Los Angeles’s Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Wins Award From Expertise.com

Innovative, growing real estate office Your Home Sold Guaranteed continues to be recognized for its superior service. The latest is from the extremely well-regarded Expertise.com.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is increasingly obvious that there is a better way to approach selling and buying homes. Proof of this is Los Angeles-based Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, an office that is being quite disruptive in the local real estate world approaching things in a fresh way that tries to put the client experience first and to keep costs low. In exciting news, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty recently celebrated being named the 2019 list of the Best Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles from Expertise.com. This is after a nationwide review from the acclaimed website.

“This is really wonderful to see both our own Rudy Lira Kusuma and Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty make the Expertise.com Best Real Estate Agents list,” commented a spokesperson from the office. “We will continue doing everything we can to deliver exceptional service.”

Over 1490 agents were reviewed by Expertise.com to come up with the top 20 list. 25 different factors were considered when making the decision.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed helps buy and sell both residential and commercial property in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Rudy Kusuma and his team have a combined experience of over $100 million in real estate transactions.

The results-driven office strives to be the best place to buy and sell real estate for clients, to be the best stewards for shareholders, and give to give their best to the local community.

For more information be sure to visit http://yourhomesoldguaranteedinc.com.


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CRA & IRS Change Tax Rules As It Pertains To Cellphone Expenses For Employers & Employees

Forbes Technology Council Features mobilityView – Four Tips To Help Businesses Keep Effective Mobile Use Records Before Tax Time (CRA & IRS)

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Four Tips To Help Businesses Keep Effective Mobile Use Records Before Tax Time
Forbes Technology Council

The tax landscape in the business sector frequently changes in North America, and many companies are completely oblivious to the announced changes and the impact of these changes. Changes may be prompted in part because governments at all levels (including municipalities and counties and federal governments) are struggling with massive budget deficits and debts. As an example of important tax regulations, in the United States and in Canada, businesses need to be aware of the tax code as it pertains to the tax treatment and deductibility of a cellphone, from corporate taxes in the U.S. and from the employee taxable benefit perspective in Canada.

The IRS in the U.S. is taking a slightly different approach from Canada in that it is focusing on companies rather than individuals and emphasizes that the company must be tax compliant. This could result in a more efficient tax collection process. In general, you can deduct only the business portion of any business expense, including business use of your home or car and anything else you may use for business. Therefore, it's helpful to require employees to maintain a "mileage book" for the car and cellphone, as well as details about your wireless subscription plan, so that you can present it to the IRS. To remain compliant with the IRS's cellphone policy, you should document business and personal usage for every call, text message and packet of data. A company can't deduct 100% of the cellphone from corporate taxes. Only the documented and substantiated business portion of the cellphone may be deducted.

For many companies in Canada and the U.S., the first inkling of a problem is when a company is audited or employees are suddenly faced with a surprisingly large tax demand. Ultimately an employee is responsible for the accuracy of their tax filing, but all typically trust their employers to ensure that their tax forms are properly filled out. It turns out many Canadian and U.S. corporations I've worked with are unaware of the tax code around cellphones. This could open the door to lawsuits like the BYOD one in California. Employees may demand that their employers reimburse them for their phone use.

Like the IRS's policy, the Canada Revenue Association's (CRA) policy for employers doesn't say not to worry about cellphones, either: The onus is on employers to provide documentation about the percentage of the device usage attributed to work, as well as the fair market value (FMV) of the device. The CRA states explicitly that "if part of the use of the cell phone or Internet service is personal, you have to include the value of the personal use in your employee's income as a taxable benefit. The value of the benefit is based on the FMV of the service, minus any amounts your employee reimburses you." The CRA is being unambiguously clear: At a minimum, the CRA expects employers to calculate the personal usage of cellphones and the associated FMV.

The CRA also says, “You, as the employer, are responsible for determining the percentage of employment use and the FMV. You have to be prepared to justify your position if we ask you to do so.”

The Canadian government is also focusing on the HST (the Canadian national sales tax) portion of operating expenses. HST is relevant for employers and their HST input tax credit (ITC). Only the percentage use of the HST that is associated with commercial (business) purposes may be claimed.

