Andrew Corbman Aims to Help Maximise Your Social Security Benefits

Andrew Corbman wants to help you by expanding on the finer details of social security, and how you can maximise its returns after retirement.

LANSDOWNE, , VA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 / — With over twenty years’ of financial planning experience specifically in the fields relating to later-life income management and estate and legacy planning, Andrew Corbman is in the unique position to help couples and individuals plan the rest of their lives with regards to money. His company, ASC Financial, has helped countless people explore their options and plan for their future in a number of areas, including social security benefits.

What are social security benefits?

While not exactly uncommon knowledge, it’s worth rehashing definitions for the sake of clarity. Social security is the common term used for the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program, which is administered by the Social Security Administration. Social security is collected and accrued through income taxes which everyone is subject to. All salaried income up to a certain amount determined by the law is taxed in this regard, but anything over $128,400 is not. In the long-run, social security payments will be paid back to you during your retirement in the form of benefits, or in the event of a disability that makes normal work no longer possible. Essentially, it’s a form of insurance that you take out against yourself for later on in life.

However, for many people, standard social security benefits won’t cut it, and simply won’t be enough when retirement rolls around. It’s for that reason that firms such as Andrew S. Corbman’s exist, to advise you on strategies to ensure that you can claim enough benefits to live comfortably.

How to maximize social security benefits?

There are a number of different variables to consider when answering this question, which is why consulting professionals like Andrew Corbman is advised. As a reputable financial planner, he will offer advice that covers:

The best age to claim social security benefits
Whether or not it pays to collect social security benefits early
The impact of divorce
The impact of a spouse dying

This advice, and much more, are all tailored to each individual case. There’s no blanket solution for financial planning, which is why it’s prudent to be in the hands of a professional who cares. Contact Andrew Corbman at ASC Financials today.

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