Why Andreas Fink CEO (Cajutel.io) looking at the West Africa as a Gold Mine?




Andreas has Launched Cajutel a Telecom company to serve every rural region in West Africa with reliable solar powered High Speed Internet at affordable Price.

Customers who have never had access to the internet before ever. This is a pretty unique situation to touch such a virgin market and gives us the opportunity to grab the market completely”

— Andreas Fink

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Andreas Fink, a Switzerland based Telecom expert with Experience of over 25 years. He has started up an internet provider named Ping Net GmbH in Switzerland, in the very early days of the internet. Ping Net GmbH was the first ISP focusing on individuals in the country later he started Global Networks Switzerland AG (now SMSRelay AG) which develops and builds GSM infrastructure for mobile operators and provides messaging services. Global Networks Switzerland AG also has established a GSM network in Antarctica. He has also run and Telecom unit Emax in Iceland which serves 4G LTE internet. E-max network had over 500 base stations covering a big portion of the population, especially in the rural areas.

Cajutel a “Real Project” By Fink
Andreas has Launched Cajutel Sarl, a Guinea-Bissau based Telecom company with the Vision to serve every rural and far-fetched region in West Africa with highly reliable solar powered High-Speed Internet at affordable Price.The available internet technology in Guinea-Bissau is 2.5G EDGE it’s not even 3G and the available internet is so costly that only the Rich group could afford to use the internet. Cajutel is building the much-required infrastructure to serve reliable and affordable internet to every individual of Africa
Arica is expanding rapidly. With the seemingly unstoppable growth of the mobile phone, greater access to the internet, and an increase in access to education, change is happening, and more people have more disposable income to spend.

In an Interview, Fink said that “Customers who have never had access to the internet before ever. This is a pretty unique situation to touch such a virgin market and gives us the opportunity to grab the market completely”

Role Of Connectivity
Connectivity still trails behind the world. the majority of Africa’s youth and also its small and medium-estimate ventures (SMEs) do not have the fundamental aptitudes that can empower them to participate in the digital economy. Consequently the quick need to give all natives access to online devices and substance for learning and working together.

Digital connectivity is at the core of these improvements, not just by expanding the accessibility of products and ventures, yet additionally empowering associates what’s more, trailblazers to cooperate in virtual groups. However, while mobile connectivity is well advanced, Internet accessibility falls Nowhere around. The gadgets they interface through additionally tend to utilize generally old technology.Upgrades on the Internet get to and the accessibility of new generation technology which serves reliable high-speed internet could not only boost connectivity but also create platforms for other commercial development in areas such as advertising, e-commerce and education and economic development.

“There is Valuable Potential in Africa,” says Fink
In the Whitepaper of Cajutel, everything about the business expenditure and how it will affect Africa is explained and Fink’s perspective towards the potential in Africa is clearly visible. Africa needs to enable the growth of businesses that are creators of technology, not only consumers of it. A locally skilled workforce, updated legislation in the realm of cybersecurity and data privacy, affordable bandwidth, and a culture of innovation will promote the growth of these types of businesses. inventiveness, IT and foundational aptitudes will prevail upon customary know-how. Businesses will depend on less on customary learning, organizing advancement and versatility. High-talented employments in the fields of science, technology, building, and maths will likewise increment.

The key for Africa, at that point, will be to embrace a creative attitude and concentrate on abilities improvement to guarantee that digital change openings can be filled — and driven — by Africans. It will likewise imply that now, like never before some time recently, Africa must turn into a maker, and not only a buyer, of technology. People in general segment needs to lead the way, setting the case for comprehensive change that advantages all.

Mobile connectivity empowers banks suppliers to contact already unbanked clients with ease available services.The obscuring of industry limits and the making of new commercial ecosystems are at the core of these advancements. Expanding incorporation still further requires a reconsider of control. It likewise requests a reevaluation of how endeavors with altogether different plans of action, for example, banks and entrepreneurs can cooperate inside fruitful joint endeavors.The Internet technology will improve the current business model drastically and will give people the opportunity to work in a flow with the high-speed connectivity which can really help a lot in the growth of nation’s economy.

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