As the CEO of a company that offers a mobile cost management solution, I'm familiar with what it takes to navigate these requirements. Here are some tips for keeping your records up to date:

• Ask your employees to keep a log of business usage (calls, text messages and data). Think of smartphone usage like car mileage for a car that is used for business purposes; you need to keep a log.

• Start to keep historical records. In the U.S., authorities can ask to go back several years in an audit situation.

• Because a significant portion of smartphone expenses can come from data, find a way to indicate what usage is business versus personal. This cannot typically be done manually from your wireless bill for data, as many wireless service providers do not provide this level of detail, but you can use your wireless bill to track voice calls and text messages. To track your data usage, either use a data tracker app or use the app that comes with iOS or Android to view your data consumption per app. Just remember to note the consumption of the app before you use it for work purposes and then note your consumption after use. The difference will give you your business use.

• Find a mobile cost management solution for individual devices or corporate device fleets that can automatically work out the business portion of all your calls, text messages, wireless data and Wi-Fi usage. Today, many businesses use Telephony Expense Management (TEM) solutions such as vCom's and Valicom's and mobile cost management solutions such as my company's.

I know many businesses that have been speaking to wireless service providers for a solution to this problem, but no solution has been forthcoming.


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Why Uhive’s Token is More Trusted than Facebook’s Libra

Uhive’s ultra-secure in-app token wallet

Facebook’s Libra is losing confidence fast

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Why Uhive’s Token is More Trusted than Facebook’s Libra

Uhive’s status as a new entry into the social network fray actually bodes well for its accompanying digital currency – Uhive Token. Facebook recently announced Libra, a digital currency causing controversy due to the large user base Facebook has, and the potential nefarious uses of a single currency changing (billions of) hands across the globe. Uhive however, is a new and upcoming social media platform that is learning from Facebook’s Libra and the current situation it’s facing. Large financial platforms and e-commerce such as Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and eBay have recently backed away from Libra. Uhive’s advantage is that it’s an emerging social network, building a user-base around a digital currency instead of the other way around. This means businesses, and users within Uhive will take part in actively shaping the network and the way it uses and incorporates its token.

Uhive has been built from the ground up with the incorporation of a digital currency for purchases on the network, making it a much safer option. Uhive affords the opportunity for people to learn as well as use a digital currency in a social media space safely. With a qualified team in place, Uhive will disrupt the very definition of social media as we know it.

Uhive allows a user to explore 26 different interests in what is called the “Civilized World”. Connecting with like-minded individuals who share the same interest as the user, Uhive also allows for anonymous posting and allows a user to be who they truly want to be.

Additionally, considering Uhive is powered by blockchain technology, it allows the user to make purchases, sales and trades all within the app. For example, if a user has a popular space in the top five interests, the space can be sold (or perhaps even rented) for Uhive tokens. In return, the Uhive tokens can be redeemed on exchanges for any digital or fiat currency.

The Grey World (100% anonymous presence), opens up doors for relationships of all kinds, as well as opportunities for connections, exploration, self-identification and self-expression that’s currently not possible or practical on existing social media. The Grey World offers a platform for like-minded individuals to connect in a judgment free environment, safe from scrutiny. If users want to go on a virtual date, they can purchase flowers from a verified business on Uhive, and deliver them to him or her in the real world, completing the entire transaction from within the security of the app but adding a very real and personal touch to a very private interaction.

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DrugTestingCourses.com Launches New Course on Delaware Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws



Delaware Drug and Alcohol Workplace Testing Laws Now Available at DrugTestingCourses.com

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — DrugTestingCourses.com, an online training provider operated by Easler Education Inc., announced today that it has launched a new state law course designed to educate individuals and private employers on the relevant workplace drug and alcohol testing laws in the State of Delaware.

The course, which is entitled “Delaware Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Laws Training," is available for enrollment on DrugTestingCourses.com and all of its e-commerce affiliate reselling partner sites immediately.

