Ex-Commando is Overcoming the Effects of #MeToo

Serenity in Leadership;Thom Dennis;Copernicus International Consulting

Serenity in Leadership; Copernicus International Consulting Ltd;Thom Dennis

Serenity in Leadership; Copernicus International Consulting Ltd;Thom Dennis

Novel approach aims to save $2,700 per employee through training leaders

The #MeToo movement has presented many leaders with an extraordinary opportunity for them to grasp and to really examine, perhaps for the first time, the distorted way organisations have been run”

— Thom Dennis, CEO Serenity in Leadership

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 15, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Training for CEOs and their teams in the wake of the #MeToo movement can have major beneficial implications on the bottom line says a new report.
Thom Dennis, a former British Royal Marine and founder of the corporate change consultancy Serenity in Leadership, says that improving the mindset of leaders can lead to the elimination of sexual harassment, diversity avoidance, concealment, deception and bullying. “It’s a positive choice they can make which could save a corporation of 10,000 employees around $27,300,000 per year,” says Dennis. He goes on: “This is the first time there is a clear mathematical formula that business leaders can apply to their own organizations to calculate the likely overhead they are incurring, without knowing it. The time is now for them to explore, even if they don’t believe they have this challenge; they have much to gain.”
In a new whitepaper, he shares the formula and outlines the first simple steps leaders can take to stamp out such damage. Dennis emphasizes from his 27 years’ experience as a change facilitator how bias in leaders in an organization – whether conscious or unconscious – has led to public embarrassment for global brands, expensive litigation suits and diminished company loyalty amongst staff. And yet, many senior C-level executives, it seems, remain focused on short-term goals and are unaware of the costs that result from dysfunctional behavior.
The whitepaper highlights the complexity surrounding gender bias, sexual harassment and inclusion in the workplace, and concludes that in spite of the pressures that have been exerted through the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, the majority of organizations have yet to engage with the issue. The paper gives the reader a large amount of evidence that supports an executive in persuading their colleagues that there is much to be gained now from making an investment in themselves as part of their overall risk management planning. The potential savings are substantial.
Dennis’ Conscious Power program creates a journey for the executive team with dialogue sessions, in-house workshops and transformational leadership retreats to offer them a path toward greater self-awareness, authenticity and ethical leadership. The effect of Conscious Power is to invigorate them and offers a series of concrete steps to change.
Details of the Conscious Power program are on the Serenity in Leadership website, as well as a downloadable copy of the whitepaper.
Notes to Editors
Thom Dennis is available for interview – please email info@serenityinleadership.com or phone – +44 7836 667726, +44 161 262 1990 or +1 (520) 907-2304
About Thom Dennis
Thom Dennis – CEO & Founder, Serenity in Leadership and also Phoenix Obsidian
For many years, Thom specialized in the teaching of leadership in adverse conditions. Since 1991 he has focused on helping multinational companies around the globe excel as a coach, facilitator and culture change consultant. His down-to-earth and pragmatic approach enables people to perform better in a safe environment. The methodologies and techniques he uses are rooted in his belief that when what is happening at the core of an organisation is understood and addressed, people can focus on what’s important, and they and the business flourish.
His life has been deeply enriched with contrasts which have all combined to colour the way in which he views leadership, from teaching in the Royal Marines to coaching teams in multinationals. He has a developed sensibility towards the abuse of power and trust, as well as the contradistinction between Right and Justice.
His focus today is on promoting change in people and in businesses through experiential processes and the facilitation of dialogue in the context of gender and power. His whole approach to an issue is systemic with a pragmatic overlay of business sense. He has a sensibility to systems, group dynamics and culture which he is constantly honing and has a reputation for bringing newness and innovation both to his clients and also his fellow OD professionals.
About Serenity in Leadership
Serenity in Leadership is a corporate change consultancy with a difference. They are passionate about enabling people in positions of influence and leadership to positively affect the culture of their organisations. They help executives identify unconscious beliefs and bias within their organization and provide them with the support to eliminate the negativity in a variety of imaginative ways.
Serenity creates spaces for honest and thought-provoking dialogue sessions, facilitates in-house workshops, and hosts transformational leadership retreats.
They believe that by supporting individuals to lead and co-create from a place of conscious power, they will bring about positive change within their organisations and the wider society.
Organisations thrive when people thrive.
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