CEE Real Estate Group planning their way ahead: A review of Šírava Park master plan


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CEE Real Estate Group is the main developer of Šírava Park (Wellness & Living) project in Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, October 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — CEE Real Estate Group is the main developer of Šírava Park (Wellness & Living) project in Slovakia. A full hand off investment, for investors of all sizes, Project to be order fully online. In base of CEE preliminary Real Estate, research in location of Zemplínska Šírava (land/houses/flats) It is our plan in the first phase to create master plan and dived the land in 5 master plots for different developments. These 5 parts include civic amenities, wellness, residential, sport and green areas. It contains a study report, which is mainly an analytical document of the current state of the territory and simplified urban study.

The project of the Šírava Park which is situated in the Eastern Slovak Republic and it will allow for more density, job prospects and especially investment opportunities – more flexibility and beneficial to the real estate sector. CEE Real Estate group continue to set a new standard for balanced and sustainable living. There are great opportunities for investors from the start. Šírava Park is located in East Slovakia most desirable location, creating spectacular water estate community with a total area of the plot size of 366 244 m2. The Šírava Park regards every piece of real estate – from a masterplan community down to an individual homesite – as a valuable asset held in trust for generations to come.

The theme of the sail is moved to the main composite axes. This result permits more flexible rotation of the land and it gives a great transport assembly. Cycle trail covering the whole zone as one of the main benefits of the area. Everybody can use it by passing the outdoor commercial park with restaurants and bars, beach club with the open-air restaurant by the lake and also to use playgrounds for many kinds of sport activities. Fitness and wellness are part of it too. The country villas with terraces are oriented to the lake Šírava, but public features have many more kinds of houses. For recreation housing are prepared separate, semi-detached and detached houses.

Since 2017 the European union and Slovakia are building a new highway from Prešov and Košice (This are the number 3 and 2 biggest cities of Slovakia) to the Ukrainian border. This new highway will pass Michalovce which is the nearest town to the Šírava lake. This will save travellers from Prešov and Košice 1-hour shorter travel time to the Šírava recreation lake area. As well this new highway will connect to all other highways in Slovakia, what will make it more easy and much shorter travel time for all domestic and international visitors to travel to the Šírava lake and area.

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