Andrew Easler, the co-founder of Easler Education Inc, indicates that “particular changes to society’s attitudes regarding Medical Marijuana have led to a massive increase in legislative changes to workplace testing laws across the country. We decided to become a source of reliable information about these changes as they approach on the horizon so that employers can make informed decisions about changes to their policy and so that employees can avoid unwittingly violating their employer’s policies.”

The new course provides private employers and interested employees in Delaware a summary of the current state law as it relates to drug and alcohol testing. The course has been designed for the benefit of both legal and non-legal professionals. In an effort to make this kind of information accessible to non-lawyers, the course is designed to avoid legalese whenever possible and to explain legal terminology when the use of the term is unavoidable.

This course will cover essential topics such as: which type of testing is allowed in Delaware, the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a testing policy including relevant insurance discounts, if applicable, and how to qualify, some of the observed dangers and pitfalls other employers have encountered through relevant case law, and the current status of state marijuana laws and their effects on the implementation of workplace testing programs.

Medical Marijuana became legal in Delaware in 2016, and many employers and employees have found themselves on the wrong side of the statute. Employers have been sued for wrongful termination, and employees have been fired for what they believed to be lawful activity under the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. The course is expected to benefit a wide range of employers and employees, including, but not limited to:

-Business Owners
-Human Resource Professionals
-Substance Abuse Professionals
-Addiction Counselors
-Safety Officers
-Fleet Supervisors
-Site Supervisors
-Compliance Officers
-Employees of Private Businesses
-Corporate Counsel
-Employment Attorneys
-Compliance Consultants
-Other Workplace Testing Stakeholders

For more information on our drug and alcohol testing courses or to become a reseller, visit DrugTestingCourses.com, or give us a call at 1-888-390-5574.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing Laws

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Andrew David Easler Awarded Arcadier, Biggie & Wood Law Firm's $1,000 Scholarship

Andrew Easler

Andrew David Easler

Andrew David Easler, entrepreneur and law student at Florida A&M University College of Law, selected for competitive scholarship from among over 50 applicants.

It is an honor to be selected from such a respected group of applicants and I truly appreciate the opportunity this scholarship represents.”

— Andrew David Easler

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Andrew David Easler, a local resident of Melbourne, Florida has been named the recipient of the $1,000 scholarship offered by the ABW Law firm from among over fifty applicants nationwide.

Maurice Arcadier, Partner of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood says, “We are proud to see the emergence of high-quality law students who are devoted to the furtherance of ethical and diligent legal work. We received numerous quality applications and it was difficult to make a selection. We wish all applicants great success in their legal and life endeavors and once again congratulate Mr. Easler for his passion and efforts.”

The Arcadier, Bigger & Wood Law Firm believes that one of the main tenets that make our democratic society great is the ability to share and debate opposing philosophies, to challenge one another to consider alternative ideas, and to use this discourse to develop a compromise that allows a community to thrive.

The scholarship is given to an individual who exemplifies a strong understanding of the value of civil discourse and who has used this ability to share and communicate ideas in the face of adversity to help better their community. Their community is not limited to just their town or place of residence; it can be their town, their school, a club, or any other community they help to improve.

While at Florida A&M University College of Law, Andrew Easler has been active in all aspects of his law school experience including as a junior editor of The Florida A & M University (FAMU) Law Review, a leader in the nationwide award-winning FAMU Chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF), a founding member and Vice President of the FAMU Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS), a class representative in the FAMU Student Bar Association (SBA), and a student member on both the College of Law Curriculum Committee and Committee on Part-Time Students. Easler manages to maintain a 3.48 GPA while training hundreds of individuals across the nation on a monthly basis through his education company, DrugTestingCourses.com. He has published three textbooks while in law school and plans on publishing several more before earning his Juris Doctorate.

About Arcadier, Biggie & Wood Law Firm

The eight lawyers of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC are dedicated and experienced attorneys representing clients in Brevard County, Florida with diverse legal needs including personal injury, car accidents, bankruptcies, foreclosures, commercial litigation, business law, sexual harassment, wills, and employment law. In addition, the firm helps a wide range of individual and commercial clients through its proprietary legal marketplace.

