Glosfer’s In-house Startup Blockchain C&S to Establish ‘ICT-based Ma-eum Talk Talk Service'

To Establish, Supply Self Mental Health Management System to Support Self Diagnosis and Prevention of Mental Illness

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 12, 2018 / — Blockchain C&S (CEO Myeong-chul Yoon), an in-house startup established by Korean blockchain company Glosfer (CEO Taewon Kim), announced that it has obtained an order to advance the ICT-based ‘Ma-eum Talk Talk Service.’

The service aims to improve the negative perception of depression and mild cognitive impairment as well as to build and supply a self mental health management system that enables users to self-check their mental health conditions and prevent any mental illness.

People these days have a hard time relieving their stress from work or other parts of their daily lives. They are also reluctant to receive treatment for mental illnesses, even if the cost is covered, in fear that it may be reflected in their performance evaluation at work.

That is why Blockchain C&S decided to apply blockchain technology to the existing mental health system, instead of having patients visit mental health clinics, get consultations and diagnoses and take prescribed medication.

Anonymity, which is considered a drawback to blockchain, allows for easy login and assessment of mental health. Falsification is impossible on the database server, which enables patients to receive an accurate diagnosis and post-treatment care.

The Ma-eum Talk Talk kiosks have been installed for residents of Daegu and Gyeongsan in schools, subway stations, the National Health Insurance Service and other public institutions, where they can take a self-test based on the stage of their life cycle and measure their brainwaves and pulse waves (Omnifit).

Depending on the results, patients can video chat with a clinical mental health counselor and receive relevant materials; if the patient is considered to be at high risk for a mental illness, the counseling results are sent to national mental health authorities.

CEO Taewon Kim of Glosfer said “mental health is a critical aspect of life. [We] will gradually build various blockchain use cases through our mental healthcare service project,” adding that he hopes “Korea will become healthier through this project.”

CEO Myeong-chul Yoon of Blockchain C&S said the “first phase of the Ma-eum Talk Talk service ended last year, and [we are] planning the second phase with a more advanced platform, healthcare content and a performance compensation system.” “[We] will also develop an application in the future to demonstrate a successful blockchain use case,” Yoon added.

Glosfer is a first-generation blockchain company in Korea striving to introduce blockchain to everyday life. The company’s other blockchain-based projects include a local cryptocurrency project for a local government and a business proposal evaluation system project.

Recently, Glosfer launched the mainnet of its in-house cryptocurrency platform, HYCON, and listed the coin on exchanges at home and abroad. The company aims to use the distributed blockchain platform to create a safe and reliable system.

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Source: EIN Presswire