollars,” says Andy Macleay, co-founder of .dealer Domains. “Customization to domains is forward-thinking, drives traffic, produces results, and can be leveraged across multiple marketing platforms – from social media ads to radio to billboards. We are delivering a competitive edge to the auto industry, and an opportunity to build consumer confidence knowing that any visit to a .dealer site is a visit to a trusted brand and an authorized dealer.”

.dealer Domains will initially be available to trademark holders beginning March 25, 2020. Following this first wave of registrations, non-trademarks can be registered starting on June 17 before the global release to the public on June 24, 2020. .dealer Domains carry a premium pricing model designed to maintain the availability of desirable domains for dealers at one flat fee. All names are available at launch including highly-competitive keywords like,, and

“We understand the auto industry and the specific challenges it faces with digital marketing because we’ve lived it; our team of experts has been creating opportunities and finding solutions for dealers to elevate their brand and drive engagement for a total of 50 years combined,” says Shayan Rostam, Chief Strategic Advisor at .dealer Domains.

“In automotive, significant dollars are invested in advertising, from TV to radio to newspaper to digital, and a memorable URL makes those investment dollars go much further. Instant recall is a powerful tool and we are excited to help the auto industry leverage it in the domain category.”

Below are some common questions about the value of domains and the process of adopting a new one. Visit the FAQ section of the website for answers to more questions.

Do I have to get rid of my .com in order to get a .dealer domain?
No! A .dealer domain can be used alongside an existing website for regional marketing, showcasing pre owned inventory, or as a centralized dealer group site. You can also migrate your existing website to a .dealer domain without any downtime, loss of traffic, or impact to SEO.

Suppose I am a vintage car dealer in Dallas. What customized domain can showcase my market niche?
We recommend registering the domains to capture customers shopping for vintage cars and for localized relevancy. We encourage creativity and simplicity for quick recall and simple searching.

How much is a .dealer domain?
The .dealer domain is based on a premium pricing model in order to discourage unwanted business practices such as buying names and reselling them for a higher price, holding back names from rightful owners, or using an address to disparage a business.

Is there a renewal fee for the domain?
Yes. All domain names, including .com, .net, .org, and .dealer, have annual renewal fees.

How do I get my traffic directed to a new .dealer domain?
All traffic is seamlessly and automatically redirected to the .dealer address for customers who opt for our the complimentary website migration service. After registration, dealers can contact our team for support and best practices when updating URLs. Contact to learn more.

How does using a .dealer domain impact SEO?
.dealer domains carry the same weight as .com and .org according to Google. There are several independent case studies published that conclude new domain endings, such as .dealer, actually improve SEO and reduce CPC costs.

About .dealer Domains
.dealer Domains is a new domain registry focused on brands who are looking to differentiate themselves among the commodity of .com's. The company will
launch globally on June 24, 2020, and be available to trademark holders beginning on March 25, 2020. .dealer Domains is owned by Intercap Registry Inc., which owns and operates leading internet media businesses with a vision of building long term value, trust, and credibility. For more information or to begin your registration process, email or visit


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CryptoWolf Cross-Chain Exchange Adds Stealth XST as a Supported Payment Method


Stealth XST

Non-custodial exchange platform provides fast, secure anonymous transactions without the need for registration or verification

We were proud to have been added to the group of premium cryptocurrencies supported by CryptoWolf, This service provides individuals with the opportunity to buy or exchange XST at their convenience”

— Dr. James Stroud, lead developer for Stealth

DOVER, DE, USA, February 14, 2020 / — February 18, 2020 – Dover, DE (Press Release): Stealth’s XST has been added to a small, select group of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, that users can exchange for more than 90 of the top-trading currencies in the market. CryptoWolf’s sophisticated cross-chain engine provides users with the opportunity to exchange XST, as well as fiat USD, EUR and GBP.

With full privacy enabled, users can visit, select XST as a payment method, and securely and quickly purchase other cryptocurrencies at the best available rates and without any hidden fees.

XST was previously integrated with CryptoWolf as one of only 3 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged for Euros or Swiss Francs (CHF), joining only Bitcoin and Ethereum as supported coins. Users that wish to exchange their XST for fiat currencies, are able to visit, enter the amount that they wish to convert, and the software automatically calculates the amount that will be received at the current market valuation. The entire process is fast, easy and secure.

“We were proud to have been added to the group of premium cryptocurrencies supported by CryptoWolf, This is a great service that provides individuals with the opportunity to buy or exchange XST at their convenience, and at a beneficial price.” stated Dr. James Stroud, lead developer for Stealth. “The opportunity for individuals to exchange XST for Euros or Swiss Francs sets us apart from the majority of coins and speaks to the trust generated by Stealth over the past 5 years, and the new expanded integration provides even more options for XST traders to easily move their assets on and off the blockchain.”

Stealth is currently trading on multiple exchanges including Bittrex, Vinex, Whitebit, Altilly, Bitinka, and SouthXchange. Additional market integrations are in process in anticipation of the full release of the new Junaeth Proof-of-Stake development in several months.