Our firm's team of attorneys and staff have extensive expertise in just about every field of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, business law, immigration, whistle-blower protections, and mediation. As evidenced by our AV rating pursuant to Martindale-Hubble, our lawyers and attorneys are respected by court officials, judges, legal peers and opposing counsel for their professionalism and efficiency. As experienced Lawyers covering Melbourne, Palm Bay and surrounding areas in Brevard County, Florida, our lawyers will always be responsive to questions and concerns.

With over 75 years of combined legal experience representing individuals, companies, and organizations, we are able to see many sides of a legal problem and legal issues. Indeed, we have an attorney that is perfectly right for your legal needs.

For more information contact:

For Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC

Maurice Arcadier
2815 W. New Haven, Suite 304
Melbourne, FL 32904

James Timothy White
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Bear Stearns Companies Announces South American Real Estate Development Project

$50 Million For Key Infrastructure Projects

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, USA, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bear Stearns Companies is pleased to announce a partnership in providing real estate development financing and consultation to a leading land development group in operation throughout South America. Bear Stearns hopes to provide $50 million USD in financing that will be used in developing financial opportunity for existing business models and necessary infrastructure for areas in need primarily in Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Our Real Estate Development team specializes in institutional level funding strategies and works closely with the Bear Stearns Research group to identify areas of greatest benefit and opportunity. Bear Stearns Companies is actively seeking further collaboration across the region.

Bear Stearns Companies provides global investment banking and management services, offering a wide range of products and services to an elite clientele. Bear Stearns works exclusively with corporations, governments, other financial institutions and a select group of ultra high net-worth (UHNW) individuals. Bear Stearns Companies functions primarily as a portfolio, asset management and consulting firm, drawing on decades of experience in capital markets allowing for ease in transactions across broad ranges of debt related financial instruments spanning across most major markets around the world.

Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and Bear Stearns Companies is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information.

Erika McDonald – Public Relations
Bear Stearns Companies
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Top Real Estate Firm Joins EXIT Home Key Realty

Real Estate Broker

Debra Garcia-Mangogna, Licensed Broker

Melly Rosario, Broker of EXIT Home Key Realty, welcomes the addition of REO Specialist Debra Garcia-Mangogna of Option First Realty as Associate Broker.

PATCHOGUE, NY, SUFFOLK, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Melly Rosario, Broker of EXIT Home Key Realty, Melly Rosario, Broker of EXIT Home Key Realty, today announced the addition of REO real estate specialist Debra Garcia-Mangogna as Associate Broker and her team of five real estate agents, to the company’s growing team of real estate professionals.

Debra Garcia-Mangogna has been serving the Long Island, New York real estate community for 29 years. Before joining EXIT, Debra Garcia-Mangogna was the Broker/Owner of Option First Realty. She specializes in bank-owned properties and working directly with asset managers to provide quality and efficient service in all aspects of the post-foreclosure/resale process from initial acquisitions to transfer of ownership. Garcia-Mangogna joins EXIT with a dedicated team offering an array of services, including property management, BPO’s, and property maintenance.

Debra's accreditations include 5-Star Academy Master Certification, Equator Platinum Elite / Short Sale Agent, Res.Net Pro Plus Agent, Elite, REO Network Agent, CRB, CRS, NY State Dept Division Of Minority and Women’s Business Development
(DMWBD) Certification. NRBA Member, Force Five Star Institute Member, Keystone Asset Management,
National Training Program, Certified Property Valuator Thru NABPOP, VRM University REO Certification, RDCP
Default School, AREO Accredited REO agent – HOME STEPS Current Broker Program, NWBOC Certification.

Member Affiliations:
NWBOC – National Women Business Owners Corporation
DMWBD Certified – Division of Minority & Women's Business Development
NABPOP – National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals C-REPS
NRBA Member -National REO Brokers Association Member
USREO Partner Member
Patchogue Chamber Of Commerce
N. Patchogue Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary Member

“We are delighted to have Debra and her team on board, Debra lives and serves in her community, and we are confident that the tools, training, and systems offered by EXIT Realty will provide them with a platform for exponential growth,” said Rosario.

