IBG eChits announces business expansion plans

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, October 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — IBG eChits, a registered digital chit fund company today stated that this Diwali they are on an expansion mission. IBG eChits announced the opening of its two new offices and is looking to open up 20 offices in the next 6 months as a part of its PAN India business expansion strategy. IBG eChits has been playing a strategic role in organizing the chits market in India by educating the subscribers to as why chit schemes are a safe investment.

IBG eChits is registered with the government and is 100 per cent compliant with the Chit Fund Act. IBG eChits is driven by best of brains from finance and technology background with a passion to change the perspective of people about traditional chit system. This effort has paid with the launch of an ideal electronic chit fund (IBG eChits) and has ensured it is hassle-free, digital and readily accessible by subscribers anytime, anywhere.

IBG eChits provides the most hassle-free process at every stage of association. This has been helping customers invest more trust and money as IBG eChits helps them reap benefits quickly with least paperwork, multiple and online live auctions, faster digital benefits and 24/7 customer assistance. IBG eChits launches customized chits schemes for its subscribers to suit their convenience.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Shravan, Marketing Manager at IBG eChits said, “Our chit schemes enabled with the convenience of technology are being well received in the market and we are on a spree of rapid business expansion across PAN India to serve the growing market needs. We are coming up with innovative chit schemes to suit the convenience of the subscribers taking into account their income and need patterns.”

About IBG eChits:

IBG eChits is the registered new-generation digital chit fund company in India. We have been the game changers of the chit fund market in India by replacing traditional practices with digital practices. Every transaction is digitized and is online. We leveraged on miracles of Technology to enable trust and transparency in chit funds. For more information visit us on www.ibgechits.com

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Source: EIN Presswire