Sagence Learning Releases CONNECT to Reduce Educational Cost and Power Innovation

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, September 18, 2018 / — Sagence Learning Inc., a leading educational software provider, today announced the release of its “Connect” platform. This innovative SaaS allows true plug-n-play data integration and scalable automation between the Sagence LMS and customers’ enterprise systems.

Dr. Ray Rice, President of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, said, “We are excited with the possibilities — without a single line of code Sagence Learning ‘Connect’ has fully integrated our Student Information System (SIS) with the Sagence LMS. Its technical efficiencies like ‘Connect’ that enable high quality and low cost programs like UMPI’s ‘YourPace,’ to enable our students to complete a bachelor degree in just a few years and for under $10,000.”

To succeed, innovative, low-cost programs like “YourPace” must eliminate expensive technical and operational barriers. Sagence set out to prove that modern technical advances in robotics, configuration models, and machine learning could make integration effortless. “We were inspired to return resources to overworked technology departments”, said Lee Johnston, Sagence Learning’s CEO. Most institutions struggle to maintain costly integrations between enterprise systems and external software as a service (SaaS) vendors. As the number of SaaS providers increases exponentially, technology departments struggle to maintain dozens of these complex integrations systematically. It makes more fiscal and operational sense to create one solution that enables connectivity between campus business systems and SaaS products.

CONNECT is comprised of two concepts, a Configuration over Code (CoC) integration model working in concert with a first-of-its-kind automation framework.

A CoC model increases the flexibility and speed of system-to-system integration, along with the efficient implementation of unique business requirements Sagence customers can leap-frog beyond complex integrations, saving hundreds of hours in dedicated IT time.

When this CoC model is combined with a cloud-based, robotic automation framework, unique capabilities and opportunities arise. Cloud robots (cBots) are in every sense “intelligent” and reduce “grunt work” so humans can focus their attention on the active management of student success, retention, and outcomes.

About Sagence Learning

Sagence is an award-winning leader in next-generation higher education and corporate software-as-a-service (SaaS) learning technology. Our mission is to improve student outcomes through dynamic, adaptive and personalized educational experiences. Using our technology, our customers offer flexible, affordable, engaging student-centered educational programs that deliver measurable and authentic mastery. Sagence supports Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree programs in concert with Certificate and individual courses across business, education, healthcare, and information technology. At the heart of our offerings is a sophisticated, modular learning platform created to enable the rapid development and efficient delivery of advanced educational models. We also offer expert instructional planning and design services. Learn more about Sagence Learning by visiting our website,

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Source: EIN Presswire