To reach Debra, please call (631) 987-8564.
For more information about EXIT Home Key Realty, please call 631.730.5100. EXIT Home Key Realty, located at 91 Medford Avenue, Patchogue, New York 11772.

About EXIT Realty:
EXIT is a proven real estate business model that has to-date paid out more than a third of a billion dollars in single-level residual income to its associates across the U.S. and Canada. EXIT Realty’s Expert Marketing Suite™, including geolocation Smart Sign™ technology, gives home sellers the edge in a competitive marketplace. EXIT Realty Corp. International has pledged $5.5 million to charity. For more information, please visit www.exitrealty.com or www.exithomekeyrealty.com.

Debra Garcia-Mangogna
EXIT Home Key Realty
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The International Legacy Film Academy (TILFA) Announces the Pangaea Award and Its Impact on the Global Stage

The Pangaea Award by TILFA

The Pangaea Award honors visionary humanitarians committed to bettering the world

Honoring the works of revered, living visionaries determined to change the world today

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, the International Legacy Film Academy (TILFA) is pleased to announce the first-ever, global change initiative award, the Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film & Humanity, honoring visionary humanitarians committed to bettering the world whose works have altered the course of the human race. The inaugural nominations ceremony will be held on February 25, 2020, in Los Angeles, California, at the renown, Skirball Cultural Center.

The Pangaea Award is an accountability award that mirrors the values of inclusion, empathy, ambition, responsibility, transparency, and ultimately – Legacy and is the first award presented to global humanitarians from the film and entertainment industry on behalf of the millennial generation and beyond.

“The International Legacy Film Academy is excited to unveil the nominees for the first-ever Pangaea Award,” states Jean-Que M. Dar, Founder, and CEO of TILFA. “This first group of nominees includes many of the most prominent humanitarians on the planet who’ve made it their mission to positively impact the world we live in while ensuring that their fingerprints never fade from the lives they have touched. It is our honor to celebrate and acknowledge these outstanding individuals who have challenged the undefeatable odds to execute change where change seemed impossible.”

Established in 2019, the Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence is a symbol that “art creates what policy cannot – a new vision forward.” The award is a symbol of unity, solidarity, completeness, humanity, compassion, and accountability. Founded around the concept of “all the earth,” Pangaea was the name of our supercontinent that existed over 200 million years ago that started to break apart owing to continental drift. The spirit of the award mirrors the concept of Pangaea as we honor the works of humanitarians that are determined to shift our world back together again. The goal is to honor and support the efforts of these fantastic visionaries while inspiring others to leave a legacy that serves humanity.

For more information on The International Legacy Film Academy or the Pangaea Award, visit TILFA.org/Pangaea.

Follow Pangaea Award on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Pangaea Award Blog for ticketing information and nominee updates or join in the conversation by using #pangaeaaward2020.

Jean-Que M. Dar
The International Legacy Film Academy
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Novel Coworking purchases office building in downtown Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coworking company Novel Coworking is expanding to its first South Carolina location with the purchase of 1122 Lady Street in downtown Columbia. The Chicago-based company acquired the 12-story, 159,013-square-foot office building on November 12 and plans to renovate it to provide modern and affordable workspace. Pre-leasing is already underway for private offices, SmartSuites™, and coworking memberships.

“Featuring pedestrian access to downtown Columbia's best amenities as well as the University of South Carolina campus and the South Carolina Statehouse grounds, this building is an ideal location for a coworking center that will serve the local business community,” said Bill Bennett, Founder of Novel Coworking. “We look forward to offering small businesses as well as enterprise companies the modern, amenity-rich space they need to run their business.”

By owning the buildings where it operates, Novel Coworking is able to invest in infrastructure improvements including fiber internet and custom-built suites for up to 500-person teams, all while keeping pricing lower than competitors. In 2019, the company debuted its SmartSuites™, technology-enhanced private suites which feature a combination of private offices and collaborative open space, dedicated kitchen and conference room facilities, and integrated technologies such as Alexa-enabled sound system and biometric keypad entry.

