Super Capacitors – Is this the electrification breakthrough we've been waiting for?

ADOMANI® Electric and Super Capacitor builder, Amperics, partner up to revolutionize electric vehicle propulsion

On a Total-Cost-Of-Ownership basis, Super Capacitors can be cheaper, smaller, more reliable and safer, than lead-acid and lithium ion batteries, in a diverse range of applications.”

— Bala Padmakumar, CEO of Amperics

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 16, 2019 / — Electric vehicles, be they cars or trucks or buses, are limited by one thing: Battery life. Ever since the first lead acid battery was used to start a vehicle engine, operating any vehicle requires a powerful battery – one with a set lifespan that erode in ability over time.

With electrified vehicles today, lithium-ion batteries are the choice of electric vehicle manufacturers such as ADOMANI®, because of their amazing rechargability, large power holding capacity and impressive durability. But while manufacturers are constantly refining and experimenting with various battery materials to increase their life, batteries have always been the weak link in allowing electric motors to fully replace internal combustion engines. Enter the Super Capacitors!

Amperic's Super Capacitor ("Super Caps" to insiders), like any capacitor, stores energy. These Super Caps, which measure about the third the size of a standard lead acid battery, store a lot of electricity – in the range of 250-watt hours. For those who understand batteries, that is a lot of electrical power. Combined with the other long-term benefits of a Super Cap is its ability to be recharged over 100,000 times – far in excess of any battery known to man today. For this reason alone, Super Caps offer an unimaginable benefit over batteries.

As a further benefit, Super Caps can be stacked to deliver an especially large electrical bank of power to recharge the vehicle battery pack. In the case of ADOMANI's® new electric three-wheel tricycles, one Super Cap can power the entire vehicle and recharge to full capacity in one minute. That's not a typo – one minute – in most circumstances.

Bala Padmakumar, CEO of Amperics said, ”While energy storage technologies have made great progress in the last few years with lithium ion batteries becoming well-known for electric vehicle traction packs, the fact remains that there is no single technology that works optimally in all applications. In high power, intermittent use applications that operate in unfavorable temperature environments, super capacitors either as a standalone or in a hybrid configuration with another energy storage technology, can be the best choice. On a Total-Cost-Of-Ownership basis, they can be cheaper, smaller, more reliable and safer, than lead-acid and lithium ion batteries, in a diverse range of applications."
Super Caps offer a new way of thinking about vehicles that are fully electric or hybrid configuration. On cars and trucks equipped with regenerative braking systems, Super Caps can be recharged through this virtually free power source. ADOMANI's® Starter Module replaces the antique lead acid battery that is part of every electric vehicle (used to keep systems operating when the electric engine is off such as ventilation, lighting, etc.). That is a move that is yet another game changer in electric vehicle evolution.

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