Junaeth is the new groundbreaking technology behind the Stealth cryptocurrency, and represents a key breakthrough to achieve the holy grail of crypto; fast, feeless and private transactions on a platform scalable to thousands of transactions per second.

Stealth’s unique, public blockchain was launched in 2014, and their lead developer, Dr. James Stroud, recently presented at both Consensus New York and Elev8 Los Angeles, discussing their latest development milestones, including their new proof-of-stake consensus protocols.

### ENDS ###

About Stealth R&D

Stealth provides the fastest cryptographically private digital currency possible. The Stealth blockchain provides almost instant transactions with absolute privacy protection using state of the art cryptography combined with streamlined blockchain execution. This new proof-of-stake based technology is called Junaeth.

Junaeth represents a key breakthrough to achieve the so-called holy grail of crypto; a fast, feeless, private, and scalable blockchain.

Stealth R&D LLC is a registered Delaware (USA) limited liability corporation. For more information visit

Media Contact:

For media inquiries please contact Stealth by email to

Media Inquiries
Stealth R&D LLC
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Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics™ launches the GEO CONNECT App at ACFAS 2020

RICHARDSON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2020 / — Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics (GEO) is proud to announce the launch of GEO CONNECT, effective February 18, 2020. GEO CONNECT is a cloud-based app that utilizes RFID technology to efficiently manage orthopedic cases from a mobile device (will be available for iOS and Android). Sales representatives are able to intraoperatively scan the foot and ankle implants and the corresponding single-use, disposable instrumentation used in a case. This creates an electronic charge sheet that is automatically routed to all relevant parties before the surgery is completed.

“This app represents another step in GEO’s mission of utilizing technology to provide patients and healthcare practitioners with state of the art customer service,” said Paul Vasta, GEO Chief Technology Officer. “We’re thrilled to launch GEO CONNECT and look forward to continuing to lead the industry with additional groundbreaking products in our development pipeline.”

“We are incredibly excited to demonstrate this innovative application at ACFAS,” said GEO Chief Commercial Officer, Scott Day. “We broke the mold with our GEO CART and we are creating added efficiencies by expanding this technology to mobile devices. Surgery centers, specifically, can now leverage the GEO platform via GEO CONNECT and have a more effective approach to case and inventory management.”

“Advancing technology in orthopedics is GEO’s main objective,” said GEO Chief Executive Officer Michael Simpson. “With GEO CONNECT, health systems and industry can now become even more efficient and synergistic. This allows GEO to keep moving the platform well beyond what is in the marketplace.”

GEO will be exhibiting at the 2020 ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference; San Antonio, Texas; February 19th- 21st. Please come see the GEO CART, GEO CONNECT, and GEO’s suite of implant solutions at Booth #107.

Scott Day
Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics
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Xanthan Gum Market size is estimated to emerge at a healthy CAGR of 5.43% through 2026

Global Xantham Gum Market

Global Xantham Gum Market

2020 Xanthan Gum Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

IDAHO, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2020 / — The Hydrocolloids used in Pharma and cosmetics to be replaced with Xanthan gum for its unique, waterborne and glutinous composition in order to drive the Xanthan Gum Market growth.

Further, wide usage of Xanthan Gum in numerous chemical applications, as well in adhesives, oil & gas, lubricants, medications, personal care products, textiles materials, and ceramic coatings to positively impact the market growth.

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Fairly, usage of Xanthan Gum as a substitute for corn starch, gelatine, gluten, agar-agar to increase the market demand.

In addition, safe additive for thickening, binding, foaming and stabilizing food ingredients that provide required consistency in edible and inedible creams and pastes.

To aid drilling activities In geo-tech engineering, xanthan gum used to thickens the fluid used to bore wells and deep holes resulting in enhanced market trends.

Furthermore, cosmetics to make use of Xanthan Gum to obtain water-based solutions and gels ensuing to upsurge the market value over the forecast period 2020-2026.

Browse Xanthan Gum Market, Research Report @
However, to get the deferment desired with xanthan gum unaided, the texture is oftentimes unpleasant, ingredients like guar and acacia help to surge the viscosity of the beverage and attain ideal mouthfeel.

Nevertheless, inimitable rheological properties in addition to extensive compatibility and better anti-oxidation properties of xanthan gum to arouse the market growth.

Asia Pacific to emerge with strong Xanthan Gum Market growth followed by North America and other key regions
Asia Pacific and North America to hold major xanthan gum market share for xanthan gum. In the Asia Pacific region owing to the absolute size of the population and growth in the disposable income of the individuals are the key factors boosting the food & beverage industry.

Accordingly,the consumption of xanthan gum boosts daily fiber intake thereby improving the digestive system resulting in driving the xanthan gum market trend regionally.

Further, demand for augmented production of Xanthan Gum to mainly contributed by emerging nations as a result of population thickening in Asia pacific.