Novel Coworking Main Street’s members will get 24/7 building access, a vibrant coworking lounge, direct fiber internet, all utilities, an espresso bar, local beer on tap, modern furnishings, and community events included in rent. With monthly coworking memberships for $129 a month, private offices starting at $475 a month, and office suites as low as $210 per employee a month, Novel Coworking provides small businesses, enterprise firms, and entrepreneurs with high-caliber amenities at an affordable price.

About Novel Coworking
Novel Coworking provides fully-furnished, technology-equipped, and affordable workspace to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprise companies. Novel Coworking members have access to more than three million square feet of workspace in 35 locations including Alexandria, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbia, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Norfolk, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Diego, San Jose, Savannah, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit novelcoworking.com.

Allison Voigts
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Solar Earnings Shine in 2019 – Singling out the Winners in the Solar Revolution

Investorideas.com releases a look at solar company earnings & anticipated growth in the sector, featuring news from Direct Solar of America, subsidiary of $SING

SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB:SING)

POINT ROBERTS, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Solar Earnings Shine in 2019 – Singling out the Winners in the Solar Revolution

Investorideas.com, a leading investor news resource covering solar stocks releases a sector snapshot looking at solar company earnings and the anticipated growth in the sector, featuring news from Direct Solar of America, a subsidiary of Singlepoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING).

Read the full solar stocks article on Investorideas.com

Other solar stocks included in this earnings snapshot include; Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR), SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG) and Sunrun Inc. (NASDAQ: RUN).

According to a recent report by the IEA (https://www.iea.org/), ‘Global solar PV market set for spectacular growth over next 5 years,’ “The installation of solar PV systems on homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities is set to take off over the next five years, transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest renewable energy market forecast.”

“The report forecasts that the world’s total renewable-based power capacity will grow by 50% between 2019 and 2024. This increase of 1,200 gigawatts – equivalent to the current total power capacity of the United States – is driven by cost reductions and concerted government policy efforts. Solar PV accounts for 60% of the rise. The share of renewables in global power generation is set to rise from 26% today to 30% in 2024.”

Fairly new to the solar industry and investors following the sector, emerging company Singlepoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING) saw the growing opportunity in solar and acquired Direct Solar of America. Singlepoint Inc. just reported record Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results. The Company reported revenues of $1,050,374 for the three months ended September 30, 2019, a 176% increase over the same period in 2018. The Company said in the release, “The Company’s most recent acquisition, Direct Solar, continues to exceed revenue growth targets and has been pivotal to improving the Company’s financials.”

Looking at future growth, Direct Solar of America recently announced it signed a MOU with SchollyME. Direct Solar and SchollyME will collaborate on marketing Direct Solar through the schools that SchollyME is currently working with. The collaboration will put Direct Solar into the high school programs as a partner with SchollyME. This marketing strategy has already seen major success in driving new business for both companies.

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in smart energy, announced its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019 last week and beat both earnings and revenue expectations. The Company reported record revenues of $410.6 million, up 26% from $325.0 million in the prior quarter and up 74% from $236.6 million in the same quarter last year. Revenues related to the solar business were $387.8 million, up 26% from $306.7 million in the prior quarter and up 66% from $233.8 million in the same quarter last year.

Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) announced results for the third quarter ending September 30, 2019 after market November 6th. Following the news, the stock rose as high as 11.6% in trading as it beat analyst revenue expectations.

Sunrun Inc. (NASDAQ: RUN) the nation’s leading residential solar, storage and energy services company issued its third quarter 2019 earnings report after the market close, November 12, 2019. Total revenue grew to $215.5 million in the third quarter of 2019, up $10.6 million, or 5% from the third quarter of 2018.

For investors following solar stocks, Investor Ideas has created a stock directory of renewable energy stocks as part of its membership. Learn more https://www.investorideas.com/membership/

Get more renewable energy investing ideas and news at our site Renewableenergystocks.com

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