VegaWallet Announces Major Overhaul To Their Cryptocurrency Wallet, Pledges Focus On Mass Adoption & Beginners.

Major Vega will provide tutorials for cryptocurrency beginners.

VegaWallet will be implementing major changes to their "crypto wallet". Among these changes are a completely revamped interface and included beginner tutorials.

VegaWallet (Crypto:VGW)

We realize the untapped market potential of new users entering the realm of digital assets. Our wallet overhaul is designed to make the conversion experience easier than online banking.”

— Tarek Hajri – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

VALLETTA, MALTA, March 20, 2019 / — VegaWallet, a global leader in providing real-world applications for blockchain based payment protocols, has recently announced several pending changes to their popular cryptocurrency wallet application. This comes shortly after the last update which introduced new partnerships and additional features like market trends and an improved front end.

The main mission in making these changes is to institute a clear and understandable path for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency payments. Several third-party surveys and testing were done to gather data on changes that could be made to current wallet applications to ensure the easy transition from traditional finance into the world of cryptocurrency. After thorough communications and development meetings, the team has decided to completely overhaul the application in a predictive move for the next new user spike brought on by the forthcoming bull market.

Some of the main confirmed changes so far include things like easier to follow process flows, and simplified user interfaces. They also include additional options like buying and selling cryptocurrency directly from your wallet and the ability to exchange assets through third-party options securely. New languages and locality features are already in the works due to an increasing amount of international interest. Key features from their popular 'VegaPay' will also be made available allowing users to store their credit card information directly in the application for the ability to make NFC payments.

"Major Vega" has also been introduced as a tutorial mascot for all cryptocurrency beginners. Tutorials will be available to all new registrations right upon account creation and accessible anytime for all members through the drop-down menu. The tutorials will cover topics related to sending and receiving digital assets, covering network and mining fees, showing the importance of account security and more.

This update seems appropriate coming off a larger partnership announcement with The Dash Network to create an increased amount of real-world applications for cryptocurrency payments. A large problem seems to be the user interface and design relations not targeted to new mainstream consumers and VegaWallet plans to break free of the "niche" stereotype placed on the forever rising alternative payments industry.

More details and additional features will be released to the public shortly through "Major Vega" announcements guided by their new mascot.

About VegaWallet:
VegaWallet aims to be a global leader in providing real-world applications for blockchain based payment protocols. They pride themselves in offering a complete cryptocurrency platform for their user base and have specific strategies in place for massive improvements to current products available on the market. Their development team is tirelessly working on the next generation of cryptocurrency payment systems and an advanced exchange revolving around the multi-signature implementation provided by BitGo inc. Users can download their secure wallet application on the App Store, Google Play, or for Desktop on their website. Learn more at

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Source: EIN Presswire