In addition, oil and gas study in consort with drilling activities to discharge more need for the Xanthan Gum in emerging regions which are curbed to urbanize and explore areas of resources.

Whereas in the North American region the U.S. to be the key growth market in the region owing to the rise in domestic demand for food & beverages.

Moreover, stern guidelines on the use of oilfield chemicals and presence of a large number of proven crude oil refineries in the U.S. to boost the xanthan gum market growth regionally over the forecast period.

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Additionally, hydrocolloids used in Pharma and cosmetics to be substituted with Xanthan gum for its exclusive, waterborne and gluey alignment ensuing as the xanthan gum market key driver.

Competitive landscape across Xanthan Gum Market players

New launches, partnerships, across key market players to boost the xanthan gum market value. For instance,in 2019, Royal DSM Company unveils its brand identities for its gellan gum and xanthan gum portfolios.

Further, in 2019, CP kelcoentered into a new distribution agreement with IMCD to serve the Brazilian market in Latin America. In addition, CP kelco planned to build a new Innovation Center in Atlanta and is slated to open in the third quarter of 2020.

Moreover, in 2019, Lubrizol Corporation collaborated with CP Kelco to examining the personal and home care markets with gum products.

Additionally, in 2018,Azelis entered into a partnership with CP kelco to offer its xanthan gum, pectin, and other products for the food segment in Indonesia.

Key players of xanthan gum market include Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Ingredion Incorporated, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG, Fufeng Group Company Ltd.,Cp Kelco,Deosen Biochemical Ltd., Fuerst Day Lawson, and Gum Technology Corporation among others.

Related reports
Gellan Gum Market
Gum Rosin Market
• Agar Agar Gum Market(

Ambarish Ram
OG Analysis
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Yogurt Market size is heading towards growth phase with 4.62% CAGR through 2026

Yogurt Market

Global Yogurt Market

2020 Yogurt Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2020 / — The increase in disposable income coupled with unbalanced consumer eating habits to drive the yogurt market growth over the forecast period 2020-2026.

Further, swelling availability of flavored yogurt particularly in emerging regions to be a major factor supporting the growth of ice cream and frozen dessert market worldwide.

In addition, increasing awareness among the consumers relating to the aids of yogurt. For example, it consists of probiotics to boost the immune system, calcium to drive the yogurt market demand.

Furthermore, rapidly changing lifestyle influenced the younger generations across the globe, adaptation of newer products such as yogurts, probiotics drinks, etc to boost the market trends.

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Moreover, buying yogurt online to witness substantial growth during the forecast period 2020-2026. As well, increasing internet penetration and the urge of consumers towards convenience purchasing of the product influence positively for online purchasing of yogurt.

The availability of high nutritional value including high protein, probiotics, vitamins, minerals in different types of yogurts, particularly in greek yogurt is the key factor that led to increase adoption of greek yogurt among consumers.

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Europe and North America to appear as a major consumer of Yogurts followed by the Asia Pacific region

Europe to lead the major share for the yogurt market followed by North America, owing to the widespread consumption of yogurt by customers in this region as a snack and dessert.

The introduction of new variants in flavors coupled with offering low-fat products to fuel the yogurt market demand in both North America and Europe.

In addition, leading dairy companies are acquiring yogurt makers to expand their presence and market operations worldwide. For example, in 2019, the Lactalis group acquired Brattle boro yogurt maker to develop star brands, strengthen national distribution, and secure topflight quality for customers.

Whereas, in emerging nations of the Asia Pacific region, China leads the market share in terms of yogurt consumption followed by India.

The mounting accessibility of numerous fruit-flavored yogurt in these countries by means of health benefits to support the demand for seasoned frozen yogurts and flavored yogurt drinks in the coming years.

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Novel product portfolio to trigger key trends across the yogurt market players

Collaboration, development of innovative approaches by key companies to boost yogurt market growth. For instance, in 2020, Califia Farms completed a landmark US$225 million financing in the latest Series D funding round.

Further, Siggi’s entered into the kid’s yogurt market recently. In addition, in 2020, Forager Project, LLC launched six new plant-based products that include high protein yogurts.

Additionally, in 2020, Lyrical Foods, Inc. (Kite Hill) launched coconut milk-based yogurts to satisfy emerging yogurt snacking needs and to continue to expand Kite Hill portfolio.

Moreover, Harmless Harvest, Inc. launched dairy-free coconut yogurt in 2020. As well, Danone make yogurt ‘vibrant’ in 2020 with new launches.

Lately, in 2019, Chobani launched oat-based yogurts, traditional Greek yogurt with the popular cereal grain.

Major key players contributing to the Yogurt market share include General Mills, Inc, Nestle SA, Chobani LLC, China Mengniu Dairy Company Limi, Danone S.A., Grupo LALA, Schreiber Foods, Muller UK & Ireland, Grupo Alpura, and Deutsches Milchkontor Gmbh among others.

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