Waite Enterprise CEO Daniel Waite Names Former DOJ Deputy District Director Roberto Saenz Chief Compliance Officer

Roberto Saenz, 20 year Justice Department veteran and former 16th Congressional District Director from Texas to oversee compliance for Waite Enterprise

DALLAS, TX, USA, October 11, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — DALLAS, TX – Waite Enterprise continues to move forward towards an eventual IPO as the CEO begins to unveil a deep, talented leadership team, naming Robert S. Saenz as Chief Compliance Officer. He will serve as Chief Compliance Officer of all of Waite Enterprise’s health sector companies, including American Healthcare Services and American Medical Devices. Saenz is a 20 year veteran with the Department of Justice and also worked for the U.S. House of Representatives. He understands the importance of compliance and the legal system from years of exemplary hands on service, but he specialized in promoting and improving the healthcare system while serving as a Texas Congressional director for the 16th District.

“We are building a strong diversified company with a basket of impressive financial assets in a number of attractive sectors.” Waite explains. “That means we need a strong, experienced diversified leadership team to take this company to the heights we all expect to reach. Healthcare has undergone a tremendous change over the last few decades and transparency, record keeping, compliance and an understanding of the evolving laws and the evolving landscape in the healthcare industry are extremely important. Mr. Saenz is the perfect Compliance Officer for this company and we are absolutely thrilled to have him. He brings gravitas, a depth of knowledge and experience and a network of important contacts to the table.”

Saenz, for all of his important past accomplishments, is excited to be part of the talented, growing team at Waite Enterprise: “It has been a pleasure thus far working with Daniel Waite and the team at Waite Enterprise, we look forward to a very strong future.” With new centralized corporate headquarters being opened, the addition of several new companies and the steady assembly of a skilled leadership team, Waite Enterprise is certainly working hard to reach its goals as one of the most attractive emerging holding companies on the market.

About Waite Enterprise:

Waite Enterprise (subsidiary of Waite Capital, Inc.) is a diversified holding company with a vast platform of subsidiaries and investments that leverage resources and growth from various sectors, currencies and assorted commodities, from cryptocurrency to real estate to high end vehicles. The company is being developed by Daniel Waite with the intention of ultimately going public, offering a diversified investment platform designed as a basket that provides revenue streams from digital platforms, currencies, and businesses in the construction, healthcare and financial fields.

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Source: EIN Presswire