Balehu, The Facebook Libra Alternative

Powering Merchants, Empowering Consumers

An enterprise blockchain solution for companies and governments seeking to create digital economies.

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2019 / — Balehu, a global Fintech startup with offices in Singapore, Denver, Prague and Dubai, aims to take on Facebook’s Libra. As an enterprise technology, Balehu aims to offer blockchain solutions to companies and governments seeking to create their own digital economies. The company can easily integrate the technology and provide companies with a digital payment solution with instant and secure transactions with a fee of 0.5% or less. Our customers drastically reduce their expenses on transaction fees compared to accepting traditional credit card companies who charge anywhere from 2.5-5%.

“We want to empower merchants and consumers, so in a way we are the anti-Libra. Our technology and means of commerce has a global footprint, and since Facebook’s announcement, we have seen a massive increase in interest in our platform” states Mike Berson, CEO of Balehu.

All Balehu merchants can participate in processing and verification of transactions, made possible by the Balehu Merchant Cloud. With Balehu, any small, medium or large company can easily participate in our ecosystem. This dramatically different from Libra’s model, where only massive companies that invest $10M can reap the benefits.

“We believe that we need to work with governments, with regulators and with banks, to provide them with an enterprise solution and enable them to create their own digital economy. A secured and regulated digital wallet, backed by blockchain technology, will soon replace traditional currency as we know it,” concludes Khurram Hamid, Senior Strategy and Marketing Advisor at Balehu.

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Source: EIN Presswire